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Beauty & Hair Haul

Hollllla TGIF! I haven't blogged since Monday which really annoys me, I hate to be inconsistent. However, my Fiance has been home for most of the week so we've been doing lots of things with our daughter Harper and just having some quality family time sooo sorry, not sorry. During my time away from the computer I have been purchasing a few beauty & hair products that I want to share with you, some I have used so a mini review will be provided. 

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette, Feelunique.com £37.00

Oh my god, I have been craving this palette for about 2 months and now it's finally mine, which makes me very very very happy. I used it today for the first time & it's really quite stunning. The best thing about the palette is that the eyeshadows are ALL new shades and they are all absolutely beautiful and so well pigmented. I heard a lot of good things about the blusher and lots of bad things about the bronzer but I actually love them both. They are, I think, an acquired skin tone, personally they compliment each other so well on my skin. My only downfall in the palette is the mascara and lip gloss. The mascara because it's average at best no better than anything you can buy for a fiver on the high street. The lipgloss is stunning but I am not a glossy kind of girl, I would have much preferred a matte lipstick or a liquid eyeliner. Overall a great palette and I'm so pleased I bought it. 

Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation SPF 15 in 03 Ivory,  Debenhams SAVE 10% £22.05

I love Clinique Repairwear foundation, it was my favourite foundation of all time UNTIL Clinique discontinued it and my search for my perfect foundation began again. I have a real problem with high street foundations I swear there's an ingredient in all of them that makes me hate them. Saying that I do love Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, but it really is the best of a bad situation. I can't even express enough how much I believe in investing money in your foundation there are so many reason's to spend £10 - £20 more than a high street brand. I find that I go through a high street foundation in 4 weeks if not less because you have to use SO MUCH to get a flawless finish, when I pay an extra tenner I find it lasts 6 - 8 weeks. I also get terrible skin when I use high street foundations, I get dry patches under my eyes and a really oily nose, it's not attractive. So I bought this foundation to see if my bond with Clinique, as far as foundations go, would be rekindled. So far I'm loving it but I've only worn it once today and I did my makeup an hour ago so I don't want to rate it or slate until I've given it a fair chance to impress - stay tuned ha ha!

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, ASOS.com £3.99

I was introduced to Batiste dry shampoo about 4 years ago and I was initially obsessed with it but as if with a lot of beauty products my relationship with them usually fizzles out after a few months and I find something new to be obsessed with. I have very greasy hair, I don't know if this is just because I mess about with and touch my hair all day long but it looks like I've dipped my head in a chip fryer if I don't wash it every other day. I'm more than aware of the damage over washing your hair does so I have bought Batiste back into my life and I honestly love it after one use. I back comb my hair when I have my extensions in for a night out, those days are gone with this wonderful product. The volume element of this dry shampoo is out of this world, I haven't washed my hair for 3 days and it is still in a beautiful condition. I still have volume, it smells fresh, I just can't believe I left it so long to get this, go out and buy it you will not regret it!

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Infra Reds Collection in 6.60 Fiery Red, Boots £5.96

I get asked on a daily basis what colour I use to get my hair this colour and the answer is THIS HAIR DYE! I have been red since like 2010 I think, so I have been through every single red hair dye the UK has to offer to find my perfect shade and I have finally found it! I have been using this for about a year and I can't fault it, it's really simple to use. It gives me the richest colour and just the right amount of shine when it's freshly dyed it's perfect for me and I'm literally desperate to dye my hair right now so I can't wait to get this on. 

Perfect Girl Brit Rocks Wild Strip Lashes, Savers £2.49

I am crazy about Eyelure but I find it so difficult, overwhelming and EXPENSIVE to find the right style of strip lash for me. I found these in Savers which is a store in the UK that sells beauty products at a lower price than in your standard drugstore. These eyelashes I pray never get discontinued because they are my perfect style and length, they are absolutely flawless. They are ultra flexible for curling and they don't have that annoying stiff strip you get from other cheap eyelashes. The glue is AMAZING too, I've cried and these still manage to stay on. I can't fault them and they are my number one makeup product for nights out. 

I hope you've enjoyed this haul and my ramble on investing in foundations! What have you been buying this month? I would love to know! Leave a comment below or tweet me @3beksbabe. I'm always looking for new inspiration and new beauty products to try so get in touch! Until next time, thanks for reading :)

5 Apps Every Blogger Needs

This blog would not exist without "on the go" technology. Balancing a blog with my personal life, social life & a wild toddler can be pretty overwhelming and I find myself posting my blogs late (like this one!) or rushed and it really annoys me. So I had a word with myself and decided to enhance and optimise my blogging experience. Keeping to deadlines and scheduling has been my main downfall in my blogging journey so far and I intend to change that, so here are some blog boosting apps that will improve all areas of your blogging journey too.  


