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Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette Review

I know it's been out a little while now but I feel obliged to write a review about the naked on the run palette by Urban Decay, because I use it every single day. It is a solid staple in my every day make up and I believe it should be in yours. I actually got this palette in a flash sale from Debenhams for £24.00, I was planning to buy anyway and it happened to have 33% for one day only - obviously fate. I will go through the products individually and give you my brutally honest opinion - enjoy!


Perversion Mascara, Shade - Blackest Black

I hated this mascara when I first got the palette, I threw it in a drawer and didn't give it another chance for a few days. I was then going to go on a night out and I wanted to try to do 90% of my face with my new palette to show it off to all of my friends. I hesitantly got the mascara out, and as I started to apply I realised that this is quite a dry mascara. In my experience I have found that dry mascaras are best applied with about 3 or 4 layers for full effect allowing time to dry between each layer application, so I did this with Perversion and my God, I couldn't live without it another day. I really love this mascara now and I would probably give it an 8 out of 10, rating it against every other mascara I have ever used. I usually apply 3 layers for daywear not only for volume but for evening out my lashes and for that I feel 3 applications is necessary. For nightwear I usually do my regular 3 layers and then add Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 in Black Extreme 1

24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, Shade - Stag

I never thought I would use a satin brown eyeliner, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this product. I don't always wear eye pencil because I just find it a bit too intense sometimes especially on a casual week day, a little scene girl circa 2007 for me. However, I never considered a more natural colour that wasn't extreme black, until I used this. It's so natural and it's not a pencil effect it glides on and is very cream based which is perfect for a little blending and smudging for a smoky effect. I wish this wasn't travel sized because I see myself going through this pencil quite quickly. 

NAKED Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss, Shade - Sesso

I am not a gloss girl so this rarely gets touched, which is frustrating. I wish they had put a full size Perversion Mascara in there but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Not much to say about this lipgloss it's a regular lipgloss colour with a slight rose tint. I will say for any gloss lovers out there the staying power is amazing, probably one of the best long lasting lipgloss' I have ever used. It smells lovely, has a lovely gold packaging and is very moisturising for the lips - I guess it kind of is a glossy girls dream product, but just not for me Urban Decay.


So the eyeshadows are Urban Decays bread and butter as we all know and in this palette we have been exposed to 5 NEW SHADES. I was going to do some pictures of the shades but I just can't do them justice with the pictures and I don't want them to look crap when in fact they're beautiful shades and so pigmented.
Dive - A metallic rose colour with a full shimmer in the eyeshadow, this is a beautiful base eyeshadow if used lightly, if you love the colour and want to use it solely, then it is very easily built to give full colour, as do all these eyeshadows, and looks absolutely stunning.
Fix - lightest brown of the brown based eyeshadows in the palette. I find it's quite grey toned and very matte. 
Resist - A medium metallic taupe, I like this for my eyelid crease on a casual day. 
Dare - The step up to the shade fix if you want to go for a more intense, smoky look. Again, very matte and a great base for a darker look.
Stun - Stun is probably my favourite shade of the 5, it's a beautiful dark gold, almost Copper shimmer shade and would look beautiful in your eyelid crease when opting for a smoky brown look, absolutely stunning. I have and will use this as a full shade for my eyes because it's gorgeous.

Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

I'll start with the highlighter, it has a champagne tint and I hate it. It's the worst product in the palette, I don't use it and I don't intend to. I hate powder based highlighters because my skin can get quite dry in the places that I do like to highlight, so I find cream highlighters a lot more effective. The blush is beautiful, so pigmented. It's a bubblegum colour and I just love it for Spring on top of the bronzer, which coincidentally is also beautiful and well pigmented. The bronzer is a California bronze and it's stunning. Great for contouring and shadowing. 

Overall I really do love this palette and I can't get enough of trying the different shades of eyeshadows in new ways. I love the bronzer and the blush combined they go together so well and look beautiful. I would say it's definitely worth its £37.00 price tag because there is pretty much everything you need (on the run) inside this palette. Have you got Naked On The Run? Let me know if you rate it or slate it, in the comments below.


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