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50 Shades Of Grey Movie Review

Now unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12 months or so, you will know that the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie came out on February 13th! My post today is not giving you any spoilers or any particular scene moments that could ruin the beautiful surprise that is this film, because I know it's only been out 4 days and some of you may not have got round to it yet OR you're waiting for a review to make up your mind whether to see or not, so ENJOY!


On Friday me & a group of my closest girlfriends went to our local cinema to see the film it was prime time & horrendously packed with lots and lots of ladies, and the odd few boyfriends/husbands who ALL looked very uncomfortable to be there, hilarious.  
I have read the books twice! The first time was when I was living between Somerset & Newcastle so I had a few train journeys and lonely evenings that these books catered for, and I have honestly never loved a book series as much as this one.I then read them again when the first trailer for the movie came out because I was so desperately excited for the film that I needed the books back in my life consuming my free time. 

Now, the film was great, but if you go in expecting a visual display of the book you will be VERY disappointed. I went in with this expectation and I was desperate to see how they would play out some of my favourite parts of the books. In relation to the book this is like a 40 page skim for the entire film. The film was very, very quick to get into Christian & Ana's story without giving too much attention throughout to Ana's relationship with anybody else, like her stepdad Ray or José, which really bothered me. Also "Elena Lincoln" AKA "Mrs Robinson" makes no appearance in the film other than some vague references where Christian goes for dinner with her. The story behind Christian's past and explanations of why he is that way inclined is very, very quickly dealt with too. 
The sex scenes are tame, but I thought it was more than enough for my "tastes". It is based more around Ana than Christian, you see a whole lot more of her and her reactions in all the sex scenes. Overall they were probably the most appropriately displayed. I just have to take a moment to say, Jamie Dornan may not be everyone's cup of tea for the infamous Mr Grey, but he was actually gorgeous and beautiful and sexy and just, AMAZING looking throughout, I can't fault the way he looked for a second.
    Dakota Johnson's portrayal of Ana is absolutely perfect, it was exactly what I had in mind for Ana's personality. Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey was average, HOWEVER I don't think it's Jamie Dornan's fault at all, the director seems to have tried to make this film a whole lot more lighthearted than the books and much more amusing, the darkness and the seriousness of Christian from the book is barely recognisable in Jamie Dornan's portrayal.

Conclusively, I would recommend everyone to go and see this film but I can't stress enough, don't go in and expect the detailed and, at times, dark story you read in the book. If you go in with an open mind you will come out feeling positive about it. I know if I go to see it again, which I intend to, I think I will enjoy it and get more from it than I did the first viewing, because I was over analysing everything. I would give the film an eight out of ten on the basis of it being a good film, but it would be a four out of ten on the expectation of being a reader of the books.

I would love to know what YOU think of the latest 50 Shades of Grey Movie, so comment below if you agree or disagree with my review OR what you would change about the movie if you could? Also I would love to hear from those who didn't read the books and what they thought of the movie from a fresh perspective. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I only read the first book and I had to push myself through reading it. It just didn't seem to captivate me like other people (My mum read them all and loved them) as soon as the movie was announced I was a little like meh, we'll see. but then when they cast Jamie it was a different matter - because of him I watched the film.

    I will admit the film was much better than I was expecting but being a big twilight fan and knowing that this story started out as twilight fanficiton I just pulled it to shreds in my head because all I could see was Edward and Bella and Not Ana and Christian. I'm still on the fence with this to be honest.

    Hayley \\ city&code

  2. Hi Hayley! I totally agree I picked it apart because of the books which really ruined the film experience for me and I'm a huge twilight fan too and could see some really obvious similarities! I'm gonna try to go again & watch it with a fresh outlook & see how I feel about it then! My sister hated it the first time she saw it but loved it the second time she said she had missed so much in the first viewing so when she saw it again she went in consciously knowing what to expect which made it better for her x

    1. I'm always doing that with book to movie adaptations. Same here I think i'm going next week so I'm going to try having a more open mind and try not to compare it to anything this time.

  3. Watching the movie at the moment for real on my mobile phone and hummmm i just see Christian as a guy that is close to not only distroying a girls body and vagina but compeletly making her a tool or slave...BDSM is sexy but sick when done always. I love his manly appearance and courage.althiugh he doesnt have six packs (abs) lol. Actually the movie is not so bad and the sex scenes are like foreplay they are not hardcore unlike other kovies out there.

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