I rely on Bloglovin to provide me with all my favourite blogs, it makes it so very easy for me to keep up and discover blogs that continue to inspire me and blogs that I learn so much from. Bloglovin is a great network of bloggers. Every blogger and their dogs have Bloglovin which is great, because there's a great variety of posts that I get some serrrrious inspiration from which is really helpful when I get bloggers block.

Blogger/WordPress App

I find myself constantly coming up with ideas on the train or when I'm in the doctors waiting rooms I get these great ideas for the opening paragraph of my blog, this is where my "Blogger" app comes in so handy. I use Google Blogger to power my blog and I have to say the app is absolutely great. It saves me so much time at home sitting at the Mac because I get a lot of my post done on the go when I'm on public transport or waiting for an appointment. It really gives you the freedom to be creative with your time and gives you a better chance of getting your post done on time.


This is my social media heaven! It allows me to control my main social media, traffic sources, from one app. It gives me the freedom to schedule when promoting my latest posts or letting my followers know what's coming up without me having to be glued to my phone throughout the day. It's a really simple app to use and it's super reliable.


Dropbox is my favourite way to transfer my camera roll pictures to my picture editing system. It's so easy and so quick that I can't live without it. It's also great place for storing photos that you want to keep but don't want them clogging up your smartphone storage. You can create files and store things in easy to find places, I find it especially easy to schedule my instagram uploads. Things I know I will want to share on Instagram I file away on the app and I can go in at any time and find what I need, when I need it. 


Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration for my blog there are some really great idea's on this app. There are so many great places on Pinterest that you can learn everything you need to know about blogging and it really really helps me when I struggle with "Bloggers Block". You will get some real motivation and inspiration when you see the lust-worthy layouts and photo edits which will in turn boost your blogging experience as you aim to improve your work.

These are some of the basics that really enhance my blogging experience and have taught me better time management than I had before. HOWEVER, I'm always looking for even more ways and maybe you have better alternatives to the ones I have posted. I would love your feedback or suggestions on some apps YOU have tried that help make your blogging life that little bit easier. As always, thanks for reading :)

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Spring

Spring is coming, how exciting!! Maybe I'm being a little premature, but the sight of the sun and the little things like flowers blossoming, has got me all excited for warmer, brighter times ahead! I LOVE Winter it's probably my favourite season, because I'm a bit of a home body so I love being indoors, cooking & snuggled up on the sofa! However after around 3-4 months of cold days & nights in under the duvet, I'm now ready to embrace the sun & get outside!

Brighter Mornings & Brighter Evenings

There is possibly nothing worse than getting up on a Monday morning in complete darkness, going to work in darkness and then when you leave off work it's dark again! Spring is slowly but surely creeping some sunlight into our days, which puts me in the best mood!

Lighter Clothing

The heavy wool scarfs & jumpers feel so good when you incorporate them into your wardrobe in October, but by the time February gets here you're fed up of covering up from head to toe and there's only so many chunky knit jumpers we can take! Spring lets you have some fashion freedom and you can flash a bit of flesh without freezing up, getting chapped lips & dry skin! 

Booking Your Summer Holiday 

Some people live for their summer holidays and lots of my younger, childless friends do. I get to enjoy toddler holidays now and that's cool, we love our family holiday once a year and it's great to get some time to just relax and not worry about cooking, cleaning, bills, work & all the other worries you leave at home! Whether you have children or not there's nothing better than having something to look forward to and booking a holiday is one of the most exciting parts of Spring.

Spring Cleaning/Making A Fresh Start

Okay, so cleaning your house top to bottom isn't EXCITING (well maybe for some), but what I mean by "spring cleaning" is de-cluttering your life ready for the exciting year ahead. I know the year starts in January but I never feel like it's really begun until Winter is over and done with. Spring is the perfect time to move house, start a new job, clear out all the clutter in your house or bedroom or even de-clutter your personal life and your mind, letting go of the problems of the past or adopt a new way of thinking to make your life more positive.


Aaaah, festivals, holidays, sunbathing, barbecues, beaches & cocktails in the beer garden. The slightest sniff of Spring means that Summer is imminent which couldn't be more exciting! Who doesn't love getting a tan, drinking fruity alcoholic drinks and lazing around in the sun with your friends and family!? Bring it on! 

