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Items Of Clothing You MUST Have In Your Wardrobe

Happy Hump Day beautiful readers! Today I'm bringing you 5 of the most important things to have in your wardrobe, staple pieces. It's the best when you have those 'go to' pieces of clothing that you know you can style up for a night out or style down for a casual shopping trip. With these 5 pieces of clothing you can't go wrong as they're all timeless.

  The Classic Trench

There is nothing more classy and timeless than a trench coat. They go with EVERYTHING & they style up the most casual of outfits. These days you can get so many different kinds of trench coats that it's hard to know which one is for you! I would say the most flattering style is thigh length, double breasted, this works on every body shape. You can buy trench coats from EVERYWHERE these days, so it depends if you want to invest in quality or save, but keep up with a constant trend.

The White Blouse

A crisp white blouse is another fail safe piece of clothing. You can wear it for anything from a casual lunch date with your friends or a shopping trip to a job interview or a business meeting. The great thing about a white blouse is that it's a blank canvas. You can add so many different kinds of accessories to it. I personally love collars & pastel coloured statement necklaces at the moment with a white shirt. It always looks fresh and it's one of those pieces that you could wear 7 days a week with different accessories and noone would ever notice. 

The Tan Tote

A tan oversized handbag is the ultimate accessory for smart casual outfits, there's not much I can say about the tan tote that doesn't already speak for itself. They're classic, they're timeless and I can't urge you enough to go out and invest in one. It's my favourite accessory and it's NEVER going out of fashion! 

The Black Skinnies

Black Skinny Jeans are another one of my favourite items, you can wear them casual with a tee or you can team them up with the white blouse & a range of accessories for a smarter look. This is just like the white blouse, you can put them with anything wear them every day and create a new outfit every single time. Smart or casual these are a must have in your wardrobe. 

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

Without fail, every single time, the little black dress wins! I am the biggest lover of little black dresses, I can't even count or remember the amount of LBD's that I have. You literally cannot go wrong and there are SOOOOOO many different shapes, sizes, necklines and lengths - the list is genuinely endless. This is yet another piece that can be accessorised with so much that it's a completely new look every single time you wear it. 

There you have it, my 5 pieces you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. I hope this has inspired you to try out these looks, they're all, individually, so buildable, so easy wearing that you honestly cannot go wrong EVER. If you have any of these I would looove to see how you've styled them, how you've built a look on using even just one of these items, comment below or tweet me, I love new fashion inspiration so don't be shy! I hope you've enjoyed this read as much as I have writing it, thanks for reading :)

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