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So I am now into week 2 of my Slimming World journey and I am really enjoying it, I lost 7lbs in a week! I love cooking from scratch and after the success of my last recipe post, I thought I should share a syn free recipe every single Thursday with you all.
I just love comfort food, especially in the Winter and pasta bake is probably the best comfort food ever. So today's post is a meatball pasta bake that is completely syn free providing you use the cheese as your Healthy Extra A. Of course you can make this without the cheese or you can syn it should you need to, either way its much healthier than your average jar junk pasta bake.


Welcome back to my blog! Since I had Hudson in November, I have been really into my make up and getting excited about shiny new products on the market. I have been all about creating that flawless finish, and achieving that on the high street. Usually I am a high end, luxury make up gal and I really DID once fully stand by that high street just couldn't compete, until now, with the likes of Makeup Revolution and L'Oreal stepping up their high street game in the last two years. Of course, I still have lots of high end faves in my make up collection but most haven't made it into my everyday make up bag. So today's post is a look at what's inside my everyday make up bag, and some short reviews on each product that I have been using and loving.


So it's Saturday afternoon and in between doing my weekly haul of blog pictures I took a break to have a scroll through my Facebook timeline. As I as scrolling through the endless shared meme's, statuses scorning ex boyfriends and photo's of people's Friday night out, I made an amazing beauty discovery courtesy of my beautiful friend, Chiara and with her consent, I decided to put this blog post together and share with you all her AMAZING transformation thanks to just ONE product. 

I've known Chiara for about 3 years now and I know how much of a struggle her skin has been for her. Suffering with acne since she left school she has tried everything, sudocrem, 3 changes in contraceptive, creams, gels, she has been been prescribed lotions, potions, even oral medication that would make her vomit by her GP. After all of this lots of tears, and spending every other week at the doctors, the acne had taken it's toll, Chiara felt like she would never escape her skin problems.