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Months and months of preparation for it to be over in a flash and although you have lots of thoughtful and much lusted over gifts, you are now so deep into your overdraft you could drown and your house is full of empty wine bottles and the next payday seems like forever away. 
I am on the BIGGEST Christmas comedown it is unbelievable, I woke up this morning and just didn't really know what to do with myself other than write. It's the first Christmas my daughter, Harper, has actually understood and embraced the magic of it all, for it to be over in 48 hours and I think this is one of the big reasons why I am feeling so groggy.
Today's post is all about how to avoid how I am feeling and I am hoping to take some of my own advice, so if you're sobbing into your leftover turkey or drowning your sorrows in a bottle of baileys this post is for you.

Just under a year ago I started my blog and the only regret I have is starting one sooner! It has not only given me a voice, but a new job, an outlet and therapy that has seen my post natal depression, panic attacks and anxiety almost completely disappear. I'm not saying everyone should start a blog, but I do think finding new outlets and new passions can really bring you back to life when you're feeling blue. Have you been thinking about starting a new hobby but been holding back? There's no time like the present to jump onto the wagon and you never know, you might just enjoy yourself.

2016 is just around the corner and now is a great time to set yourself targets to work to, and working on things you want to achieve in the next 12 months and beyond. This could be ANYTHING personal or professional. It's important to have something to focus on and to work towards, it really helps to break down your weeks and months. Whether it's something very small or something enormous, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes you haven't worn since 2010? Is your nail polish collection older than Brooklyn Beckham?! If this is the case - GET RID! Something I am planning to do over the next week or so is completely clear out the clutter in our home and in our lives. I need to do everything from eBaying Harper's old clothes to cancelling card payments and subscriptions that are just taking my money without me even using them. EBay is going to be a godsend for me this New Year, I have soooo much to get rid of that I will probably be sitting on a small fortune by the end of January which can only be hugely positive right!?

Luckily, I got lots and lots of books to read for Christmas so I will be making my way through them whilst commuting and finding a rare hour to myself at home. I am really into self help books at the moment, the kind of books that can change the way you think forever. I want to work on my attitude in general as well as my attitudes towards my health and food. There is really nothing better than finding a good book that you literally can't put down even when it's half one in the morning and you have to be up for work in 4 hours. If you're feeling the January blues find a book that will stimulate your mind and really effect you, reading is such a great mood booster

You need to ask yourself why you're feeling so demotivated by your current lifestyle, why are you holding on to Christmas to bring you happiness, when you are more than capable of being happy 365 days of the year!? Have a word with yourself, what is making you unhappy? Is it work, a friendship, a relationship or is it deeper than that? Only YOU can make the changes to put you on the path to positivity, the only person stopping you from being the best version of yourself is YOU. If you recognise a problem with your mentality, attitude or a huge change in your personality it's up to you to take the steps to seek help or a solution. Once you do, I can guarantee you will feel better, maybe not to start off with, but time is a healer and time gives you the freedom to create your own paths and your own journey. Life is what YOU make it. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & looking forward to the new year ahead! I am really looking forward to making some huge life changes and new beginnings in 2016 for me and my beautiful family. I hope you all have a prosperous, successful and very happy 2016!


Hello my little Christmas puddings, long time no speak!!! 
I just wanted to take a moment out of my blogging break to wish all my readers & followers a very Merry Christmas!! 
My blogging break is nearly over and as of Monday I will be back to posting regular content and I just can't wait, I am itching to get back to writing and feeling the ongoing love & support from the blogging community. I have seen more than a few bloggers, who I know and love, suffering from the same blogging slump as me at the moment and it's sad to see people losing their way and confidence in their little space in this huge business. 
 I feel like I'm being swallowed up in a black hole full of bloggers producing similar content and the never ending repetition of Twitter chats is driving me insane, I swear if I get asked my favourite form of social media one more time... 
2016 will be a great year and how do I know this? Because I am going to make damn sure it is. You don't get anywhere in this life or in this industry without hard work and determination. For a moment I started feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't getting the opportunities that my peers were. I wasn't putting 110% effort into my craft both at home and at work and THAT is the real reason I am in this blogging slump and quite possibly a life slump. 
 I'm going to indulge in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I love this Christmas. I'm going to make gingerbread houses and bake cupcakes with my daughter. I'm going to squeeze my fiance a little tighter and spoil him rotten as he deserves. I'm going to play 'avengers' with my nephew no matter how much I despise superheroes, and most of all I am going to be positive. Positive about me & my little families bright future, positive about working on my fertility issues and positive that I have a healthy happy family and home! 
I wish every single one of you reading this a Merry Christmas! I hope you all eat too much, drink too much and have fun.

Rebekka x


It's December 1st and I am spending my first day of Blogmas in bed watching Christmas movies with Harper. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to start than with a wishlist/gift guide. I'm really, reaaally going to try to blog as much as possible in December, definitely more than normal anyway. I wish I could say I will be blogging every single day but I won't because I just have the most busy, hectic and unpredictable lifestyle that I just don't want to make promises I know I can't keep.
SO, Secret Santa season is upon us and if like me you hate buying people tacky cliche junk , 3 for £10 selection boxes or a gift set of dove shower gels, this post is for you. I have been organising our work secret santa this year and I envy the person that gets me. I put a lot of thought into every gift that I buy and this year will be no exception. Today's post is a great guide full to the brim with lovely gifts for tiny prices!