Items Of Clothing You MUST Have In Your Wardrobe

Happy Hump Day beautiful readers! Today I'm bringing you 5 of the most important things to have in your wardrobe, staple pieces. It's the best when you have those 'go to' pieces of clothing that you know you can style up for a night out or style down for a casual shopping trip. With these 5 pieces of clothing you can't go wrong as they're all timeless.

  The Classic Trench

There is nothing more classy and timeless than a trench coat. They go with EVERYTHING & they style up the most casual of outfits. These days you can get so many different kinds of trench coats that it's hard to know which one is for you! I would say the most flattering style is thigh length, double breasted, this works on every body shape. You can buy trench coats from EVERYWHERE these days, so it depends if you want to invest in quality or save, but keep up with a constant trend.

The White Blouse

A crisp white blouse is another fail safe piece of clothing. You can wear it for anything from a casual lunch date with your friends or a shopping trip to a job interview or a business meeting. The great thing about a white blouse is that it's a blank canvas. You can add so many different kinds of accessories to it. I personally love collars & pastel coloured statement necklaces at the moment with a white shirt. It always looks fresh and it's one of those pieces that you could wear 7 days a week with different accessories and noone would ever notice. 

The Tan Tote

A tan oversized handbag is the ultimate accessory for smart casual outfits, there's not much I can say about the tan tote that doesn't already speak for itself. They're classic, they're timeless and I can't urge you enough to go out and invest in one. It's my favourite accessory and it's NEVER going out of fashion! 

The Black Skinnies

Black Skinny Jeans are another one of my favourite items, you can wear them casual with a tee or you can team them up with the white blouse & a range of accessories for a smarter look. This is just like the white blouse, you can put them with anything wear them every day and create a new outfit every single time. Smart or casual these are a must have in your wardrobe. 

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

Without fail, every single time, the little black dress wins! I am the biggest lover of little black dresses, I can't even count or remember the amount of LBD's that I have. You literally cannot go wrong and there are SOOOOOO many different shapes, sizes, necklines and lengths - the list is genuinely endless. This is yet another piece that can be accessorised with so much that it's a completely new look every single time you wear it. 

There you have it, my 5 pieces you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. I hope this has inspired you to try out these looks, they're all, individually, so buildable, so easy wearing that you honestly cannot go wrong EVER. If you have any of these I would looove to see how you've styled them, how you've built a look on using even just one of these items, comment below or tweet me, I love new fashion inspiration so don't be shy! I hope you've enjoyed this read as much as I have writing it, thanks for reading :)

How To Boost Your Mood & Positivity

Happy Pancake Day Everyone! Today I'm in the mood to stuff my face with Nutella pancakes in a bubble bath ALL DAY! I've 100% woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and I hate it. My New Years Resolution for 2015 was to boost my positivity, so far it's been very successful, I feel better in my mind than I have done for nearly 2 years now, which is great! But aren't we all partial to these moody mornings or sometimes moody days!? This post I am writing in a very bad mood my fiance is home today and has already, at 10:35am,  resorted to another room to avoid my mood, he knows how to handle it all too well. I'm hoping by the end of the writing this post I will have forgotten all about the mood I'm in and in the words of Taylor Swift - SHAKE IT OFF.
So here are 7 WAYS to boost your mood.


This is probably my favourite way to shake off my bad mood, I turn the music up really loud and dance round the living room with my toddler. Dancing is supposed to release endorphins, so I'm told, and I completely believe it. There's nothing better than playing music you LOVE and dancing around! A top tip I would advice to all of you, close your curtains, I've been caught out a few times by my neighbours, the postman and delivery drivers, it never gets less embarrassing, I promise. 


Whether this is a week long trip or a complete year of travelling there's no better way to boost your mood than planning a trip and having something to look forward to. The pictures you see above are taken by one of my best friends, Connie, who is currently travelling around Australia and she is having the time of her life, I couldn't be more proud of her. She inspires me to want to travel and experience new things which in turn boosts your moods. I'm currently planning trips throughout the year for me and my little family and it's the best feeling ever having so many things to look forward to.


Yes, I am a woman, yes, I am a mother and yes, I am 22 years old  but if Harper is in bed or napping and I am in one of those moods that I'm desperate to shake off, I play the XBOX. I am obsessed with Grand Theft Auto Online and The Sims 3. They are the only games I will play and they genuinely put me in such a better mood, I think it's the concentration more than anything, I just love it and I think the XBOX will always have a spot in my heart, as sad as that sounds. 


