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Beauty Haul & Reviews.

Hello my little rays of sunshine! How lovely has it been outside this week? I am loving the fresh mornings and lighter evenings, it's so mood boosting and makes me want to go out on little adventures, so this weekend that's what I intend to do. Lots and lots of adventures with my little girl, fingers crossed for more sunshine! Today's post is a small haul of a few things I've picked up over the last couple of days, I have used all of them so this post will include reviews, reviews and more reviews, enjoy and have a LOVELY weekend no matter what you're up to! 

L'OREAL Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation

Every beauty blogger and their dog are raving about this foundation so I knew I had to give it a go. This foundation is the BEST high street foundation I have ever used in my entire life. Yesterday I applied it about 10am and as I was applying it I could already feel how great this foundation is. You can use a minimal amount and achieve a higher coverage than some high end brands which is amazing. It's very, very lightweight and gives you the ultimate matte finish. There's really nothing that I have ever used that compares to it, it's a cut and a half above the rest of the other high street foundations. I mentioned I applied this at 10am one swift application and after a long busy day, by some miracle my original application was still sitting pretty at 9:30pm. I kid you not, complete full coverage almost 12 hours later. Stop whatever you are doing, because at just £7.99, You NEED to go and buy this foundation right now. 

Revlon Colour Burst Matte Lip Balm Shade 230 Complex

This is potentially my favourite lip product I have ever purchased, after Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. Its a peach toned colour with all the makings of the perfect nude matte colour for Spring. It glides on so easily and reminds me soooo much of the Clinique Chubby Sticks, it's an awesome dupe & comes in several other shades. This is so matte, long wearing and really well pigmented, you should definitely be carrying this around in your handbag this Spring.

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Make Up Wipes 

I bought these because as a mum I find myself so caught up in chasing around a toddler that I end up falling asleep with my makeup on at half 9 at night. Sometimes as a mother, for me personally, skincare can get pushed back so easily and forgotten about. I hate, hate, hate using wipes to take off my make up, I know it's the laziest form of skincare BUT these Simple make up wipes really do the job on those long days and sleepy evenings where I physically can't bring myself to do a full skincare regime. These wipes are 110% in my essential products to have if you're a mum or a busy lady. 

BARRY M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Shade Pit Stop

Barry M nail polishes are the best on the high street as far as I am concerned, and these 'Speedy Quick Dry' new additions to their HUGE range of nail paints make me even more sure of my opening statement. I chose the colour Pit Stop because it is a gorgeous light Lilac/Grey colour (I couldn't decide on an exact colour). Very pale which is what I like from a nail paint shade, it dries in about 25 seconds which is AMAZING. The paint itself is lovely and rich in colour, with just 2 coats and 25 seconds drying for each coat you're good to go.

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