1. 4 Pack Of Multi-Coloured Unicorn Magnets, New Look £5.99
2. Stone Penguin Christmas Slipper Socks, New Look £7.49
3. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree Kit, Urban Outfitters £6.00
4. Harry Potter Colouring Book, WHSmith £9.99
5. Soap & Glory Once Upon A Lime, Boots £10.00
6. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer, IWOOT £6.99
7.Air Amp, IWOOT £6.99
8. Personalised Message Of Your Choice Notebook, NotOnTheHighStreet £5.95
9. Personalised Colouring Pencils, NotOnTheHighStreet £7.95
10. Little Miss Princess Storage Bag, ASOS £4.95
11. ASOS Christmas Pug In Antlers Socks In Bauble, ASOS £5.00
12. The Book Of Happiness, ASOS £5.99
13. Desktop Shoot, Amazon £6.00
14. The Best Ever Retro Sweets, Amazon £9.95
15. Grow Me Coffee Kit, NotTheUsual £3.99

I hope you have enjoyed this post & find the Secret Santa inspiration you need. Leave me a comment below if you've enjoyed this post and what you have received this year for your Secret Santa.


Looking after your skin is next level shit in Winter, failing to acknowledge your outer shell's need for TLC could result in dryness, dullness and flaking. This routine can be horrendously heavy on the pocket and let's face it, none of us need it this side of Christmas. Today's post is all about taking care of your skin on a modest budget, although still giving it the attention it so desperately craves in this weather. There are plenty of high street, drugstore products that are up to scratch, it's just about finding those little gems and lucky for you, I have. Thanks Rebekka.

Probably the part of my body that takes the biggest battering from the winter weeks. Dry lips can cause actual physical pain and let's face it, looks ghastly. This time of the year features many berry lipsticks if you're a gal after my own heart and cracked lips just aren't an option, there are 3 lip products I swear by to keep my pout party ready at all times.
- Carmex Lip Balm Tube, Boots £2,69                                                   
- Lipscuff, The Body Shop £8.00 (highly recommended)       

A huge problem area especially during the winter due to the high sensitivity to the skin on your face. No one is ever truly happy with their bare complexion and there's always room for improvement and better attempts to protect it. I swear by these 3 products to ensure I can protect my facial skin as much as possible and they are all by SOAP & GLORY!!

If you're like me, you completely neglect your body from the neck down when winter draws in. Roll necks & thick black tights will hide your unshaven gorilla-esque pins, however your skin still needs to be loved at least once a week with a full length scrub and moisturize to allow it to breath and get rid of the dead skin cells. My fave three products are as follows...
-  Bio Oil 125ml, FeelUnique £13.45                                    

Sometimes there's just no stopping the curse that Winter brings your skin, ESPECIALLY if you're run down and nursing a cold or flu. Luckily, because these scenarios are so common, drugstore brands have really out done themselves when it comes to repair treatments on a modest budget. My three skincare superheroes are...
- E45 Lotion For Dry & Flaky Skin 500ml, Boots £7.35

I hope you have enjoyed this post and get the opportunity to try out some of these amazing products. I have used all tried and tested in the past and I really recommend all of them during the colder months, Leave me a comment below if you have a skincare product you swear by to get you through Autumn & Winter, thanks for reading!


Welcome to my first gift guide for Christmas 2015!
This time last year I wasn't a blogger, but I read lots and lots of blogger Christmas gift guides and took a ton of inspiration from them all, there were some great finds amongst them and that's what I aspire to bring you, with my gift guides this Christmas.
I just had to start off with BEAUTY because I am lusting over so many beautiful beauty products this year. I am a sucker for luxury beauty, there is nothing like it. My Christmas list this year is FULL of beauty products that I really, really want. I usually buy things for myself if I want something so Christmas is never a big deal for me, however this year I have restrained myself because Harper is understanding Christmas now and I want to create the most magical experience for her, so I have been saving, saving, saving. 
I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping over the course of Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, I will be creating a post for you guys on where to find the best deals so keep your eyes peeled for that. But for now, soak yourself in the lustrous list of beauty products that must make your Christmas list this year!

Forever & always at the top of my Christmas list - make up. Yes, it's a necessity to most of us ladies but there's the few unnecessary splurges that we save to ask for at Christmas, the following are mine. 

Charlotte Tilbury The Perfect Nude Kiss Lipstick Kit In Nude Kate, Charlotte Tilbury £49.00
Too Faced French Kisses Melted Liquified Lipstick Set, Too Faced £18.00
Contour 2 Multi-Use Contour Set, Contour Cosmetics £42.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette, Beauty Bay £90.00
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, Debenhams £29.00

I always, always, ALWAYS get Marc Jacobs Daisy for Christmas from Justin. It's my signature scent and usually lasts me 8 months, so for the last 3 months I try out other fragrances until I receive my new bottle. I usually do this to try to find a more affordable scent but nothing resinates with me like Daisy does. Let me know your signature scent in the comments below!

I hate spending my own money on skincare, I don't know why I just hate it, so Christmas is the perfect opportunity for me to get lots of new skincare to see me through until I ask again for my birthday in May. There are some beautiful gift sets out there this year for skincare and here are my favourites. 