I love to cook and I love to bake cakes, I find it so therapeutic. I love finding new recipes on Pinterest and trying them out, there's so many delicious pasta bake recipes and chicken recipe ideas that I love to try out. I'm such a foodie, I always think I would enjoy being a Chef, but then I remember I love to cook because it gives me solidarity. I'm a big lover of my own company and it gives me such a positivity boost when I've achieved something alone whether it's a delicious meal or building a piece of furniture.   


My favourite television series of all time is Gossip Girl, even talking about it is making me want to watch it all over again, I only just finished watching it for the second time about 6 months ago, but I could honestly watch it over and over for the rest of my life. It takes a lot for me to get into a new television series though and I'm currently looking for a box set to start, so if you have any suggestions comment below. ANYWAY put on your comfiest pyjamas, grab your fave snacks and maybe throw a duvet into the mix, put on Netflix and before you know it your bad mood will be gone. 


Now i'm not saying put on insanity and sweat your insides out till you break something. I'm talking light exercise, a long walk with your headphones in listening to your favourite tunes, a gentle jog through your local park or take a pilates class at your local gym. Not only does exercise release positive endorphins, it gives you time to think and it's good for your body inside and out. What more could you want to boost your positivity and mood? 


Oh my goodness, the pleasure that comes from buying pretty new things is enough to put me in a good mood for a week! There is no better feeling than knowing you have a parcel coming when you wake up in the morning. Although taking yourself down to the shops is great too, getting out of the house, even if you have no money, and do a little window shopping. Swatching some lipsticks you would like to purchase on payday will boost your mood so much. I call it research when I go window shopping with my little sister, we both go into Boots and just check out what we're going to buy when we can afford it and it's so much fun. 

If all of these still don't work, the only thing left to do is run yourself a bubble bath with your favourite lush product or bubble bath and eat a big bar of your favourite chocolate! Writing this blog has boosted my mood it's personally one of my best ways to shake my mood! I also went for a really nice, long walk with my daughter which helped! I hope this helps any of you in the best way, whether you need a boost right now or keep these ideas in the back of your mind for when you do wake up feeling a bit crap! Until next time, thanks for reading :) 

50 Shades Of Grey Movie Review

Now unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12 months or so, you will know that the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie came out on February 13th! My post today is not giving you any spoilers or any particular scene moments that could ruin the beautiful surprise that is this film, because I know it's only been out 4 days and some of you may not have got round to it yet OR you're waiting for a review to make up your mind whether to see or not, so ENJOY!


On Friday me & a group of my closest girlfriends went to our local cinema to see the film it was prime time & horrendously packed with lots and lots of ladies, and the odd few boyfriends/husbands who ALL looked very uncomfortable to be there, hilarious.  
I have read the books twice! The first time was when I was living between Somerset & Newcastle so I had a few train journeys and lonely evenings that these books catered for, and I have honestly never loved a book series as much as this one.I then read them again when the first trailer for the movie came out because I was so desperately excited for the film that I needed the books back in my life consuming my free time. 

Now, the film was great, but if you go in expecting a visual display of the book you will be VERY disappointed. I went in with this expectation and I was desperate to see how they would play out some of my favourite parts of the books. In relation to the book this is like a 40 page skim for the entire film. The film was very, very quick to get into Christian & Ana's story without giving too much attention throughout to Ana's relationship with anybody else, like her stepdad Ray or José, which really bothered me. Also "Elena Lincoln" AKA "Mrs Robinson" makes no appearance in the film other than some vague references where Christian goes for dinner with her. The story behind Christian's past and explanations of why he is that way inclined is very, very quickly dealt with too. 
The sex scenes are tame, but I thought it was more than enough for my "tastes". It is based more around Ana than Christian, you see a whole lot more of her and her reactions in all the sex scenes. Overall they were probably the most appropriately displayed. I just have to take a moment to say, Jamie Dornan may not be everyone's cup of tea for the infamous Mr Grey, but he was actually gorgeous and beautiful and sexy and just, AMAZING looking throughout, I can't fault the way he looked for a second.
    Dakota Johnson's portrayal of Ana is absolutely perfect, it was exactly what I had in mind for Ana's personality. Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey was average, HOWEVER I don't think it's Jamie Dornan's fault at all, the director seems to have tried to make this film a whole lot more lighthearted than the books and much more amusing, the darkness and the seriousness of Christian from the book is barely recognisable in Jamie Dornan's portrayal.

