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7 Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy On Rainy Days

If you have a toddler you will know how keeping their attention focused on something is IMPOSSIBLE for more than 30 seconds, and it is never more obvious than on rainy days.
   Rainy days for the childless person is like heaven on earth you can lay in, wear your fave pyjamas & watch gossip girl on the sofa with a duvet all day. However, when there's a toddler thrown in the mix you are chasing them around, trying to find something to keep their little brains occupied in the capacity of your living room! 
Fear rainy days no more my fellow parents! For here I have compiled 7 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR TODDLERS BUSY ON RAINY DAYS!

I have Sky Movies and it is a godsend! Thank you for giving me hundreds and hundreds of Disney movies that leave my 20 month old daughter mesmerised by the beautiful Disney princesses she see's before her. Her current favourites being Frozen, which we have to watch every breakfast time, and The Princess & The Frog, although sometimes she's partial to the Toy Story Trilogy. In any case DVDs and Sky Movies are your easiest & your best friend when it comes to rainy days! 

I spend so much lost time on Pinterest looking at different toddler crafts that I can do with my daughter, as the weather has been providing us with more rainy days than I care to think about. There are so many cool things on Pinterest which you can access from your computer or search for the app in your App Store! You can get art and craft stuff is quite cheap. Poundland has a lot of coloured card, crayons and glitters etc so it's easy on the purse/wallet too! Of course you can always trust a toddler to draw all over everything that's not the paper, or stick something on your wall, so supervision is more than necessary on this activity unless you want a glittery kitchen table with bright pink scribbles all over it. 

What could be more pleasant than bonding time with your toddler, teaching them a new skill & getting cupcakes to eat at the end of it? Baking is a favourite of mine especially when I have both my daughter & my nephew, it's also a favourite of my fiance's who gets to come home to cakes and cookies! Baking is something that seems to fascinate toddlers they love getting their hands dirty & eating sweet things, it's a win win for everyone, until you have to wash up of course!

My 20 month old is a little young to have a strong desire to build a den, but my 3 year old nephew lives for it! I have a big corner sofa with lots of pillows on it so it's the perfect place to create a den. Who knew throwing a sheet over something and letting them help create this little fortress for them to use their imagination in, could be so entertaining.

So the iPad is a great way to keep your toddler busy, many daughter absolutely adores playing on all the different educational apps it has to offer and it keeps her busy for a good period of time! There's ones where they can collect stickers for completing certain learning games & there are ones where she can unlock episodes of her favourite TV programmes. My daughter has learnt some crazy skills from some of these games & I really couldn't recommend the App Store more.

If your toddler is anything like mine, the bath is her favourite place to play. She has a big net on the bath with lots of little funnel toys, sieves & colourful animal toys that she loves to play with and keeps her entertained for so long that she throws a wobbly when I try to get her out of the bath and wants to take everything with her to get dressed. A few other things you can get for the bath are bath crayons & sponge letters that stick on the tiles or bath sides! 
The final way to keep your child busy is by having a dressing up session, we have a big box of dressing up clothes for my daughter that she absolutely loves and so does my nephew! Little princess shoes, dresses, tutus, hats, bags, tiaras and even some of our old tops that they love to put on! It doesn't even have to be expensive we got a lovely box of different kinds of dresses etc & I think they have vets/doctors dress up boxes that you can buy from Argos for under £25

I hope you've had some inspiration from this and although they're obvious points, they're effective, they have all been absolute fail safe ways to keep my 20 month old & 3 year old nephew entertained on a rainy day!! 
Thanks for reading :) 

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