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Can you believe we are almost half way through the year?? May is upon us and I bloody love May, it's when it really heats up outside, it's crammed with bank holidays at each end of the month AND it's my birthday of course! Today's post is my April Favourites and I am so excited to write this because I love to write favourites posts. They're so positive and are crammed with everything & anything that has made me smile & fuzzy inside. 

Ghost Deep Night Perfume

- I actually got this perfume for Christmas from my mum and absolutely loved it then. It's my signature scent for evenings out and nights out with my friends. It's quite a fruity scent with a hint of vanilla which I associate Summer with. So, because the weather has been better I have been drenching myself in this, if you have a chance to try this perfume out, go and get it, because it's absolutely gorgeous and people constantly stop me to tell me how amazing I smell. 

Sweet Potatoes 

- A foodie favourite, I absolutely love sweet potatoes. I will eat them mashed, baked, wedged and any other way you can think of. They are ridiculously good for you too which I often don't find in a food I actively crave haha.  They are fast becoming my favourite food & I love them with a nice chicken salad, I am actually cooking some up as I write. Here are 3 health benefits from eating sweet potatoes!
1. They contain Vitamin D - Vitamin D is good for your immune system, teeth, bones, heart and skin. 
2. They are a great source of Potassium - this means they can send hangovers packing and potassium helps your body tick properly, it helps to regulate your heart beat. 
3. They have antioxidants in them that can hold off cancers and protect your skin against ageing. 

Multi-coloured Wine Goblets

- I kid you not, I bought these in a pack of 3 from Poundland for believe it or not a POUND. I am ridiculously in love with these teal and coral goblets, so obsessed I bought 3 packs. I used them for my birthday garden party and will use them throughout the summer and BBQ season. My daughter loves them and they're encouraging her to drink out of a cup because they are so colourful. Poundland have some UNREAL summer/BBQ/Homeware things in at the moment.

Pretty Little Liars

- If you have not watched this mystery series - YOU ARE MISSING OUT! If you follow me on twitter you will know I make no secret about my love for this programme. If you haven't heard of it, it's about a girl called Alison, who goes missing and is murdered and her four friends quest to find out just what happened to Alison all whilst they are being taunted and tortured by an anonymous stalker called 'A'. This is not your usual murder mystery and has so many twists and turns you'll never expect what happens next. I love it and i'm 5 episodes away from finishing the whole 5 series, i'm praying for another series because I'm going to be lost without it haha! 

Maybelline Colour Drama in 630 Nude Perfection

- The Maybelline Color Drama collection is absolutely stunning. I have only recently purchased the 630 Nude Perfection and I wear it every single day. It's a classic colour that could compete with the likes of MAC Velvet Teddy. I can't wait to try out the rest of the collection and think I'm going to do a full review on my blog of these gorgeous lip pencils so watch out for that, meanwhile go and buy your very own in Nude Perfection, at £4.99 (Superdrug) you won't regret it.

Graze boxes 

- I have been using Graze for about a year and I absolutely love them! If you don't know what Graze is, it's a healthy snack subscription box that contains so many scrumptious snacks that won't give you thunder thighs. You can go to www.graze.com and get your first box half price (Usual Price £3.99), you can then select when and how often you would like your Graze box. I get one once a week on a Saturday and look forward to it every single week. If you would like to have some control over what snacks you get sent you can choose, BIN, TRY, LIKE, LOVE & SEND SOON. Bin will obviously ensure you never get sent that particular snack, for me it's olives and anything coconut! My recommendations are the Graze Brownie and BBQ Pistachios. You can also get one off boxes and sharing bags of your favourites. I really, really recommend it because it's amazing and you won't regret buying one even if you only buy a one off box!

What have been your April favourites & what are you looking forward to in May? Leave me a comment below :) 

Some Images - WeHeartIt

My Favourite Tanning Essentials

Hello cupcakes, long time no see, I have had basically a whole week off blogging as I was verrrry busy doing lots of personal things & celebrating my birthday a week early with all my friends. I've had a really fun week off blogging, but I have been itching to get back into action all weekend, so here I am! Today's post is all about fake tanning, and my favourite products to achieve a nice, natural tan. I HATE sun beds, although I have been known to use them about 6 years ago, I think that these days you can achieve a just as good tan without the HUGE risk of skin cancer.

PREP YOUR TAN - The first thing you should ALWAYS do before tanning is exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE. The two products I use to achieve smooth skin is Original Source Daily Scrub in Blood Orange, Tesco WAS £2.70 NOW £1.35 and Boots Exfoliating Gloves, Boots £2.69
The Original Source product is literally one of the best scrubs I have tried in a really long time. It's made from 100% natural resources and isn't tested on animals, which is something I am really passionate about. The scent is unreal, it's so rich and zesty, the perfect smell to wake you up in the morning. I usually scrub this into my entire body for about 7-8 minutes and more thoroughly on my knees and elbows to make sure that any dead skin is eliminated. 
I love the Boots exfoliating gloves SO MUCH! I use them pretty much every day and I am noticing the difference in my skin, I probably have to replace them every 3 months so they're really long lasting too, which is great. I usually wait 2 hours after exfoliating before you tan your skin. 