NUXE Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Collection, FeelUnique £49.00
Clinique Smart & Smooth Gift Set, FeelUnique £42.70
Estee Lauder Age-Prevention Essentials Skincare Gift Set, John Lewis £37.80
Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Creme Brulee Duet, House Of Fraser £35.00
Origins Moisture and Be Merry Gift Set, House Of Fraser £45.00

These are my favourite things to buy for my sister and my girlfriends at Christmas, they are just so so easy to get hold of and there's so many brands to choose from. This way they can try a range of products to see if they get on with them or not instead of splurging on something that doesn't work for them. My favourite to give are the BENEFIT gift sets but I prefer to receive Estee Lauder OR the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Wardrobe *hint hint Justin/Nicolle/Mother*

These gift sets are perfect if you're a student or genuinely don't have the money to splash. No matter what your budget is there is something luxurious for all. These products are also great for secret santa, picking up last minute if you accidentally forget someone or stock fillers. 

Tanya Burr Gingerbread Trio, Superdrug £6.00
Zoella So Cute Coffret Set, Superdrug £12.00
Soap & Glory Once Upon A Lime, Boots £10.00
Sanctuary Favourite Florals Tin, Boots £14.00
Soap & Glory Belle Of The Ball, Boots £12.00

Remember when dairy milk advent calendars were as good as it got? Me too. What a time to be alive with the influx of beauty advent calendars! 2015 has seen more and more brands getting involved in 12-30 days of beautiful miniature and some full size products that we can look forward to in the lead up to Christmas. Here are the ones that I am cooing over this Christmas. 

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar, Superdrug £45.00
Beauty Advent Calendar, The Body Shop £60.00
Charlotte Tilbury Book Of Magic, Selfridges £150.00
Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar, LookFantastic £49.00

If you didn't know what you wanted for Christmas, I hope you do now OR if you're looking for inspiration to buy gifts for others I hope I have provided you with some. Leave me a comment with the beauty product you're hoping for this Christmas & let me know if you enjoyed this post! 


Hello beauty junkies, if you follow me on twitter you will know how much I hate generic beauty reviews, I just don't read them when I scroll through Bloglovin and see 19307542 posts about the same lipstick or foundation, usually sponsored by the brand which you can tell by a mile off. You'll be pleased today I am bringing you a beauty post that isn't sponsored by either brand but I desperately need to tell you about these marvellous new foundations that have recently landed on the high street and subsequently into my make up bag. 
I am a SUCKER for a matte finish, having unbearably oily skin means that I can never hold a foundation to my face for longer than an hour. My nose is the bane of my existence, not only is it huge, my foundation just slides down the slope, anyone feeling my pain here? I thought there was no helping it and I almost accepted my fate to be an oily mess forever UNTIL these two foundations entered my life, I will be giving you a review of each foundation and I will say now go out and buy them both if you can, however if you're on a tighter budget read the reviews and decide which one you'd suit best.

Before I review the foundations I must stress that to apply a matte foundation with the intensity of these products I would highly recommend purchasing a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, FeelUnique £5.99. I could not achieve the high quality finish I achieve with these foundations without it.

If you follow me on social media or you know me well, you will know how much I adore Bourjois. In my opinion they make the best smelling products and best quality packaging on the high street. They are extremely good value for money, it's a stand out brand on the high street for me and I just can't fault them at all.
My first impressions of this foundation were extremely impressed, it glides on like a dream and smells delightful. The packaging is light, youthful and in a handy squeeze tip tube which is wonderful for makeup on the go and travelling. I have a bulbous head so my face is huge, I would say I need 4 beads of this when applying on a daily basis for work, when I am going out and need it to work hard it delivers wonderfully, however, I would say you need to build probably 3 layers and use around 12 beads of it to really achieve that high coverage finish. It claims to achieve 24 hour coverage, it definitely stays in place for my entire day so from 7am - 5pm and requires NO touch up or blotting AT ALL.
 If I hadn't discovered the foundation that follows this review I would be going through about 4 bottles of this a month, and that really is the only downfall on this product. I would 1000000% recommend buying this foundation if a medium coverage finish is what you're looking for. I wear this religiously for work and unlike many other matte foundations really, really, really allows your skin to breathe and doesn't feel tight when it sets at all. At only £9.99 you can't go wrong and it is now my go to daily foundation and will be for a very long time.

Soap & Glory are a great brand who are taking the high street makeup departments by storm, I am in awe of the quality of products that they produce and my everyday makeup routine is full of their collection from Brow Archery to Solar Powder, I can't do without them and now this foundation has stolen my heart.
I have been looking for a matte high coverage foundation that just does EXACTLY what it says on the bottle for so long, ever since Clinique discontinued the original RepairWear. It's taken me 3-4 years but I have found my foundation favourite and I have fallen head over heels. If you love Estee Lauder Double Wear but can't afford the price tag, this foundation is the PERFECT dupe. 
One Heck Of A Blot requires just one layer to achieve full coverage in an instance, it takes no more than 4 beads from the excellently designed pump to hide every blemish and imperfection that has been a problem in the past. 
The only thing I will say is to NOT over do it with this foundation, when I say it requires one layer I mean it. Just like Estee Lauder if you get a little over confident with the sponge it can become very cakey and very tight. 
I receive copious amounts of compliments when I go out wearing this foundation and I am always being asked where it's from and when I tell them what it is and how much it costs they just can't believe it.
If you LOVE full coverage, if you LOVE a matte finish, if you LOVE a flawless complexion, you must go and buy this foundation right now. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, like I have said before I am not a great fan of beauty reviews but I just HAD to tell you beautiful people about these wonderful foundations. They have changed my makeup routine forever and I know there are many girls and women out there who feel my pain with oily skin, our time in the dark is over these two foundations will improve the finish of your makeup without a doubt. Leave me a comment below if you currently use either of these foundations and let me know if you like my beauty reviews or what you would like to see on my blog over the Christmas period. 


