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Blogging has quickly replaced drinking cocktails as my favourite hobby, I have made so many friends and been given so many opportunities already from blogging. Blogging has helped my anxiety no end and has given me some positivity back that I lost a long time ago. Blogging isn't for everyone, but I would recommend it to ANYONE! It's such a good outlet for me and has helped me become part of a community that I genuinely adore. Today's post is for all my fellow newbie bloggers and has all the information and knowledge I have collected over my first 3 months of blogging.

Blogger/Wordpress App - Whether you're a Blogger blogger or a Wordpress blogger this app will give you everything you need to edit and write your blog on the go, I don't really use this at all, but I do usually proofread my blogs when i'm on the train or bus and this is handy for adding that full stop you forgot or a misspelt word.
Crowdfire - Crowdfire is my favourite app since I've been blogging because it can show you who's following you on Twitter/Instagram and who's unfollowed you.
Twitter - If you don't already have twitter, you need to get it. Twitter is FULL to the rafters with friendly, knowledgable bloggers who are always around to answer questions and give advice. It also means you can take part in some amazing blogger chats and network with bloggers, old and new. It's a great place to make lots of new friends whilst keeping up to date with events and PR opportunities in the blogosphere.
You can see some more apps that I recommend on 5 APPS EVERY BLOGGER NEEDS

Like I said above, I would say Twitter is one of the most important elements of blogging, it's an easy and efficient way to keep up to date and keep in contact with fellow bloggers. Here is a quick time guide to what and when blogger chats are happening. (ALL IN GMT)

Monday - #bdib 7pm    
Tuesday - #FBLchat 8pm - 9pm #AskABlogger 7pm #bookbloggers 7pm
Wednesday - #lbloggers 7pm - 8pm #bbloggers 8pm
Thursday - #CFBloggers 9pm - 10pm #TBloggers 9pm
Friday - #bdib 8pm
Saturday - #TBloggers 8pm
Sunday - #lbloggers 7pm - 8pm #bbloggers 8pm

Promoting your blog is a no brainer to connect with potential readers and followers, I recommend using these social media platforms - BLOGLOVIN, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ & PINTEREST. Make sure you keep all these platforms up to date with all the latest on your blogs, join communities & pages and use hash tagging on twitter to make sure your blog is reached by more than just your followers. Check out my previous post  5 EASY WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC

www.picmonkey.com - PicMonkey is a photo editing/creating website that enables you to make every picture, every header, every logo and every title you will ever need for your blog, it has a HUGE range of editing tools and I have designed a million headers & titles on there.
www.etsy.com - Etsy is amazeballs. I didn't really get it at first I just thought it was full of tat, but I actually bought my current layout for £2 on Etsy and I bloody love it! I actually genuinely believe my cleaner, more professional layout has helped me get in with affiliate programs and Google AdSense.
www.weheartit.com - WeHeartIt is like blogger porn haha, it's full of lovely pictures of desks and flowers and hairstyles - i'm obsessed. As far as i'm aware they're all creative commons so you are at your own liberty to use them as you wish but ALWAYS remember to check & ALWAYS give credit on posts where you use them.

A notebook - You need a notebook, I absolutely DESPISE writing notes on my iPhone or iPad, I don't know why it just bugs me. Get yourself a notebook, I recommend two. One A4 for your desk and one A5 to carry around in your handbag so you can jot down those brainwaves that you get out on the train.
A clean space to work - This is not always realistic when you have children and this is why I take about 400 years to get a post finished. It will really help you to concentrate and in turn, create great content if you have an area of your room or house that you can set for blogging.
Email address - Obviously everyone in the world and their dogs have an email address. However, by an email address I mean, a specific email address for all blog related things. PR communication, affiliate and advertising emails etc. I have one email address that deals with all of my blogging resource emails, PR emails, Affiliate and Advertising accounts and it makes things so much easier for me, because with that address all my junk mail is not mixed up with other random stuff from my personal email so I can find important emails that have dropped into junk folders easily.
A Domain Name - I only got a domain name like 2 weeks ago but I really think it just makes your blog look more professional and has helped me to get taken a bit more seriously, this is obviously optional, I mean Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) is still using .blogspot.co.uk and she's hardly short of a blog following and blogging career that generates huge amounts of income, so of course in extremities it isn't entirely necessary. I paid £3.49 on GoDaddy for a year's domain so it's hardly breaking the bank and has made a difference to my blog.

Here is a few content posts from other bloggers that will give you the inspiration you need when you're suffering from the curse of writers block OR if you're looking for content and a niche to start your blog with.