TANNING - Once you have exfoliated and let your skin rest for a couple of hours you are ready to tan! I swear by 2 products to get the best tan I have EVER had - St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Medium, Amazon £2.99 & Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt, GloveYourBody.com £14.30 *.
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse is the only tanning product I have honestly got on with, considering how cheap it is compared to your high end tanning mousses. You can buy it in a medium and dark, it glides on so evenly and spreads so well, I have never used a better tan. I would say a bottle would last me (I tan once a week), 3-4 weeks, which I think is absolutely brilliant. St Moriz has a high quality finish at the fraction of the price and I have never met anybody that hasn't got on with it. 

The Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt was sent to me a few weeks ago and I was so excited to use it. I absolutely hate the cheap, sponge tanning mitts you can buy in drugstores, I don't get on with them. They fall off, soak up 50% of the tanning mousse you apply, smell terrible after a few applications and inevitably rip after a month. So when I was sent this by the lovely people at www.gloveyourbody.com it was like a breath of fresh air for my relationships with tanning mitts. It has a leopard print design, which honestly, I absolutely HATE. Leopard print is so tacky and I really, really don't like it. It's best feature is the glove element inside that allows grip for your fingers and ensures the glove stays on, I love this idea and it really works to keep the mitt on whilst you vigorously spread your tan. You can also machine wash this mitt and the high quality material stays as fresh as the day you bought it. As for tanning, the mitt spreads my fake tan so evenly and barely soaks up any tan due to the fabrics on the outside being quite fleecy. I can't really fault the quality of this tanning mitt at all, the only criticisms I have are the leopard print and the price. I probably wouldn't spend nearly £15 on a tanning mitt because I don't tan very often at all, although if you're a tan-aholic, I would recommend buying this mitt, the quality of the fabric and the fact it's machine washable would save you a hell of a lot of money in the long run. 

That's all for my favourite tanning essentials, I hope you've enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment below if you love or hate any of these products I have used and tell me what are YOUR essential tanning products! 

* Product was sent to me for review


I wish there had been a post like this when I was 14 and first experimenting with make up on a daily basis. The reason i'm doing a high street starter kit is because as a beginner in make up you don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on high end brands that you're not necessarily going to get on with. I personally use the high street brands to try out new products, and to test my skins reactions to certain types of products. I also use it to try out different shades of products and different mascara wands, to find what enhances my look and what doesn't. I have gained a lot of experience in what works for me and what doesn't over the many years I have been purchasing make up. Today I have put together a small list of products I think are perfect for long lasting every day wear, that won't burn a huge hole in your purse.

I would recommend 7 staple products for a beginners make up bag - Foundation, mascara, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye liner pencil/pen/liquid and a natural coloured lipstick, you can obviously buy as many products as you want to try to enhance your look, but only 7  pieces of make up are generally required when you're starting out with makeup. Here are my favourites and what I would buy for a starter kit, and are regular staple products I use and mix in with my everyday make up routine often.

1. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation, Superdrug £5.99
2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara, Boots £7.99
3. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush, FeelUnique.com £3.99
4. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder, Superdrug £4.09
5. Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner, Boots £2.99
6. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Boots NOW £3.99 Usually £4.19
7. Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose, Superdrug £2.99 

What are your favourite high street products and what would you include in a starter kit that you think I have left out? Leave me a comment below! 

Splurge or Save: Beauty Edition

I absolutely love experimenting with make up and beauty products. Whether that be spending serious sterling or purchasing for pennies, I have accumulated years of experience where I have learnt what's worth investing a tonne in and what's not. Today's post is a Splurge or Save: Beauty Edition and I am going to try to do a money saving/financial post every Sunday from now on, as it's something that's really important to me. I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and are looking forward to the new week ahead, I know I am.

Primers - SAVE!
Primers are fast becoming an essential in the average make up bag, whereas about 5 years ago they were practically unheard of to the average woman. I have tried copious amounts of primer bases and some have been amazing, some have been terrible. The high street, in my opinion, has the best and most efficient primers out there. Of course there are some amazing high end brands that have got it right but the high street seems to match all of those with ease.
Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer, Boots £7.99
LOreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer, Boots £9.99

Foundation - SPLURGE!
High Street foundations make me want to cry, they are absolutely terrible in my opinion. I genuinely believe that spending up to £40 on a decent foundation is essential for keeping your skin healthy, achieving the look you desire and making sure that the coverage is maintained. I am still looking for my perfect high end foundation since they discontinued Clinique Repairwear *sigh* but I could never ever go back to wearing high street foundation after numerous horrendous skin breakouts and a horrid allergic reaction I suffered a week before my 18th birthday. Not only is a high end foundation a MILLION times better for your skin than the tack on the high street, it also lasts about 2 months longer. You should invest in your foundation more than anything because it covers probably the most sensitive skin on your body. It's odd that the high street hasn't mastered the foundation, but gets primers almost always right.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, FeelUnique.com from £29.50
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation, BeautyBay.com £32.00
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Long Wear Flawless Foundation, Boots £36.00

