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March Favourites

Okay, so can you believe we're about to hit April? New Years Eve feels like yesterday, but today is Spring and Easter and clocks going forward - scary! I guess this is what happens as you get older, time seems to pass us by in a sea of bills, working and hangovers. When you're a kid it feels like forever until your birthday and Christmas feels like it will never come. I'm going to be 23 in a month exactly, and that scares the hell out of me because I don't feel like I've aged since I was 16, which was what? 7 YEARS AGO. 7?! Well whilst I wallow in self pity, you can read today's post which is my MARCH FAVOURITES, enjoy! 

Slimming World Recipes
I have so many friends who have tried and succeed on the Slimming World diet, my best friend Amy has lost a ridiculous amount of weight even during her pregnancy she was able to lose so much and I'm very very jealous of her lovely, yummy mummy figure now and unlike Amy I am very easily distracted by pizza, kebabs and those mini kiev things you can get. SO, I tried to implement a % of the diet into my lifestyle by making small changes to the way I cook things and actually learning some new, surprisingly filling and flavour full recipes from the Slimming World cook books. I will do a post for you on some of my FAVOURITE recipes and some of the changes you can make to your cooking which will help you lose a few pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Boohoo Plus Size (16 - 28)
Ummm hello, how did I not know about Boohoo's plus size range until last week?! I am crazy about this range, and just bought a lovely swing dress for spring/summer from them. At a 16-18 on top thanks to huge boobies, and a 14-16 on the bottom it's hard to stay on top of fashion and until last week ASOS was my only love. A lot of brands plus size ranges are SO unflattering and just out dated, which I really, really hate and feel passionate about. It really winds me up that bigger girls aren't entitled to high end fashion trends cause they weigh a few more pounds. Boohoo's range is sexy, in with the trends and really high quality which makes me very, very happy. 

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette
I know, I know, I don't half go on about this Palette, but I got this at the end of February and I can't get over how much I love it. The bronzer and blush are part of my every day make up now and they are just so beautiful and so well pigmented, they have given me cheekbones I never knew I had. Thank you Urban Decay, this palette has changed my make up forever. 

Swing Dresses
So, because I am a bigger girl I never thought that swing dresses would suit me. I thought that they would look like a 2 man tent and my body would be the pitch up post, I was very wrong. My love affair started thanks to a New Look swing dress with a high neck that my friend Jodie bought and I was obsessed with how it looked on her. I've been dying to find a way that I can wear a high neck and this was the answer. So, I went to New Look and tried on the dress Jodie had bought and it was just amazing, I have a low body confidence and changing rooms scare the life out of me because trying on clothes can be a real fail for me, and will depress me for the rest of the day if I get it wrong. This dress made me feel amazing and so my obsession began, swing dresses are now my go to for Spring/Summer.

A Glimpse At Spring
Spring is here, it's really here and throughout March we've been teased with warmer weather, being able to ditch our huge winter coats and realising it's 5:30pm and it's still light out. The weather really, really effects my mood and I hate leaving the house unless it's above 10 degrees. This month has made me so excited for summer and BBQs and swimming pools and holidays, aaaah! 

Meghan Trainor - Title
I am late to this party, but I have now arrived. This album is the most upbeat, mood boosting album I have ever listened to. I absolutely love it and I can see myself sunbathing in the garden come summer, listening to this. It's so fresh and catchy, every song could be a chart topping single. Favourite Tracks - My Selfish Heart, Title & Dear Future Husband. 


  1. Great post! I really love how light it is, although it's quite annoying when you look outside and think it's like 2pm but it's actually 6pm haha! xx

  2. I know right, my fiance came running into the kitchen yesterday & was like "Look!! it's light still, guess what time it is?! Guess what time!!? Its 7PM!!" it's making everyone so happy haha! But yes, very misleading at the same time lol! xx

  3. I'm in love with this post! I didn't know that boohoo does plus sizes either! I might have to get some bits. I can never get the right fit on dress I we my boobs without them sitting all funny.

    1. Thanks Niamh! I got some lovely bits for the spring, desperately searching for a trench coat though, noone seems to have anything I like at the moment! Boobs are annoying, right?! haha xx