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Love Tanya by Tanya Burr Book Review

I'm pretty sure i'm a little late onto this bandwagon, but as a massive fan of Tanya Burr and everything she's about I just had to do a review on her first book Love Tanya. Taking a slightly biased interest, due to her being from Norwich. 
I sent my fiance off to Waterstones in Norwich to get the book for me on his lunch break at work and after he sent me a picture of it to tease me I got very excited to start reading it. As soon as he got home with it I got into my favourite pyjamas, made a hot chocolate and curled up on my sofa - let's just say I spent long into the early hours reading it, I just couldn't put it down!

My favourite parts of the book are her more personal things like the chapters; Love, Growing Up & Confidence & Happiness. Being from Norwich, her Growing Up chapter was a great read for me, because I could relate to a lot of it and be like "Ooh! I've been there!"
 The reason being that all her beauty tips, skincare routine & hair etc didn't really stand out for me, was simply because I watch her obsessively on YouTube and already know 90% of this stuff. Although, I would definitely pull this off the bookshelf in months and years time for hair or beauty inspiration and it's a great go to if you're thinking about changing your skincare to a new product or want to try a new hair product.

The 'Confidence & Happiness' chapter is something I really found interesting to read. I suffer with postnatal depression and anxiety, although the way I was feeling a year ago is completely different to how I feel now. I don't really know how I got out of bed most days back then, in fact I don't think I did often (I will probably go into my personal experiences in another blog, another time). ANYWAY, this chapter was a real eye opener and it's so refreshing that someone with such great success is so open to talking about her darker times, about what shaped her and what helped her become her confident, happy self now.
Theres nothing more personal than sharing your weaknesses and it's so inspirational for all the younger girls in high school and college, who are her targeted audience, that may be experiencing these same or similar feelings, it's definitely the section of her book with the most substance and the most likely to have a positive effect on her readers, which is awesome!

My favourite recipe in the book is the Vanilla Star-Sprinkled Cupcakes

I think I have a bit of an obsession with cupcakes and making them. I love that you can get all crazy but delicious icings and decorations for them, they're so pretty!! Also Magic Stars are literally my favourite chocolates ever, i'm forever doing 'one for you one for me' with my little girl! I have to say I have tried out most of her recipes in here and they're so well written and easy to follow not to mention DELICIOUS, another section of the book that I will go back to in months and years. 

Overall I would say 'Love Tanya' is a light hearted, inspirational book with lots of great beauty and hair information, However it also has a couple of great sections that could motivate, inspire and move it's readers on a more substantial level than just taming frizzy hair. 
Tanya is such a personable, powerful woman and everything she touches turns to gold who wouldn't want to follow her life, love and beauty tips? 

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  1. I'm from Norwich too so I'm quite intrigued to read :) I can't believe how well she's done.

    Chloe x