Eyeshadows - SPLURGE & SAVE!
This really, really depends for me, I absolutely love Urban Decay's eyeshadows more than anything but I also love the W7 dupes that cost almost 90% less. It really depends on the sort of money you have to spend, but it's not entirely necessary to spend a fortune on eyeshadows. It's becoming more common for high street brands to bring out palettes that are proving competition for the high end brands, which are all easier on our bank balance.
W7 In The Buff Eye Shadow Palette, Amazon £6.99
Color Riche La Palette Eye Shadow Riche Beige, Superdrug £14.99
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Urban Decay £38.00

Mascara - SAVE! 
Mascara is probably my second most important make up product. I have spent stupid amounts of money trying out lots and lots of different ones, without really needing to. I haven't found my perfect mascara yet, but there are hundreds of high street brands that have come extremely close, a lot closer than most of the high end brands. You probably get a new mascara product every 3 months from high street brands, with new brush techniques and shapes and brand new lengthening, high volume formulas, and seem to take it to the next step more than high end ever have.
LOreal Paris False Lash Flutter Mascara, Boots £10.99
LOreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara, Boots £10.99
Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Mascara, Boots £5.99

Skincare - SPLURGE!
It's really important to keep your skin in as good condition as you can possibly keep it and the trick to doing this is researching and investing in a good skincare range. I really, really like Clinique and I really like Liz Earle. Liz Earle is more affordable than you would expect but as a collection for everything you need it is an investment that is worth taking out for the sake of your skin. I have used many budget brands that have gave me short term pleasure and some that have nearly burned my face off, and I have always found high end brands contain more and more things that benefit your skin.
Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Regime, Liz Earle £45.00
Emma Hardie Luxury Superskin Face & Body Hamper, FeelUnique.com £30.00
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+, Clinique £30.00

Shampoo/Conditioner - SPLURGE!
Okay so splurging on shampoo/conditioner is really spending more than £5 for both bottles to me, I never really cared about getting the best out of my haircare until recently and I have realised that spending that little extra can make a huge difference. I'm a big lover of Aussie, Kerastase and OGX shampoos and conditioner and they have all really, really contributed in making my hair healthier than I think it's ever been. By spending a few more pennies you could find your hair being more healthier, shinier and more manageable than you ever expected possible.
OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo, £5.40 FeelUnique.com
Kerastase ELIXER ULTIME Sublime Cleansing Oil Enriched Shampoo, £16.00 FeelUnique.com
Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, £26.36 FeelUnique.com

Concealer - SAVE! 
I have never ever used a high end concealer that is better than a high street brand, with concealer there are two I absolutely swear by and so does every other blogger and YouTuber I know, there's not much else to say on this subject other than you will never ever need to spend more than £8 on concealer.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Superdrug £4.19
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Superdrug £5.49

Eye Liner Liquid & Pencil - SAVE!
Another two products you will never have to spend more than a tenner on. The high street has it covered more than anybody else and are constantly finding new ways to improve the formula and brushes.
Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Pencil, Boots £5.49
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Boots £7.99
LOreal Paris Super Liner Blockbuster Intense, Boots £6.99

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got some beauty products to add to your wishlist! Leave me a comment with your favourite beauty products that you can't live without and any suggestions you have for me! 

SS15 Fashion Accessory Wishlist

Hello my little cupcakes, the weekend is coming a long slowly but surely and something I have been getting a little obsessed with over the past week is Spring/Summer accessories! This post will be a collection of my favourite sunglasses, handbags, sandals and some random bits too that have hit the shops the last couple of weeks.

I am genuinely OBSESSED with sunglasses shopping, especially on ASOS right now. I know ASOS is my bae when it comes to shopping, I can't believe I just used the word bae, but it's true, I FREAKIN' LOVE ASOS. Anyway cat eye sunglasses are just MMMM right now, i'm loving them here are some of my favourites & some other amazing styles.
1. ASOS Classic Retro Sunglasses, ASOS £12.00
2. Warehouse D Frame Sunglasses, ASOS £14.00
3. ASOS Handmade Acetate Cat Eye Sunglasses With Double Nose Bridge, ASOS £38.00
4. Monochrome Preppy Sunglasses, New Look £7.99
5. Silver Round Dip Pilot Sunglasses, New Look £5.99
6. Brown Chunky Round Frame Sunglasses, New Look £5.99

I love freshly pedicured toes and a nice pair of sandals. I am currently shopping for toddler sandals for my daughter and there are so many pretty ones that I have fallen in love with. Here are some sandals I've been loving for myself.
1. Brown Lace Up Gladiator Sandals, Warehouse £32.00
2. Gold Disc Centre Sandals, New Look £24.99
3. TOMS Silver Woven 2 Part Flat Sandals, ASOS £45.00
4. Ora Double Strap Sling Back Sandals, Office £38.00 

I absolutely adore handbags and recently I have been neglecting my love for them. I think being a mum changes your look at handbags, I buy handbags to fit Harper's essentials in these days. However, I have been looking for a new handbag for the Summer and here are some of my favourites.

