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20 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

Today I am bringing you a 20 things before you're 30 list. There's nothing wrong with doing ANY of these things after you turn 30, this is more of a personal bucket list of things I would like to or have achieved in my teens & 20's. I feel like MY 30s will be when I stop doing the crazy, spontaneous things. Get my children through school, get married to the love of my life & hold down a mortgage comfortably - stability. In this list some are silly things, some are big things that require a lot of planning. Let me know in the comments what you want to achieve by the time you're 30 & beyond, enjoy.

Go on a girls/lads holidays - I actually have never done this and I'm hoping to do it next year when my two best friends, Michelle & Connie, get back from Australia, we're trying to plan a holiday with all the girls for when they're on their way back to the UK. There's something about english people going to Malia/Magaluf and drinking fruity cocktails through penis straws that seems like a right of passage.

Get an education/Go to Uni/College - Although you can get on just as well in life without going to University/College, it's a great way to discover a new lifestyle, new place and make life long friends and connections, that you wouldn't necessarily discover without going to Uni. There's no doubt after 30 you can go to Uni, but usually that comes with an element of responsibility (your own home & children) that you don't have to worry about when you're younger.

Be obsessed with video games - The Sims is the bane of my existence. In my teens and even sometimes now, I lose days playing it. It's okay to do that in your teens because you're living at home, where your bedroom is your personal space, there's no toddlers running around your feet and you don't have to worry about an 18 hour Sims binge on a Friday night ruining your Saturday because you can sleep in till 4pm without anyone batting an eyelid. 

Watch an extremely long box set - Gossip Girl, 24, Doctor Who, Pretty Little Liars. Whatever you choose, spend a ridiculous amount of time binge watching your favourite box set. You don't even have to shower if you don't feel like it, gross but so relaxing.

Find your best friend - You may have done this at 12, you might find this at 29, you might even find your best friend at 40. But it's good to have a partner in crime to spend your teens & 20s painting the town red and reminiscing with. The person who has held your hair whilst you throw up after that 3094th sourz shot and buys you a fry up the next morning.

Don't take a piece of "good" advice - People will always be telling you what you should or shouldn't do, or what they think is best for any situation you may be in. Not taking a good piece of career advice led me to my fiance, which in turn gave me my beautiful daughter. Learn and take your own path don't let others tell you what to do, only your heart and head can do that.

Step out of your comfort zone - You should step out of your comfort zone at any age it's a great way to learn your limits and discover things you wouldn't necessarily do day to day. The fear of something is usually greater than the danger. 

Extreme activities/sports - Swimming with great white sharks, bungee jumping, climb Mount Everest, skydive. Whichever tickles your pickle do it, you only live once and doing something that is a once in a lifetime chance is a great thrill

Move out of your parents house - Literally the best thing I've done so far, other than have my daughter, is move out of my parents house. It makes you the person you become no matter how you do it. It builds character, it teaches you valuable, although very simple, lessons about everyday life e.g. working the washing machine. It helps you become more financially aware and you get to have some AWESOME house parties without worrying about your mum and dad getting home - What more could you want?

Clubbing - You can do this over 30 and I probably still will occasionally, but even at 22 I feel myself slowing up and being less energetic. I'm becoming incapable of avoiding a 2 day hangover which, I coped with easier when I was 18. In the UK binge drinking is an attractive lifestyle for some and let's face it most 18 - 25 years old do it, and the club experience comes with that. I've been to lots of different nightclubs and it's always fun to discover new ones with my girlfriends.

Boybands - This is predominantly for the girls, don't see myself at 30 being able to get away with going to a One Direction concert, I barely think I would blend in now. HOWEVER in your teens and 20s its totes acceptable to be in love with Harry Styles and hate Taylor Swift for getting close enough to share the same oxygen in a room. 

Crazy Tatts & Body Piercings - Can't personally see myself getting a belly bar EVER, but if you're going to do it, it usually attracts 16 - 25 year olds who are going on their first booze filled holiday. As for crazy tattoo's, my fiance is literally the King of regrettable tattoos he got in his teens and early 20s. That mushroom from Super Mario seemed cool 7 years ago, not so much now.

Making fashion, music & makeup faux pas - When you turn 30 you should, by then have made enough fashion mistakes to know what works for you, you will know what you like in music so much so that nothing else will do and know wearing fluorescent pink lipstick isn't so chic. 

Be infatuated/In love with someone wildly inappropriate - They treat you like a piece of shit, smoke drugs, drive a blue Citroen Saxo that makes that "cool" piercing sound from the exhaust, has a wardrobe that stretches from Superdry hoodies to Nike Airs and did I mention he's got two kids by two different baby mamas? Whats not to love?!

Travel/Gap Year - Visit a country and travel around with only the bag on your back. There's only one thing that I regret not doing before I had my daughter and that was travelling, two of my best friends are currently travelling around Australia, which is so exciting! I just know I would love to be right there with them, travelling will teach you so much about the world as well as giving you some life lessons that you can use everyday too.

Meet "The One" - You may find this person at 13, you may find them at 24 and you may not find them till the month you turn 30. Whichever it is, these days, you usually find "the one" before the clock strikes midnight on your 30th birthday. I met my fiance when I was 16, we were the best of friends and we didn't know either of us was "the one" until one day we took the jump and decided to give it ago, now we're engaged to be married and have a, nearly, 2 year old.

Heal a broken heart - I have only ever had my heart broken once and I was in my late teens. I honestly believe you only get properly heart broken once, because the pain and the emotion you feel teaches you how to cope and it makes you aware of the signs in your next partner that could potentially be threatening to a relationship you have. Nearly every living soul on this earth gets their heartbroken at one point or another, the best time to do it is in your 20s when you can cry for a week, watch gossip girl and eat your body weight in pizza & ice cream without anyone knowing. 

Spend more than you can afford - I'm the Queen of overspending and i'm paying for it now a little - this is not great advice. I've spent beyond my means on many occasions but I've had an AMAZING time doing it. Its okay to do it now because you don't have any life long responsibilities and let me tell you, one day you will, so don't worry about money when you're 19, don't save spend it on jager bombs, bikinis, bags and holidays to exotic places you can't afford.

Know your REAL friends - people will come and go out of your life, like seasons. Honestly you will learn some easy, some the hard way. On your 30th birthday throw an extravagant party and look around the room for those people who were there at your 21st birthday party- they're the ones for keeps. You will meet people in life all the time that will be your "friends" it's the ones who stick around when you're not yourself and when your life isn't feeling like a party.

Realise that 30 may actually only be the beginning/not the end of the world - 30, flirty and thriving, if you've ever seen 13 going on 30, Jenna Rink has got it quite good! By your thirties you should have your junk together financially and maybe have a few beautiful kids running around your feet, but that doesn't mean it all stops there! I didn't get the opportunity to travel in my 20s, so we've planned to go in our 40s when my daughter will be late teens! I can't wait and I feel like life is such an adventure that just because you can't stay up past 11 and your boobs aren't sitting where they did at 18 doesn't mean you can't live life to the maximum and do any of these things past 30. Life is there for the taking and it's up to you whether you grab it by the horns or let it pass you by.

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  1. Lol. ..nice. Very nice. Although there are something's my inward man hinders me from doing. Because i wanna enjoy life doesnt mean i should get wasted...so i might be cautious on some certain things.