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5 Apps Every Blogger Needs

This blog would not exist without "on the go" technology. Balancing a blog with my personal life, social life & a wild toddler can be pretty overwhelming and I find myself posting my blogs late (like this one!) or rushed and it really annoys me. So I had a word with myself and decided to enhance and optimise my blogging experience. Keeping to deadlines and scheduling has been my main downfall in my blogging journey so far and I intend to change that, so here are some blog boosting apps that will improve all areas of your blogging journey too.  


I rely on Bloglovin to provide me with all my favourite blogs, it makes it so very easy for me to keep up and discover blogs that continue to inspire me and blogs that I learn so much from. Bloglovin is a great network of bloggers. Every blogger and their dogs have Bloglovin which is great, because there's a great variety of posts that I get some serrrrious inspiration from which is really helpful when I get bloggers block.

Blogger/WordPress App

I find myself constantly coming up with ideas on the train or when I'm in the doctors waiting rooms I get these great ideas for the opening paragraph of my blog, this is where my "Blogger" app comes in so handy. I use Google Blogger to power my blog and I have to say the app is absolutely great. It saves me so much time at home sitting at the Mac because I get a lot of my post done on the go when I'm on public transport or waiting for an appointment. It really gives you the freedom to be creative with your time and gives you a better chance of getting your post done on time.


This is my social media heaven! It allows me to control my main social media, traffic sources, from one app. It gives me the freedom to schedule when promoting my latest posts or letting my followers know what's coming up without me having to be glued to my phone throughout the day. It's a really simple app to use and it's super reliable.


Dropbox is my favourite way to transfer my camera roll pictures to my picture editing system. It's so easy and so quick that I can't live without it. It's also great place for storing photos that you want to keep but don't want them clogging up your smartphone storage. You can create files and store things in easy to find places, I find it especially easy to schedule my instagram uploads. Things I know I will want to share on Instagram I file away on the app and I can go in at any time and find what I need, when I need it. 


Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration for my blog there are some really great idea's on this app. There are so many great places on Pinterest that you can learn everything you need to know about blogging and it really really helps me when I struggle with "Bloggers Block". You will get some real motivation and inspiration when you see the lust-worthy layouts and photo edits which will in turn boost your blogging experience as you aim to improve your work.

These are some of the basics that really enhance my blogging experience and have taught me better time management than I had before. HOWEVER, I'm always looking for even more ways and maybe you have better alternatives to the ones I have posted. I would love your feedback or suggestions on some apps YOU have tried that help make your blogging life that little bit easier. As always, thanks for reading :)


  1. Great post, and I really like your banner!

  2. Love your blog! What a great post :) I'm very interested in this Hootsuite app :) I just start blogging myself so it'll be great to use in the future.


  3. Nice post, will have to check out hootsuite, haven't heard of that one! x

    Clare | www.Clare-Without-An-I.com

  4. Thanks Clare! HootSuite is a great app! X

  5. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Hoot Suite sounds great! Do you find it's easier not to schedule? I neglect my poor blog so much I feel I should stick to a schedule...on the other hand that takws all the fun out of it!

  7. I loved this post! Bloglovin' and Hootsuite/Buffer are must-haves for me too :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  8. Great post

  9. very interesting and useful post :-) great work!! as for me Hootsuite and Buffer should be used in conjunction with each other


    1. Hi Eugenia,

      I'm glad you liked the post, I haven't used buffer before and I've heard a lot about it so I might have to try it!