1. White & Camel Mini Satchel Bag, River Island £20.00
2. White Leather Fringed Tusk Charm Backpack, River Island £45.00
3. Pink Mini Wing Tote Bag, Miss Selfridge £29.00
4. "Carvela" Cream Leather Shoulder Bag, TK Maxx £39.99

Floral crowns, Fedora's and BEAUTIFUL watches! Here are a few things I have seen that will put the finishing touch on any outfit.

1. Daniel Wellington Bristol Silver Brown Leather Strap Watch, ASOS £179.00
2. Fluro Crown Garland, TOPSHOP £18.00
3. Black Felt Floppy Hat, Miss Selfridge £28.00
4. Green Enamel Statement Necklace, River Island £15.00

I really hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Leave me a comment below telling me your favourite piece/pieces in this collection and tell me what trend you'll be keeping up with this Summer. 


Blogging has quickly replaced drinking cocktails as my favourite hobby, I have made so many friends and been given so many opportunities already from blogging. Blogging has helped my anxiety no end and has given me some positivity back that I lost a long time ago. Blogging isn't for everyone, but I would recommend it to ANYONE! It's such a good outlet for me and has helped me become part of a community that I genuinely adore. Today's post is for all my fellow newbie bloggers and has all the information and knowledge I have collected over my first 3 months of blogging.

Blogger/Wordpress App - Whether you're a Blogger blogger or a Wordpress blogger this app will give you everything you need to edit and write your blog on the go, I don't really use this at all, but I do usually proofread my blogs when i'm on the train or bus and this is handy for adding that full stop you forgot or a misspelt word.
Crowdfire - Crowdfire is my favourite app since I've been blogging because it can show you who's following you on Twitter/Instagram and who's unfollowed you.
Twitter - If you don't already have twitter, you need to get it. Twitter is FULL to the rafters with friendly, knowledgable bloggers who are always around to answer questions and give advice. It also means you can take part in some amazing blogger chats and network with bloggers, old and new. It's a great place to make lots of new friends whilst keeping up to date with events and PR opportunities in the blogosphere.
You can see some more apps that I recommend on 5 APPS EVERY BLOGGER NEEDS

Like I said above, I would say Twitter is one of the most important elements of blogging, it's an easy and efficient way to keep up to date and keep in contact with fellow bloggers. Here is a quick time guide to what and when blogger chats are happening. (ALL IN GMT)

Monday - #bdib 7pm    
Tuesday - #FBLchat 8pm - 9pm #AskABlogger 7pm #bookbloggers 7pm
Wednesday - #lbloggers 7pm - 8pm #bbloggers 8pm
Thursday - #CFBloggers 9pm - 10pm #TBloggers 9pm
Friday - #bdib 8pm
Saturday - #TBloggers 8pm
Sunday - #lbloggers 7pm - 8pm #bbloggers 8pm

Promoting your blog is a no brainer to connect with potential readers and followers, I recommend using these social media platforms - BLOGLOVIN, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ & PINTEREST. Make sure you keep all these platforms up to date with all the latest on your blogs, join communities & pages and use hash tagging on twitter to make sure your blog is reached by more than just your followers. Check out my previous post  5 EASY WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC

www.picmonkey.com - PicMonkey is a photo editing/creating website that enables you to make every picture, every header, every logo and every title you will ever need for your blog, it has a HUGE range of editing tools and I have designed a million headers & titles on there.
www.etsy.com - Etsy is amazeballs. I didn't really get it at first I just thought it was full of tat, but I actually bought my current layout for £2 on Etsy and I bloody love it! I actually genuinely believe my cleaner, more professional layout has helped me get in with affiliate programs and Google AdSense.
www.weheartit.com - WeHeartIt is like blogger porn haha, it's full of lovely pictures of desks and flowers and hairstyles - i'm obsessed. As far as i'm aware they're all creative commons so you are at your own liberty to use them as you wish but ALWAYS remember to check & ALWAYS give credit on posts where you use them.