Conclusively, I would recommend everyone to go and see this film but I can't stress enough, don't go in and expect the detailed and, at times, dark story you read in the book. If you go in with an open mind you will come out feeling positive about it. I know if I go to see it again, which I intend to, I think I will enjoy it and get more from it than I did the first viewing, because I was over analysing everything. I would give the film an eight out of ten on the basis of it being a good film, but it would be a four out of ten on the expectation of being a reader of the books.

I would love to know what YOU think of the latest 50 Shades of Grey Movie, so comment below if you agree or disagree with my review OR what you would change about the movie if you could? Also I would love to hear from those who didn't read the books and what they thought of the movie from a fresh perspective. Thanks for reading! :)

February Payday Wishlist

Hello Cupcakes! Today I have for you a wish list for February Payday. I'm going through a phase right now where nice watches make me drool & I'm forever hint dropping by sending my fiance pictures of watches i'm lusting for. 
I hope this gives you some inspiration on what you might like to treat yourself to this month & if you already have ANY of these products, leave me a comment below and tell me if they're worth buying - ENJOY!


How beautiful is this watch? Ahh i'm so in love with EVERYTHING about it, I like classic coloured watches in particular because they just go with any outfit. I love Marc Jacobs it's one of my favourite brands & 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs is my signature scent. The brand is just so well put together & everything they make is so beautiful.


I have been wanting this palette for well over a month now everyone I watch on YouTube & every beauty blog I read is raving about it. I actually watched a tutorial where they only used this palette on their face and the results were stunning! I can't wait to finally get my hands on this, I don't crave palettes very often but i'm obsessed with having this. 


Anyone & Everyone is going crazy about this new collection coming out in the UK in early March, so I read. I'm OBSESSED with the packaging, I love things that will look pretty on my dressing table. I adored the Maleficent range MAC did everything was just so beautifully packaged and this collection is deeming to be just as beautiful.


Charlotte Crosby's Nostalgia range for InTheStyle has been a favourite among many since she released her first collection in 2014. Her newest additions have just landed on their website as we speak. My favourite from the new additions is this 'Nostalgia Coral Daisy Chain Playsuit £29.99' you can buy it now from www.inthestyle.com/nostalgia. I love this playsuit because it reminds me that Spring & Summer is coming which makes my heart flutter with excitement.


I need this in my life so badly, I LOVE SMOOTHIES! The Nutribullet is the king of the smoothie makers & I originally wanted one for Christmas but alas, it wasn't to be! So the time has come to get it myself, there is nothing better than getting up in the morning & having a smoothie for breakfast. I'm trying desperately to incorporate a more healthy eating/living vibe in my household because i'm done with being a pizza face & feeling groggy so this little beauty will only help with what i'm trying to achieve!

Love Tanya by Tanya Burr Book Review

I'm pretty sure i'm a little late onto this bandwagon, but as a massive fan of Tanya Burr and everything she's about I just had to do a review on her first book Love Tanya. Taking a slightly biased interest, due to her being from Norwich. 
I sent my fiance off to Waterstones in Norwich to get the book for me on his lunch break at work and after he sent me a picture of it to tease me I got very excited to start reading it. As soon as he got home with it I got into my favourite pyjamas, made a hot chocolate and curled up on my sofa - let's just say I spent long into the early hours reading it, I just couldn't put it down!

My favourite parts of the book are her more personal things like the chapters; Love, Growing Up & Confidence & Happiness. Being from Norwich, her Growing Up chapter was a great read for me, because I could relate to a lot of it and be like "Ooh! I've been there!"
 The reason being that all her beauty tips, skincare routine & hair etc didn't really stand out for me, was simply because I watch her obsessively on YouTube and already know 90% of this stuff. Although, I would definitely pull this off the bookshelf in months and years time for hair or beauty inspiration and it's a great go to if you're thinking about changing your skincare to a new product or want to try a new hair product.

The 'Confidence & Happiness' chapter is something I really found interesting to read. I suffer with postnatal depression and anxiety, although the way I was feeling a year ago is completely different to how I feel now. I don't really know how I got out of bed most days back then, in fact I don't think I did often (I will probably go into my personal experiences in another blog, another time). ANYWAY, this chapter was a real eye opener and it's so refreshing that someone with such great success is so open to talking about her darker times, about what shaped her and what helped her become her confident, happy self now.
Theres nothing more personal than sharing your weaknesses and it's so inspirational for all the younger girls in high school and college, who are her targeted audience, that may be experiencing these same or similar feelings, it's definitely the section of her book with the most substance and the most likely to have a positive effect on her readers, which is awesome!

