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In the wake of realisation that today marks exactly one month until my 23rd birthday, I scrapped today's Easter post and decided to do a post about growing up. How irrelevant is being 23 though? As a number, 23 pretty much is the most boring, average digit ever. It doesn't symbolise anything and is an odd number which is even more icky. I mean turning 22 even had it's perks, because every time  THAT Taylor Swift song comes on you, and the rest of the 22 year olds have relevance for 3 and a half minutes. Every cloud has a silver lining though right? I mean, I could look back at this in 20 years time and wish I was back, right here in my early 20s. ANYWAAAAY, today's post is a little reminder that we're all not getting any younger and about myself in particular, realising that those care free days are wearing thin. Maybe because I am a mummy and a fiance now at such a young age that I am over reacting, this post is very tongue in cheek & I'm not some kind of clubcard, duvet set obsessed freak, but all these signs relate to me all too well.

1. Receiving post isn't exciting anymore.

Okay, so sometimes it IS exciting like when you get ASOS deliveries and the odd tax rebate through the post, but I am talking about the 95% of the time that the postman drops the dreaded mail through the letter box. In an ideal world every penny we earned would go on shoes and cute little cactus plants, but NO I typically receive electric bills, water bills, tv license bills, bank statements that tell me I've spent too much money, loan repayment statements, doctors & dentist letters. Every single bundle of post I receive has at least one of these included, and there's no fun in that. When you're a kid the only post you get is from your fave magazine subscription and cheques from your nan in birthday cards, those were the days! 

2. You get real satisfaction & happiness out of buying a product that enhances the ability to do house work.

Hoovers, pedal bins & washing machines that have a special curtain wash on them, all give me the same amount of pleasure, if not more than buying dresses. I actually ask my mum for household things for Christmas these days, like a rug or a new duvet set . Really, really sad and boring to my single friends without kids, and a dream conversation with my married or coupled friends with kids.

3. Christmas becomes increasingly stressful & comes TOO quickly.

Right, don't get me wrong I frigging love Christmas, I like it better than my birthday and with a toddler it's even more magical. However, as a grown up Christmas becomes less surprising and more expensive. The rush of people shoulder barging each other for the last gift set is not something you ever notice when you're a child, or have to participate in. 

4. You start a collection of store discount/loyalty cards in your purse.

Clubcard, Boots advantage card, Nectar card, Match & More card, Superdrug card and the list goes on and on. I really get annoyed now if I shop anywhere and don't collect some kind of points or stamps. Going to Tesco and forgetting to swipe my Clubcard potentially could ruin my day knowing all the savings I am missing, how sad is that? 

5. You have budgets.

When I was in my late teens living at home, I paid my mum £200 rent and the rest was mine to literally spend on whatever I wanted. At the time, being on around a respectable £21,000 meant that I didn't really have to worry about buying the second round of jager bombs, or buying those shoes I was only ever going to wear once. These days I have a budget for EVERYTHING, even my make up has a up and down budget depending on the month. I actively sit down, budget and calculate everything in our lives, every month and actually have to be organised about money, how grown up is that?! 

6. You can't be bothered to be hungover.

I actually have always been a bit of a party girl and would never miss a weekend, but since my partner in partying crime left for Australia I have only been out ONCE in like 8 weeks, that's a long time frame for me. So, when I did go out that one time in 2 months I actually just spent the whole Sunday annoyed and angry at myself because I couldn't be bothered to deal with being hungover, and I wanted to gloss my door frames. I WAS UPSET BECAUSE I WAS HUNGOVER AND WANTED TO PAINT MY DOOR FRAMES!!!?? Being that emotional about a lack of productivity after an otherwise amazing night out, can only be a sign of growing up.

7. Being more accustomed to wearing comfortable, practical fashion VS 6 inch heels and a thigh skimming mini dress.

When I was 16, single and only just really becoming interested in boys, I dressed for nights out like a prostitute. Literally, there's no way around describing my outfits other than painful and revealing. I had huge amounts of heels that caused me frequent discomfort but OMG made my legs look AMAZING. Also the copious amounts of low cut dresses and tops to show off my best assets. These days I shop for comfort, I don't buy heels really unless the word kitten precedes them, I wear tights ALWAYS and I'm still a little boobalicious, but it's definitely nothing compared to the outfits I used to wear that would only cover my modesty if I stood completely still. Comfort appeals to me so much more, I don't care about having legs that just came out of a venus advert anymore, i'm not in horrific pain that gives me blisters for a fortnight and that suits me better.

8. Conversations you find interesting are about current affairs, not the current affair your friends, sisters, boyfriends having.

When you get older gossip gets a little tedious, especially if you are so old you don't know these people that the whole town in gossiping about. I live in a really small town and it's hard to avoid talking about gossip or being gossiped about, but it really isn't as exciting as it was when I was 18 and right in the thick of it. Now i'm 22 with my own house and kids I'm a bit boring. I don't really know all these new kids on the block who've slept with their mums boyfriends, so it doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Syria and mortgage prices however, come at me I've got you covered.

What has made you realise you're a bit of a grown up now? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. YES! I still haven't grown up. . Except that I do take a lot of pride in all my loyalty cards. . Oh no. The transformation has begun. 8-|

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  2. The photography/editing on the banner was really nice!