A notebook - You need a notebook, I absolutely DESPISE writing notes on my iPhone or iPad, I don't know why it just bugs me. Get yourself a notebook, I recommend two. One A4 for your desk and one A5 to carry around in your handbag so you can jot down those brainwaves that you get out on the train.
A clean space to work - This is not always realistic when you have children and this is why I take about 400 years to get a post finished. It will really help you to concentrate and in turn, create great content if you have an area of your room or house that you can set for blogging.
Email address - Obviously everyone in the world and their dogs have an email address. However, by an email address I mean, a specific email address for all blog related things. PR communication, affiliate and advertising emails etc. I have one email address that deals with all of my blogging resource emails, PR emails, Affiliate and Advertising accounts and it makes things so much easier for me, because with that address all my junk mail is not mixed up with other random stuff from my personal email so I can find important emails that have dropped into junk folders easily.
A Domain Name - I only got a domain name like 2 weeks ago but I really think it just makes your blog look more professional and has helped me to get taken a bit more seriously, this is obviously optional, I mean Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) is still using .blogspot.co.uk and she's hardly short of a blog following and blogging career that generates huge amounts of income, so of course in extremities it isn't entirely necessary. I paid £3.49 on GoDaddy for a year's domain so it's hardly breaking the bank and has made a difference to my blog.

Here is a few content posts from other bloggers that will give you the inspiration you need when you're suffering from the curse of writers block OR if you're looking for content and a niche to start your blog with.

Elise Dopson - 20 More Great Blog Posts Ideas For Beauty Bloggers
THE SUNDAY CHAPTER - 150 Blog Post Ideas For When You've Hit Writers Block

More links to blogging tips, tricks & advice from other bloggers - TOP BLOG POSTS THAT WILL BOOST YOUR BLOGGING EXPERIENCE

When you've got yourself a clean layout and your blog is rich with good content you might want to start thinking about how you can generate a teensy bit of pocket money from your blog, and when I say teensy, I MEAN TEENSY. I would say have at least 25 posts before you go in on the affiliate programs and advertising, but when you are ready here are a few you might want to research.
Affiliate Window
Google AdSense
Amazon Affiliates


It's so important to be yourself in the blogging world because you really do pour your life into it and if you're being fake or overdoing the free PR samples reviews on random things like scouring pads people will catch on to it and not buy into you. Blogging is all about sharing your passions, your opinions and your ideas/hopes/dreams and if you write generic things that everyone else is writing you won't get the fulfilment that blogging can bring. The only person that can be you, is you and being yourself is the best version of yourself. Don't feel pressured to be like the Zoella's and the Tanya Burr's, if your content is unique, honest and informative the traffic, followers and the PR will come with that.

I hope this blog post has been helpful, please me let me know if you think I have missed out anything, especially on twitter chats because I don't think I have every single one there. If you enjoyed this post leave me a comment below and let me know if you're a new blogger and how you're finding it! :) 


Summer is coming and I am so, so excited for it! Hopefully it means lots of BIG changes and new things for me and my family, we want to move house and potentially have a new baby on the way, which is very exciting and I can't wait to share my journeys with you all throughout these processes. Today my post is all about things you have to do this summer and every other summer because let's face it we don't get much sunshine in the UK. We have to fit every summer adventure into usually a 3 week period where we have excruciating heat. Then the next 3 months it's rain, rain and more rain. Let this post inspire you to do something crazy and have adventures, also leave me a comment below and let me know what you have planned for this summer!

 Go Camping

Before becoming a mum and when I was a teenager, I loved camping. I've had some really, really great adventures and in turn, great memories made from going camping. There is nothing better than getting a group of friends together and finding a field near a beach where you can just relax together and spend a few days away from all the baggage of home and work.

Go To A Festival
Good music in the sun with your favourite people is one of the best ways you can spend your summer, there are plenty of festivals going on everywhere, every single month in the Summer. Currently feeling depressed about Coachella because of all the amazing SnapChats from the Coachella feed ughhh.

Book A Holiday Somewhere You've Never Been.
It's a bit depressing just going to Magaluf the same week, every single year, yes it's full to the rafters with cheap alcopops and tanned adolescent boys armed with a white vest and chino shorts, nauseating! But when that stops appealing to you, it's time to start discovering the world. There are so many beautiful places to go and just saving that little bit extra can give you an amazing experience. My top pick for Summer 2015 is Dubai, it's absolutely stunning and I'm dying to go, but with everything that I have planned for and going on this year, I think it will be pushed back to 2016!

Eat Clean 
Summer is a great time to start eating healthier, of course it's important all year round, but Summer makes us all want to eat fresh fruit and salads whilst sat in the garden, or is that just me? It's a great opportunity to detox and clean out the junk you've been gobbling during the colder, comfort months. 

Get Rid Of Winter Hair
I can't wait to get rid of this red out of my hair. Don't get me wrong I love my hair red which is why I've had a love affair with it for 3 years, but it's time for a change. Summer is such a great time to change your hair and go for more natural, sun kissed hairstyles. It will make you feel so fresh and shiny, there's nothing more exciting than going for a drastic change with your hair.

Sit In The Beer Garden - ALL DAY!
This is kind of a tradition around my parts, to just chill out with your friends and have a nice meal and a few drinks with your favourite people in the beer garden. Beer Gardens are such a UK thing, and if you can't be on a tropical beach this Summer, the Beer Garden is a great substitute.