Spoiler alert, the season of goodwill is upon us, in case you didn't know!
Oooooh don't you just love the glitz and glam of Christmas party wear?! I can't even deal with how well the high street and online boutiques have managed to NAIL it. For the first time in forever (yes, I did open my sentence with a frozen song eek) there is something for EVERYONE, no matter your shape or size and today's post is celebrating that! I have a little wishlist of wonderful winter winners that I know you're all going to love with a HUGGGE range of sizes from size 4 to size 28.
Enjoy my little gingerbread lattes, thank me later!


Plus Size Fine Knit Zip Front Dress, New Look £22.99 SIZES 18 - 28
Gold Metallic Zig Zag Bodycon Dress, New Look £14.99 SIZES 6 - 18
Bronze Metallic Lace Trim Bodycon Dress, New Look £22.99 SIZES 6 - 18
Plus Size Geo Print Lace 2 In 1 Skater Dress, New Look £24.99 SIZES 18 - 26
Rust Metallic Deep V Neck Cross Back Mini Dress, New Look £29.99 SIZES 6-18
Plus Size Black Metal Bar Neck Long Sleeve Tunic Dress, New Look £24.99 SIZE 18 - 28


Warehouse Gold Jaquard Prom Dress, ASOS £70.00 SIZES 6 - 16
Boohoo Plus Cut Out Jumpsuit, ASOS £22.00 SIZES 16 - 24
Paper Dolls Plus Lace Overlay Pencil Dress, ASOS £58.00 SIZES UK 18 - 26
ASOS Red Carpet Deep Plunge Embellished Panel Bodycon Dress, ASOS £150.00 SIZES UK 4 - 18

I hope you have enjoyed this post & have picked up some inspiration for party season. I know I have found my office party dress, have you? Leave me a comment below letting me know your fave pieces in this wishlist! 

High Street Halloween Fashion You Will Love!

I LOVE Halloween & something i'm really loving this year about Halloween is how involved my favourite high street and online brands have been embracing the occasion. So whether you're going to a house party or just hitting your favourite nightclub this Halloween, i've got looks that range from subtle to over the top whilst not spending a fortune on it. 

Hayley Pumpkin Print Halloween, Boohoo £12.00
Larah Lantern Net Dress, Boohoo £25.00
Halloween Skeleton Batwing Bodycon Dress, ASOS £25.00
Halloween Leggings Ghost Print, ASOS £18.00
CURVE Halloween Bodycon Dress With Metallic Skeleton Print, ASOS £25.00

Black Spooky Emoji Sweatshirt, New Look £14.99
Disney Villains Adult Cruela De Ville, ASDA £20.00
Brooke Mesh Detail Strappy Midi Dress, Boohoo £20.00
Rebecca Zombie Cheerleader, Boohoo £25.00
Plus Kim Chiffon Split Sleeve V Neck Dress, Boohoo £20.00 (my halloween dress!)

Black Cat Ear Headband, Claire's £4.50
Halloween Fabric Crown Costume Mask, ASOS £8.00
Halloween Black Feather Wings, Claire's £12.00
Day Of The Dead Halloween Face Tattoo, Claire's £5.50
Black Cobweb Tights, New Look £4.99


Slim Fit Emoji Skull Printed TShirt, Boohoo £8.00
Slim Fit Skeleton Printed TShirt, Boohoo £8.00
End Long Zombie Fancy Dress, Boohoo £30.00
Ghostbusters Fancy Dress Outfit, £20.00

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it, let me know if anything catches your eye in the comments. I actually already have my Halloween outfit which is featured in this post! I am currently putting together another Halloween post so if you enjoyed this one let me know!

Drugstore Beauty Favourites This Autumn

Hiiii beauty bugs! Can you believe I have wrote a proper beauty review here? No, me neither. I notoriously dislike beauty reviews, I just don't get anything from them and a lot of them are so repetitive, so yeah I have done one myself now! I have been purchasing lots of new high street beauty bits over the last month or so and discovering products that have now become staples in my beauty routine. None of these cost more than a tenner individually, which I really wanted to make a point about. There's a lot of bloggers out there who review pricey products that I just wouldn't use every single day, and that's okay, it's just not for everyone. I want this post to inspire those who don't have a huge budget but still want to have the best quality that they can afford. 

I can't even DEAL with how much I adore this stuff, it's amazing. 
If, like me, you have a toddler, finding time every single night to complete a thorough skincare routine is impossible. This little miracle in a bottle has saved my skin and so much time. I use this to take off my make up with cotton pads and then about 10 minutes later I go over my skin again to get any excess off before applying my night moisturiser. I couldn't recommend this product enough, great quality for a great price. 

