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5 Blogs Every Blogger Needs To Read - Right Now!

On my bloglovin' I have a file of saved posts that teach and help me with my everyday blogging experience. There are some really fantastic blogs out there that will give you links and resources to things you didn't know existed that will boost your traffic, develop your blogging skills and help you create the blog you're dreaming of. This post is a little filter for you to find the best of the best blogs that are out there right now, and the posts that I have found the most useful in my relatively short time blogging. I've even linked them for you so all these useful posts are only a click away - enjoy! 

Okay, so my first collection of posts are from CAREER GIRL DAILY, a blog that I am crazy obsessed with and has become my go to for career motivation and blogging tips, if you haven't checked out this blog you really, really need to - here are the links from CAREER GIRL DAILY that have really helped me.

Tips For Blogging Success - The Basics Of Running A Successful Blog 

Let’s get smart: 6 amazing free online courses to upgrade your business skills

Social Media Tips From GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso

My second collection of posts come from a blogger called ELISE DOPSON, her blog is just wonderful. She has so many posts that offer blogging tips, resources and things you need to learn to be successful - here are the links to my fave posts by ELISE DOPSON

 25 Free Resources For Bloggers

Easy HTML For Beginners 

Branding Your Blog - The Basics

My third collection of posts comes from a blogger called Angela Giakas better known as THE SUNDAY CHAPTER. The Sunday Chapter is my layout crush, Angela has the most amazing layout and structure to her blog as well as some of the best blogging tips i've ever read - here are the links to THE SUNDAY CHAPTER.

150 Blog Post Ideas For When You've Hit Writers Block

Get Organised: 5 Free Blogging Calendars

5 CSS Hacks For Your Blogger Template

My fourth collection is from a UK based blog called AUTUMN LEAVES, this blog is the go to for EVERYTHING blogging and social media. It has taught me a lot about how to build my social networking and how to use my resources better - here are the links to my top picks from AUTUMN LEAVES.

Tips On How To Get More Followers On Instagram

When Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media? 

Easy SEO Tips That Will Make Your Blog Awesome In Minutes

My fifth and final collection is from SWEET ELECTRIC, this is a lovely little UK based blog that i'm majorly obsessed with as much as the other four. There are some amazing beauty & skincare tips, but the ones that relate to this particular post are just as amazing. Her blogging tips are refreshing and you can get a lot of copycats who just write what everyone else is saying, that is not the case with this blog - here are my top links for SWEET ELECTRIC

Five Of The Best Free Blog Templates

5 Resources for Optimising Your Blog and Posts for SEO 

Books To Help Raise Your Blogging Game 

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  1. You are so sweet! Thank you for including my blog alongside other amazing ones! x

    The Sunday Chapter