Road Trip
Everyone loves a road trip and summer is the perfect time to have one. Don't plan it, just go and see where the road takes you! Spontaneity is the essence of Summer, along with discovery and adventure. So buckle up and explore!

Drink Pimms as often as you can.
Pimms with a handful of fruit thrown in is ommmggg. I can't wait to literally live on it when Summer is here whilst laying in the garden all day. 

Lots & lots of BBQs
Weekend afternoons in Summer are alllll about BBQs and my fiance is obsessed with BBQing EVERYTHING in Summer. It's a great way to get all your family and friends together, just make sure whoever is cooking has had too many cocktails, I've been there it isn't pretty!

Buy a huge pool/hot tub and live in it.
In the UK, you might as well burn the £60 you spend on blow up pools because you just never get enough use out of it. I am a nightmare I buy a new one every year and I get really annoyed with myself by the end of Summer because I use it like THREE times, that's £20 a session! My goal for this year is to get as much use out of my pool as possible, they are worth the money if you use them, but I am debating buying a blow up hot tub instead. 

Make Smoothie Ice Lollys
Ice Lollys for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst staying healthy and getting your 5 day, how can you even resist? You will find lots and lots of recipe ideas on Pinterest.

Go To The Beach As Much As Possible
One of my life goals is to live by the seaside, I used to live in Somerset right on the beach front and it was beautiful. It's SO refreshing and makes me feel positive. I love walks along the beach and ideally we'll move to Brighton in the not so distant future, because I just need to be by the beach at all times during the Summer months!
Buy A Polaroid Camera & Take LOTS Of Pictures Of Your Adventures!
Make memories and document them! Summer gives you the ability to spend more time outside and more time with your friends and family in the warmth of the sun, so make sure you take lots of pictures, so that you can look back and have great memories of Summer 2015.

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This is my first Fashion Friday in ages even though I promised to do one every single week, MY BAD! Today's post is an edit close to my heart and something I'm very passionate about - PLUS SIZE FASHION. I really don't like the way MOST plus size fashion is designed. A certain TOWIE star's range for example, the line is just so dated, the cuts and the lace dresses and the over doing with floral, literally just all so predictable. There are some ranges, however, who get it so right and really make a point of staying on trend without colossal prices. So today's edit is full of my favourite pieces for Spring/Summer 2015 for curvier girlies.

 ASOS CURVE is by a mile and a half my favourite Plus Size range. It's so stylish and gives curvier girls the opportunity to stay on trend effortlessly. They work with no end of plus size brands as well as a very reputable collection made by themselves. ASOS Curve ranges from Size 18 - 30.

New Look Inspire has always been a favourite of mine, I don't use it very often because they actually go up to Size 16 in their standard range. Their Plus Size collection is Size 18 to Size 32 and covers everything from every day essentials like tank tops to lovely dresses and jackets.

 Boohoo have an AMAZING plus size range and at really reasonable prices! I really love this collection ever since I discovered it last night, it's a huuuge collection too, there's so many different pieces, it's really refreshing to find a collection like this. With Sizes 16 to 24 and some items going up to 32 means you really can stay on trend no matter your size.

I hope you all have been inspired by today's edit and if you know of any other brands that you love for Plus Size, please share with me in the comments!! 


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Aaah parenthood! Something so beautiful yet so snotty and messy at the same time. I am 22 (pushing 23 in 2 and a half weeks) and I am lucky enough to have a 21 month old daughter (in the title picture above), she is honestly the most magical human being I have ever met, but she is also the stickiest, messiest and most demanding human being I have ever met. Being 22 means I am more than likely going to have friends without children, although saying that I do have a lot of friends who do have children at my age. This post is for all the parents out there and all the people without children who think they know, but they have no idea.

1. Losing a blankey or a dummy
So it gets to 7pm you're counting down the minutes until your darling monster is in sleepyland, you collect up all their 'bedtime' things and you've lost her dummy, your heart drops into your stomach. Finding a dummy in your living room is like finding a needle in a barn full of hay, I'm not even joking we've spent hours searching for dummies, literally probably at least 8 hours of my life has already been spent searching for a dummy. And if you don't find it you know it's going to be a nightmare of a night, even though when they do actually have it they don't use it anyway!!

2. Peppa Pig
From the minute we get up in the morning to the time she goes to bed all I hear is "Pep pig, Pep pig!!" and if it's not on the telly it's being thrown at me in the form of a teddy or a DVD case, or Daddy Pigs toy car. Even if she's playing in another room or watching it on the iPad she still wants it on the TV. Peppa Pig is everywhere you go, you can run but you can't hide from the millions of overpriced merchandise you come across on a daily basis, and that nauseating theme tune ughhhh.

3. Your handbag becomes a changing bag.

When you become a mother you just can't have a small handbag, you need to be armed with everything that would fix any problem a child throws at you. Plasters, fruit, Quavers, nappies, wipes, antibacterial wipes, juice bottles and usually at the bottom you will find half eaten Ritz crackers and a Drumstick stuck to the bottom of your bag.