Let's face it nothing compares to Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz, however if you're on a beauty budget, there are 2 brow products I couldn't recommend more. Barry M used to do an insane brow palette that I literally can't find ANYWHERE *sob*, however Soap & Glory just took high street brow products to the next level. Archery is life when it comes to drugstore brow products, and since discovering this wonderful piece of kit I have been sold forever. It's a double ended product that offers first step brow tint and then precision pencil to finish. The product glides on perfectly and is so easy to apply that it takes virtually seconds to create your perfect brow.

This is the best bronzer I have ever used, and others must agree as it is so damn hard to get your hands on, always completely out of stock. It is a compact duo half bronzer and the other is a highlighter in a champagne shade that compliments the bronzer perfectly. It is so well pigmented and smells A-MAZING. If you get your hands on this product I promise you will not regret your purchase, if you do I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK - i'm that confident.

Soap & Glory SuperCat Fat Jumbo Carbon Black Eyeliner - Boots £7.00

My favourite eyeliner of all time!!! Ever since I bought this everyone I meet and know compliment my eyeliner and ask me what I am using. If you buy one beauty product this month, SuperCat Fat Eyeliner needs to be the one! It's effectively a pen with a flat edge cut into it, which ensures you can grip and glide across your lid and create the perfect cat eye in SECONDS! With a perfect finish every single time it's the most reliable and time effective beauty product I have ever purchased!

Another drugstore beauty product that has become a favourite in my beauty routine is this lipstick. Kate Moss has not disappointed me with this nudes collection, I am pretty obsessed with everything in this collection but ESPECIALLY this particular colour. It's a statement brown tone which is so perfect for Autumn and for a drugstore lipstick it's crazy long lasting and has a beautiful finish. 

3 guesses why I bought this lipstick? The name, obviously. I had to purchase this lipstick as it's name is the same of the town in Pretty Little Liars, however this is actually I bloody good lipstick. The colour is so rich and so well pigmented that it's actually become my favourite lipstick for my work look. It's very natural and suits every outfit, for £2.99 you can't go wrong. 

Real Techniques Brushes - Superdrug (Prices Vary)

There is nothing more important to me in my make up routine than a smooth & well established base! Real Techniques miracle beauty blender & foundation brushes have changed my life, literally. I really underestimated brushes and YES I KNOW, so late to this party it's painful! I just can't get enough of them or recommend them more, especially to people trying to establish their look or build up a good kit.

I hope you have enjoyed this post guys, leave me a comment below & let me know if you enjoy my beauty posts, they're not always my cup of tea but I have really enjoyed writing this! Also I am dying to discover more drugstore favourites so if you have any recommendations don't hesitate to comment below, until next time! 

Apps & Resources Every Blogger Should Swear By...

Holllllla! I have done similar posts to this before, but I just love to share the apps & resources that have been enhancing my blogging experiences, with you. I am always getting asked what I use for this, that and the other, so I thought I would make an up to date post on the ones I am obsessed with and couldn't live without right now. It's really important, as a blogger, to be organised and really make use of the little time that we actually have to schedule, edit, write, design and much more. I hope you find some use in these apps & resources.

Hootsuite is incredible for time management on the social media front. Some people swear by daily scheduling, however I only schedule tweets when I remember/can be bothered. It really, really does have a positive impact on your stats and followers though and I would recommend daily scheduling to everyone who has the time or considers blogging their full time occupation.
PicMonkey is one of two of my ultimate go to resources for blogging. I create all my blog headers, edit photographs and create post headers with this website and I love it! It's so easy to use and fast working that it takes me no more than 5 minutes to create anything basic.
My other favourite design website, Canva, allows you to create any size image and gives you solid inspiration from many of the design choices and editing tools. A little harder than PicMonkey to get into but the quality of design it produces is second to none.
Affiliate window is my go to for affiliate networking. If you want to include affiliate links and work with top end brands then look no further. I have earned the most money blogging from Affiliate Window. It's not just links and ad space either I have worked on sponsored post through this website too, it's a great starting point for those who want to make money from their blog.
Bloglovin is a no brainer, it's full of great reads from all your fellow bloggers and crammed with inspiration for your own blog. If I am ever at a loss for what I want to blog about I read through lots and lots of blogs until the green light comes on. I get seriously inspired from it and it can come from reading one sentence or just being inspired by a particular blogger.
This app is my go to for filtering my Instagram posts. I love Instagram and up until 3 weeks ago I was more than pleased with the outcome from the standard Instagram filters. I then saw a couple of bloggers talking about VSCO, so I downloaded it to see what the fuss was about and I am SOLD. I didn't even know these filters and edits could exist for free!? It's amazing and you need to download it right now.
The one and only Viralwoot is a Pin scheduler for Pinterest. This is a great way to consistently post as it can be quite fiddly to do on the go. Consistency is key with Pinterest if you want to grow your following and increase your traffic. This tool is very handy and one every blogger should k- Unow about.
I could not recommend an application more, Dropbox is life changing. In basics Dropbox is an application that stores your photos and if you have the app, it syncs photo's from your phone onto the app and stores them there. You can save multitudes of files, photos and much more with Dropbox. It's a great way to share your CV, media pack and photos anywhere, anytime.
Google Analytics is life if you're a blogger. I can't live without it and you can now have your beloved statistics on the go. The app is extremely easy to use and understand which ensures you can keep up to date on your blogs activity wherever you may be.
Looking for some extra pennies? Upwork is an awesome freelancing job board, better than any other that I have used. Whether you're looking for web design or content writing, Upwork has millions of jobs waiting for you to snap up!