My favourite recipe in the book is the Vanilla Star-Sprinkled Cupcakes

I think I have a bit of an obsession with cupcakes and making them. I love that you can get all crazy but delicious icings and decorations for them, they're so pretty!! Also Magic Stars are literally my favourite chocolates ever, i'm forever doing 'one for you one for me' with my little girl! I have to say I have tried out most of her recipes in here and they're so well written and easy to follow not to mention DELICIOUS, another section of the book that I will go back to in months and years. 

Overall I would say 'Love Tanya' is a light hearted, inspirational book with lots of great beauty and hair information, However it also has a couple of great sections that could motivate, inspire and move it's readers on a more substantial level than just taming frizzy hair. 
Tanya is such a personable, powerful woman and everything she touches turns to gold who wouldn't want to follow her life, love and beauty tips? 

7 Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy On Rainy Days

If you have a toddler you will know how keeping their attention focused on something is IMPOSSIBLE for more than 30 seconds, and it is never more obvious than on rainy days.
   Rainy days for the childless person is like heaven on earth you can lay in, wear your fave pyjamas & watch gossip girl on the sofa with a duvet all day. However, when there's a toddler thrown in the mix you are chasing them around, trying to find something to keep their little brains occupied in the capacity of your living room! 
Fear rainy days no more my fellow parents! For here I have compiled 7 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR TODDLERS BUSY ON RAINY DAYS!

I have Sky Movies and it is a godsend! Thank you for giving me hundreds and hundreds of Disney movies that leave my 20 month old daughter mesmerised by the beautiful Disney princesses she see's before her. Her current favourites being Frozen, which we have to watch every breakfast time, and The Princess & The Frog, although sometimes she's partial to the Toy Story Trilogy. In any case DVDs and Sky Movies are your easiest & your best friend when it comes to rainy days! 

I spend so much lost time on Pinterest looking at different toddler crafts that I can do with my daughter, as the weather has been providing us with more rainy days than I care to think about. There are so many cool things on Pinterest which you can access from your computer or search for the app in your App Store! You can get art and craft stuff is quite cheap. Poundland has a lot of coloured card, crayons and glitters etc so it's easy on the purse/wallet too! Of course you can always trust a toddler to draw all over everything that's not the paper, or stick something on your wall, so supervision is more than necessary on this activity unless you want a glittery kitchen table with bright pink scribbles all over it. 

What could be more pleasant than bonding time with your toddler, teaching them a new skill & getting cupcakes to eat at the end of it? Baking is a favourite of mine especially when I have both my daughter & my nephew, it's also a favourite of my fiance's who gets to come home to cakes and cookies! Baking is something that seems to fascinate toddlers they love getting their hands dirty & eating sweet things, it's a win win for everyone, until you have to wash up of course!

My 20 month old is a little young to have a strong desire to build a den, but my 3 year old nephew lives for it! I have a big corner sofa with lots of pillows on it so it's the perfect place to create a den. Who knew throwing a sheet over something and letting them help create this little fortress for them to use their imagination in, could be so entertaining.

So the iPad is a great way to keep your toddler busy, many daughter absolutely adores playing on all the different educational apps it has to offer and it keeps her busy for a good period of time! There's ones where they can collect stickers for completing certain learning games & there are ones where she can unlock episodes of her favourite TV programmes. My daughter has learnt some crazy skills from some of these games & I really couldn't recommend the App Store more.

If your toddler is anything like mine, the bath is her favourite place to play. She has a big net on the bath with lots of little funnel toys, sieves & colourful animal toys that she loves to play with and keeps her entertained for so long that she throws a wobbly when I try to get her out of the bath and wants to take everything with her to get dressed. A few other things you can get for the bath are bath crayons & sponge letters that stick on the tiles or bath sides! 
The final way to keep your child busy is by having a dressing up session, we have a big box of dressing up clothes for my daughter that she absolutely loves and so does my nephew! Little princess shoes, dresses, tutus, hats, bags, tiaras and even some of our old tops that they love to put on! It doesn't even have to be expensive we got a lovely box of different kinds of dresses etc & I think they have vets/doctors dress up boxes that you can buy from Argos for under £25

I hope you've had some inspiration from this and although they're obvious points, they're effective, they have all been absolute fail safe ways to keep my 20 month old & 3 year old nephew entertained on a rainy day!! 
Thanks for reading :)