4. Lay ins don't exist.
Literally, they are extinct if you are a parent, and the only way you will EVER get a lay in again is if there's two of you and you have a rota for weekends on who gets up early and lets the other lay in.

5. Time that is child free makes you feel weird.
I'm talking about the days out your mum or sister etc takes them on, you're just left in the house alone and like what shall we do? It makes me feel very uneasy when my house is silent and Disney Junior isn't on in the background. I literally don't ever know what to do with myself so I usually just nap and do the food shopping, woo exciting!

6. The amount of apologies you have to make to shops.

My daughter is a nightmare for just picking stuff up and taking them with her out of the shop. I have had to return umbrellas, bottles of shampoo, gloves and DVDs so many times, because Harper has decided to stash them in her buggy.

Don't even attempt it, it's literally not worth your time. If I wear white, by 10am I have finger prints, snot and pen on my white clothing. If you manage to keep a white top completely clean throughout the day and you possess a toddler, I want to shake your hand.

8. Making crafts is a competitive sport for parents
Making your child the best and most creative fancy dress for nursery/school on Monday morning is more important to a parent, than it is to the child. There's nothing more satisfying than your child winning the best fancy dress competition at nursery/school, and watching all the other parents scowl because they didn't think of or make something as good.

9. Kids have worse hygiene than a puppy.
Kids are disgusting and you are the one left to clean it up. It concerns me that someone so small and cute could produces SO much dribble and snot. The most annoying part about this is they usually only want to cuddle you or show you affection when they are covered in snot, dribble and food that they ate earlier that day.

10. Kids break EVERYTHING.
Harper's favourite is the iPhone and iPad chargers that she literally rips from the walls. There is no point in ever investing in anything that is expensive, glass or just breakable in general because I promise you, your child will break it.

11. Ridiculous presents from relatives
Relatives that buy your child ridiculous presents that they only purchase to watch you squirm. Huge tents, ball pits, sand pits and more tents that you can only use indoors because it's WINTER. WHY?! Stop, just stop.

12. Tantrums in public
I know someone who's child holds their breath until she gives in and agrees to let him have what he wants, 9 times out of 10 in public. My child is part of the generic throw yourself onto the supermarket floor and scream culture. Everyone stares at you and your child to see what's going to happen next, as if half of those onlookers haven't been in contact with, or had a child in their lifetime. Also these kind of tantrums don't happen at home really, but as soon as you are in the proximity of a busy environment full of strangers they let loose.

 13. You will do anything for this human being
Being a parent gives you amazing feelings that you will never experience unless you have children. Yes, they are full time snotty little terrors but they're YOUR snotty little terrors, and nothing feels better than making them happy. Watching your child play, learn and grow is the most magical experience that nothing else in the entire world can give you and I genuinely treasure every single moment.

April Wishlist


I hope you have all had an amazing Easter, for the first time in about 6 years I didn't go out and get verrrry drunk, which is really good for me! But I have my sisters 21st birthday coming up and then my 23rd a week and a half after so I'm sure I will make up for lost bank holiday party time. Today's post is my April Wishlist, I LOVE making wishlist's, it probably is my favourite post to write. ANYWAAAY, enjoy this post and leave me comment if you like, or already have the things i'm wishing for and what you're wishing for this month!

Tatler Limited Edition Birchbox, Birchbox £25

I can't wait to recieve this little special edition Tatler box. I have been using Birchbox for about 2 months now and I have loved both boxes I have received. This is a very special limited edition box which has a delightful design and a contents to match e.g. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and a Ciate London nail paint.

By Terry Eye Designer Palette, SpaceNK £69

 There are 2 palettes SMOKY NUDE & COLOR DESIGN (smoky nude shown in picture). Personally, I will be purchasing the smoky nude palette because I like my nudes and I'm not as brave and creative as some. I like to play it safe with my eye shadows especially with a price tag of around £65. These palettes have 10 shades in each that you can apply wet or dry depending on the finish you want.

Light Brown Leather Fringe Sandals, New Look £27.99
Fringe is everywhere right now and I'm not the kind of girl who can pull off a big leather jacket with a huge fringe. So to keep with the trend, subtly, I have fallen in love with these sandals and can't wait to buy them. They're absolutely perfect for the warmer days ahead.

MacBook Pro, Apple £999.00

   Wishful thinking I know, but this is a wishlist and my birthday is coming up! We have a desktop mac that I never ever used until I started blogging and now it's not enough to have this amazing machine, I'm desperate for a laptop. Being a mum it's really difficult to do work in an office environment or at a decent hour in the day as well as bringing up a toddler and make sure I give Justin enough attention when he gets home from work. A laptop would make my life 100 times easier and I would be actually motivated to blog on time and increase my productivity.