Guys I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking for new apps and resources to try to enhance my blog and blogging experience, if you have a favourite then pretty please share it below, I have always got room for more blogging apps and resources in my life. If you enjoyed this post & would like me to do more BLOGGING 101 posts, let me know in the comments below, until next time xoxox


Ummm, where is this year going? October is coming and I can't believe how fast life is whizzing me by! I swear I was only just having a BBQ and I blinked, now I have my heating cranked up & dressing gown on. I have had a really stressful and busy couple of weeks, I just don't have time to pay my blog the attention I want to. My head is constantly buzzing around a million things I need to do or need to think about doing, so I have bought a planner, so that I can plan out my weeks with my actual job and my blog. My personal life has been extremely stressful too, I have been trying for a baby for some time now and it's just not happening. Everyone keeps telling me it's because i'm not calm and my life is too intense, that I should just let it happen when it's supposed to happen, but I am so desperate to get pregnant that I am finding "calm" a struggle. I'm totally on edge all the time and I am very conscious of how old Harper is and the age gap I am creating, which really bothers me. So, yet again another month is passing me by without conceiving and it's really beginning to ruin my days, weeks and life actually. Justin is taking me on a shopping spree this Friday just some us time so that we can take the pressure off, for one day at least. I'm really looking forward to it, and of course I will be blogging a hopefully HUGE haul some time next week.
Today's post is, of course, my payday wishlist and I am wishing for lots, I have to shop my whole Autumn look this month and I have a good friend's engagement party on the 10th so I am searching for the perfect dress too! 

Born This Way Foundation, Too Faced £27.00

I have only heard crazy amazing things about this foundation and I can't wait to get my hands on it at the end of the week. It claims to be a full coverage foundation with a natural finish. As a huge fan of full coverage I know that it is revolutionary if a full coverage foundation can really make you look like you're not even wearing it. We will see how this goes, watch out for my full review! 
ALSO if you sign up to www.toofaced.com you will get 20% off your first purchases, even more reason to grab this foundation before it sells out! 

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Elegante, Feel Unique £26.00

How intensely perfect for Autumn is this Chanel lipstick?! I have been staring lovingly at this colour & pensive by Chanel FOR WEEKS. Yes, it's a hefty £26.00 but if you're willing to spend £23.00 on Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry, you should do it for Chanel too. 

New Look Wide Fit Ankle Boots, ASOS £19.99

I love boot shopping but with so much to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming. This month I am 1000% purchasing these awesome New Look boots, they're such an Autumn essential and at under £20 you can't go wrong! 

Pull&Bear Buckle Cut Out Ankle Boots, ASOS £29.99

For a smarter boot, I am really loving these Pull&Bear boots from ASOS! I think they can be dressed down and dressed up, which I am all about! I like to have at least one brown and one black pair of boots over Autumn so these are just perfect, can't wait to get my hands on them.

 Lace Up Skater Dress, ASOS Curve £25.00

I bloody hated this trend when it first hit the runway, but now I love it! I am, like I said, still looking for a dress for an engagement party what do we think of this guys? I'm not sure if it's engagement party material but I love it and need it in my wardrobe anyway! 

Camel Large Faux-Suede Satchel, River Island £30.00 

This season I have an obsession with satchels and River Island haven't disappointed me with this beauty! I have been looking for one on the high street large enough for my day to day essentials and this one is absolutely perfect!

That's all for my SEPTEMBER PAYDAY WISHLIST, I hope you have enjoyed this and it has given you some splurge inspiration! Let me know what you're buying this payday and which of my wishlist has caught your eye - until next time! 


Today's post is all about AUTUMN, it is upon us whether you love it or hate it. I bloody love that Summer is over, it's probably my least favourite season I don't like being hot and I don't like sweating so me and Summer are just never going to be besties and I am okay with that. I am such an autumn girl. I love every single thing about it from fashion to scented candles, Autumn brings the best of everything and today's post is celebrating that. So grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte & enjoy!

 1. Berry toned lips - if you know me well you will know how obsessed I am with berry toned lipsticks and there is no better time to wear them than Autumn. My current favourites are: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Glastonberry & Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Plum Sensation.

2. Spending Hours Shopping For Boots - my favourite types of shoes to buy are boots and this year has been no exception with so many beautiful designs by all our favourite high street brands including New Look & ASOS. My top picks for autumn are boots with tassels.

3. Home Cooking - Roast dinners, casseroles & stews - all horrendously unhealthy, unless of course you follow Slimming World where you can find millions of recipes to satisfy your autumn comfort food needs, you can find lots of recipes on my Slimming World Pinterest Board.

4. Trench Coats - Probably my favourite fashion essential ever is a trench coat and autumnal weather provides you with the biggest opportunities to wear them. They go with EVERYTHING and really finish off any outfit and can smarten up the most casual of looks.