Elise Dopson - 20 More Great Blog Posts Ideas For Beauty Bloggers
THE SUNDAY CHAPTER - 150 Blog Post Ideas For When You've Hit Writers Block

More links to blogging tips, tricks & advice from other bloggers - TOP BLOG POSTS THAT WILL BOOST YOUR BLOGGING EXPERIENCE

When you've got yourself a clean layout and your blog is rich with good content you might want to start thinking about how you can generate a teensy bit of pocket money from your blog, and when I say teensy, I MEAN TEENSY. I would say have at least 25 posts before you go in on the affiliate programs and advertising, but when you are ready here are a few you might want to research.
Affiliate Window
Google AdSense
Amazon Affiliates


It's so important to be yourself in the blogging world because you really do pour your life into it and if you're being fake or overdoing the free PR samples reviews on random things like scouring pads people will catch on to it and not buy into you. Blogging is all about sharing your passions, your opinions and your ideas/hopes/dreams and if you write generic things that everyone else is writing you won't get the fulfilment that blogging can bring. The only person that can be you, is you and being yourself is the best version of yourself. Don't feel pressured to be like the Zoella's and the Tanya Burr's, if your content is unique, honest and informative the traffic, followers and the PR will come with that.

I hope this blog post has been helpful, please me let me know if you think I have missed out anything, especially on twitter chats because I don't think I have every single one there. If you enjoyed this post leave me a comment below and let me know if you're a new blogger and how you're finding it! :) 


  1. I've been blogginging seriously since February this year, and have come across many "Beginner Blogger Help" post, but none have been this informative. Although by now I'm familiar with everything you've listed now, I learned small bits split through so many other blogs, not a single one posted all of it in one place. So, thank you for making it easier for the next few newbies!

    Fran | www.bathtimebedtime.com xx

    1. Hiiiii Fran,

      So glad you liked it babe, yeah it becomes common knowledge after a while I just wanted to have one post with everything in, I missed out a few bits & sure I will learn more bits & pieces as I go along so will have to do a part 2!

  2. This is so helpful!
    I love how you've posted links all into one post. Im defiantly going to be taking your tips on board!
    Defoe follow from me :)


    1. Hi doll,
      Glad you liked this post & thank you for the follow xxx

  3. Great post! Some really helpful information for newbies there, and really well written too :) x

  4. Hi Rebekka! What a great post, full of so many useful ideas and links that I had no idea existed. I'm still getting to grips with twitter and have no idea what twitter chats are. I actually chose blogger as my platform because of Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter :-)
    Keep going, you have a great blog here!!

    1. Hi Bobby Anne!
      So glad you liked the post and you should join in the twitter chats and follow me on twitter @3beksbabe I love twitter and find it a really great way to connect with other bloggers! Louise is my favourite YouTuber ever!! She's great! xxx

  5. this is incredible, i really appreciate this post it's so helpful! i started blogging yesterday after about 3 years of putting it off and am so confused by the whole process. is it alright if i link you in a post once i get up and running from a list of things I found helpful to help me start? this is amazing!! xxxx


    1. Hi Lolly,
      So glad you enjoyed this post! I would be honoured to featuring on your blog!! Let me know how you get on with your new blog xxx

  6. Wow what a helpful post, thank you thank you thank you! I have bookmarked this. I only started blogging in January and have totally underestimated how time consuming it is! That said, I do love it :-) Thanks again xxx

  7. I started blogging early this year but I'm still a complete beginner really. I need to start trying to publicise my blog a little better and get involved in chats so it was really great to see your list of all the different blogger chats! This may sound silly but as a newbie I'm not entirely sure what they all stand for?! What is bdib and TBloggers?!

    Becca x

    1. Hi Becca,
      I can help you with any question or advice you have just give me an email at arnoldrebekka@yahoo.co.uk and i'm happy to help you with anything you need! BDIB is Bloggers Do It Better & TBloggers is Technology Bloggers, I need to update this with some new ones that have become available which I will do tomorrow! Hope this helps you xxx

  8. Wow this is such a great list. I've been blogging for over a year now but that list of blogging chats has really helped, thanks so much! x


  9. I have recently been thinking about blogging, I have severe anxiety and I literally do not leave my house unless absolutely necessary, so it's good to read that blogging helped you! I will definitely come back to this post when I get started, great advice! :)

    1. It really really helps me and I hope it helps you too Sarah!! Don't hold off any longer, I did for years and now I only wish I had started sooner. x

  10. This is amazing and helpful! Just starting blogging but I think this post will really help me keep it up :) Thank you! x

    1. Ahh i'm so glad you enjoyed this post and I hope it helps you! xx