In the wake of realisation that today marks exactly one month until my 23rd birthday, I scrapped today's Easter post and decided to do a post about growing up. How irrelevant is being 23 though? As a number, 23 pretty much is the most boring, average digit ever. It doesn't symbolise anything and is an odd number which is even more icky. I mean turning 22 even had it's perks, because every time  THAT Taylor Swift song comes on you, and the rest of the 22 year olds have relevance for 3 and a half minutes. Every cloud has a silver lining though right? I mean, I could look back at this in 20 years time and wish I was back, right here in my early 20s. ANYWAAAAY, today's post is a little reminder that we're all not getting any younger and about myself in particular, realising that those care free days are wearing thin. Maybe because I am a mummy and a fiance now at such a young age that I am over reacting, this post is very tongue in cheek & I'm not some kind of clubcard, duvet set obsessed freak, but all these signs relate to me all too well.

1. Receiving post isn't exciting anymore.

Okay, so sometimes it IS exciting like when you get ASOS deliveries and the odd tax rebate through the post, but I am talking about the 95% of the time that the postman drops the dreaded mail through the letter box. In an ideal world every penny we earned would go on shoes and cute little cactus plants, but NO I typically receive electric bills, water bills, tv license bills, bank statements that tell me I've spent too much money, loan repayment statements, doctors & dentist letters. Every single bundle of post I receive has at least one of these included, and there's no fun in that. When you're a kid the only post you get is from your fave magazine subscription and cheques from your nan in birthday cards, those were the days! 

2. You get real satisfaction & happiness out of buying a product that enhances the ability to do house work.

Hoovers, pedal bins & washing machines that have a special curtain wash on them, all give me the same amount of pleasure, if not more than buying dresses. I actually ask my mum for household things for Christmas these days, like a rug or a new duvet set . Really, really sad and boring to my single friends without kids, and a dream conversation with my married or coupled friends with kids.

3. Christmas becomes increasingly stressful & comes TOO quickly.

Right, don't get me wrong I frigging love Christmas, I like it better than my birthday and with a toddler it's even more magical. However, as a grown up Christmas becomes less surprising and more expensive. The rush of people shoulder barging each other for the last gift set is not something you ever notice when you're a child, or have to participate in. 

4. You start a collection of store discount/loyalty cards in your purse.

Clubcard, Boots advantage card, Nectar card, Match & More card, Superdrug card and the list goes on and on. I really get annoyed now if I shop anywhere and don't collect some kind of points or stamps. Going to Tesco and forgetting to swipe my Clubcard potentially could ruin my day knowing all the savings I am missing, how sad is that? 

5. You have budgets.

When I was in my late teens living at home, I paid my mum £200 rent and the rest was mine to literally spend on whatever I wanted. At the time, being on around a respectable £21,000 meant that I didn't really have to worry about buying the second round of jager bombs, or buying those shoes I was only ever going to wear once. These days I have a budget for EVERYTHING, even my make up has a up and down budget depending on the month. I actively sit down, budget and calculate everything in our lives, every month and actually have to be organised about money, how grown up is that?! 

6. You can't be bothered to be hungover.

I actually have always been a bit of a party girl and would never miss a weekend, but since my partner in partying crime left for Australia I have only been out ONCE in like 8 weeks, that's a long time frame for me. So, when I did go out that one time in 2 months I actually just spent the whole Sunday annoyed and angry at myself because I couldn't be bothered to deal with being hungover, and I wanted to gloss my door frames. I WAS UPSET BECAUSE I WAS HUNGOVER AND WANTED TO PAINT MY DOOR FRAMES!!!?? Being that emotional about a lack of productivity after an otherwise amazing night out, can only be a sign of growing up.

7. Being more accustomed to wearing comfortable, practical fashion VS 6 inch heels and a thigh skimming mini dress.

When I was 16, single and only just really becoming interested in boys, I dressed for nights out like a prostitute. Literally, there's no way around describing my outfits other than painful and revealing. I had huge amounts of heels that caused me frequent discomfort but OMG made my legs look AMAZING. Also the copious amounts of low cut dresses and tops to show off my best assets. These days I shop for comfort, I don't buy heels really unless the word kitten precedes them, I wear tights ALWAYS and I'm still a little boobalicious, but it's definitely nothing compared to the outfits I used to wear that would only cover my modesty if I stood completely still. Comfort appeals to me so much more, I don't care about having legs that just came out of a venus advert anymore, i'm not in horrific pain that gives me blisters for a fortnight and that suits me better.

8. Conversations you find interesting are about current affairs, not the current affair your friends, sisters, boyfriends having.

When you get older gossip gets a little tedious, especially if you are so old you don't know these people that the whole town in gossiping about. I live in a really small town and it's hard to avoid talking about gossip or being gossiped about, but it really isn't as exciting as it was when I was 18 and right in the thick of it. Now i'm 22 with my own house and kids I'm a bit boring. I don't really know all these new kids on the block who've slept with their mums boyfriends, so it doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Syria and mortgage prices however, come at me I've got you covered.

What has made you realise you're a bit of a grown up now? Leave me a comment below.

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