5. Halloween - Pumpkin carving, halloween crafts, halloween house parties & stealing sweets from your trick or treating toddler, must I go on!?

6. Autumnal Eyes - Gorgeous golds & beautiful browns are the perfect combo for awesome autumnal eyes, check out my top picks on my Autumnal Make Up Pinterest Board.

7. Starbucks/Costa & Coffee In General - It's always more appealing and more satisfactory drinking a hot coffee during the colder months and the high street coffee merchants know this, with limited edition flavours galore, there's never been a better time to spend half your wages on coffee every morning before work.

8. The Increase In Opportunity To Stay In Your Pyjamas ALL DAY - With Autumn comes colder weather & rain, it's universal that rain is negative, but I like to find the positives in everything. Rainy days = an excuse not to leave the house = Pyjamas & Pretty Little Liars allllll day, heaven.

9. Anticipation of Christmas - The Christmas season is my favourite time of year by miles and when Autumn comes knocking it means that Christmas is not far. I definitely enjoy Christmas more now that I have a toddler, I think I get more excited than she does. I start my Christmas shopping at the end of September so that I can prolong the excitement further.

10. Knitwear - Is there anything more perfect than being toasty and super comfy in a thick cable knit sweater!? I don't think so!

11. Burning Scented Candles ALL DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY - There is no better time to light a scented candle than in Autumn, filling your home with beautiful Autumnal smells, mmm there's nothing better. My favourite Autumn scents are Yankee Candle's Vanilla Bourbon and Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia.

12. Bonfire Night - Fireworks, Snuggling By The Bonfire & Toffee Apples, OH YES!

13. Trees Become Ridiculously Photogenic - The outdoors becomes more beautiful than ever, the crunch of leaves surrounding your toes and deeper sunsets drawing in earlier and earlier.

14. Leftover Halloween Treats - Over buying sweets & treats for trick or treaters on purpose to then indulge in them for the next week or so.

15. Bikini season and body shame is behind us - the ability to not shave your legs for 6 months hiding them under dozens of pairs of thick black tights and all the lucky bitches on your Facebook timeline flaunting their belly buttons all over the place are a thing of the past. No more bikini body shaming by magazines as they scrutinise celebrities on their summer holidays on the front pages.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has left you feeling all warm & fuzzy inside! Leave me a comment below & don't forget to follow me for more posts coming your way very soon! 


lovelies! I am currently trying to fight off my extreme excitement to take Harper to Butlins next Friday. Those of my readers who don't know what Butlins is, or live in a different country, it is an entertainment holiday resort with 3 sites around the UK that has activities and entertainment aimed at children. I used to actually work at the one in Minehead in Guest Services and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with them. I am not really keen on taking Harper to a boiling hot country I just know she wouldn't enjoy it, and I am yet to find anything that matches the full on activities and entertainment focused at toddlers other than OBVIOUSLY Disneyland. But yeah, I am getting very excited to take her now, I know she is just going to burst with excitement and we have so many different things planned for the week. We're a really busy household where someone's coming or going at all times and there are always family & friends around too. We barely get time just the three of us apart from when we go to bed at night, so this is going to be so nice for us, can't wait!!
ANYWAY, moving on to today's post which is hugely unrelated to above - AUGUST PAYDAY WISHLIST! This month I am spending most of my free cash on workwear and that's pretty boring quite frankly compared to the list of things I am lusting over this month, here are a few things I will be sneakily squeezing into my budget this month!

I haven't been this excited for a make up palette since Naked On The Run! Vegas Nay is an Instagram superstar who posts and reposts make up tutorials and make up looks. She has already had a very successful collaboration with Eyelure false lashes and has now joined forces with Too Faced to bring you this multi-tasking palette for amazing eye looks. Not only does it include 12 exclusive eye shadow shades, you also get mini versions of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, loose glitter pigment, 6 look cards to try out & Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I'm SO over Summer, it's all about Autumn and I have definitely started shopping for my Autumn & Winter wardrobe. How cute is this skirt? I can't wait for my order to come so I can wear this EVERYWHERE!
I think I am just obsessed with anything berry toned, which is why I love Autumn. 

I am not usually a fan of black bags or fringe, but just lately I have been feeling fringe vibes. I adore this bag, it's a great size for mummy essentials as well as everyday handbag essentials and has the right amount of fringe for my tastes. It comes in black, tan and berry and I kind of want all three, I might have to.

Are these not the most perfect peep toe boots your eyes have ever seen? I love them and yes, MORE FRINGE. They're a great way to make your summer pedicure last a little longer into Autumn whilst starting to step into a more suitable shoe for the upcoming colder seasons. 

I can't decide which one I love the most so I'm not going to and just buy them all. Usually with nude collections you only really get one shade that sells out and is desired by all, however this collection tops any with every shade being so damn gorgeous. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any of these products and tell me what you think of them! Remember you can follow me on bloglovin to make sure you never miss a post again - https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/all-that-b-13643655

Thoughts On A Friday...

