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5 Reasons To Be Excited About Spring

Spring is coming, how exciting!! Maybe I'm being a little premature, but the sight of the sun and the little things like flowers blossoming, has got me all excited for warmer, brighter times ahead! I LOVE Winter it's probably my favourite season, because I'm a bit of a home body so I love being indoors, cooking & snuggled up on the sofa! However after around 3-4 months of cold days & nights in under the duvet, I'm now ready to embrace the sun & get outside!

Brighter Mornings & Brighter Evenings

There is possibly nothing worse than getting up on a Monday morning in complete darkness, going to work in darkness and then when you leave off work it's dark again! Spring is slowly but surely creeping some sunlight into our days, which puts me in the best mood!

Lighter Clothing

The heavy wool scarfs & jumpers feel so good when you incorporate them into your wardrobe in October, but by the time February gets here you're fed up of covering up from head to toe and there's only so many chunky knit jumpers we can take! Spring lets you have some fashion freedom and you can flash a bit of flesh without freezing up, getting chapped lips & dry skin! 

Booking Your Summer Holiday 

Some people live for their summer holidays and lots of my younger, childless friends do. I get to enjoy toddler holidays now and that's cool, we love our family holiday once a year and it's great to get some time to just relax and not worry about cooking, cleaning, bills, work & all the other worries you leave at home! Whether you have children or not there's nothing better than having something to look forward to and booking a holiday is one of the most exciting parts of Spring.

Spring Cleaning/Making A Fresh Start

Okay, so cleaning your house top to bottom isn't EXCITING (well maybe for some), but what I mean by "spring cleaning" is de-cluttering your life ready for the exciting year ahead. I know the year starts in January but I never feel like it's really begun until Winter is over and done with. Spring is the perfect time to move house, start a new job, clear out all the clutter in your house or bedroom or even de-clutter your personal life and your mind, letting go of the problems of the past or adopt a new way of thinking to make your life more positive.


Aaaah, festivals, holidays, sunbathing, barbecues, beaches & cocktails in the beer garden. The slightest sniff of Spring means that Summer is imminent which couldn't be more exciting! Who doesn't love getting a tan, drinking fruity alcoholic drinks and lazing around in the sun with your friends and family!? Bring it on! 


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