Hello, it's been a long time, well a week and a half to be precise. I just want to take a minute to just get a few things I have in my brain on to my blog, this is genuinely not a rant, it's an offload. I really never wanted to be one of these bloggers but I think we're all distracted by the negativity and it's effecting a lot of us in the blogging community and maybe some of us can't find the words to say and maybe some of us need to just get it off our chests. I am notoriously known for not holding back and I don't plan to offend or target anybody in this post, it's merely an observation, I 10000% know that people have their own prerogatives and will take this how they want to and I want to hear about it, I want this to be a discussion and a means to a solution, maybe? 
There's been a lot of blogger drama llama's circulating this week and it's really put me off the blogging community lately, obviously I freaking love the whole blogging package, good and bad. I am really lucky to have met some of the most amazing, ambitious people ever and I am so thankful for that, but there's about 10% of bloggers that just hold on to and emphasise a lot of the negatives and constantly moan about them not being offered enough money or making it their responsibility to try to degrade and humiliate small brands offering experience over money. Some bloggers have made it their mission to write a series of posts of how brands aren't being nice to them and it bewilders me!
I get it we're all trying to make a pretty penny and trying to turn our passion into a brand, you would be silly not to take the amazing opportunities that are given to you. HOWEVER, if you've got a DA of 5060586, billions of page views and have the reach to earn £100 per sponsored post that doesn't give you the right to not treat brands and bloggers alike with maybe less following than yourself, with respect and dignity. These brands are giving you the opportunity to work with them, they are directly contacting you to be a part of your work and your blog, show them the respect they deserve instead of just copy and pasting their email and pretending to be horrified by their requests. 
YES some are ridiculous and I have worked with and declined work with brands who have tried to take the piss, but I see more and more reasonable offers being slapped on Facebook because they're offering you £50 instead of your £100 asking price, when you haven't got the reach to even price yourself at triple figures, it looks really tacky and it's becoming more and more common.
What kind of example are we setting to new bloggers? What kind of image are we trying to send to those who are starting out or interested in becoming a blogger? To me, lately, we are expressing a certain amount of greed and disrespect to the least successful. Instead of trying to nurture their development and education on the business we are really showing a very bad side to blogging. 
Now this is literally about 10 individuals that I have come across in the last 9 months of blogging, it's a very small minority of people who are so wrapped up in their own brand that their information and comments towards certain brands and new bloggers are not helpful they're patronising. 
I am one of the very first people who will bite if I see someone being dishonest or patronising or just down right rude and I like that about myself. Instead of writing posts about the drama for page views I will hit that shit head on. I guess, I am kind of contradicting myself here, but I am actually giving my views on my very personal opinion, this post is not about filling you in with the latest happenings, it's about a generalisation to the increased negativity that I want to address whether there's been a drama today or tomorrow. 
When I started blogging a very short 9 months ago, it was the most magical and positive energy I have ever experienced. I fell in love with writing, blogging and dreaming about the possibilities of hundreds of thousands of people reading what I have to say about my passions. 
I couldn't have ever imagined the stats, the views and the amazing comments that I have received over this whole experience and I am so genuinely grateful for every single person that reads, tweets me, follows me on social media and comments on my blog. 
I wish I could thank you all personally and give you a massive cuddle because you gave me something more important than any amount of money, you gave me my spark back, as cliche as it is. 
I was in such a dark place before blogging, suffering with post natal depression and really feeling like I didn't have a voice or a place in the world anymore, I didn't think I could ever achieve anything again, or even be half the mother, fiance and career woman that I have become. 
I am completely a shadow of the person that I was 10 months ago, I am seeing the world with new eyes and I want people to know my story and I want people to know the very positive and genuine side of blogging that is very achievable and very real. 
Every single blogger that I follow on twitter is a new inspiration for me, a new person's story to read and hear about, I love it so much and I have so much time for the bloggers I have and will connect with in the future. This is why it makes me die inside when I see the really negative sides to this wonderful career, lifestyle and community. Just lately, it's been more negative than ever and I know there's people reading this who feel the same as I do, the richness of the twitter chats is virtually gone and on the Facebook forums I see no end of bad attitude and disrespect for one another and it's painful to sit and read. 
I feel like as a community we're sending the wrong message to aspiring bloggers, especially of the female variety, I have to be honest and it is genuinely mainly a female issue. The togetherness seems to be fading and the general atmosphere seems to be every blogger for themselves. 
I am motivated by writing but of course if I could earn a living and give my family opportunities then I will take that sponsored post, I will take that review and I aspire to work with the brands that I love, I work hard to achieve that, BUT not at the cost of my reputation and dignity...
The nature of the #prrequest hashtag is so cringeworthy,. I honestly can't believe the greed and the want of some people, it makes me ashamed and embarrassed of the image they are spreading across social media. Asking for dog food and pasties? I just can't even go into everything wrong with this, because if you are one of those people, you just need to stop, it's horrific. It's sending the wrong message and the rise of the greedy blogger is ever growing.

How can we turn this around? How can we bring back the positivity, the richness of blogging conversation and debate? How can we limit the damage on the image of bloggers? When is our image actually being affected by the actions of others? How far does it go to tarnish a reputation of thousands? How can we address the bloggers full of greed without humiliating them and public shaming them? 

All questions that need answers to get back to our best, we are a creative, ambitious bunch and I know as a community we can make things better, but do we need to address them or do we ride it out and accept the evolution of the image of blogging and accept the pr requesting beggars for who they are? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!