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This is my first Fashion Friday in ages even though I promised to do one every single week, MY BAD! Today's post is an edit close to my heart and something I'm very passionate about - PLUS SIZE FASHION. I really don't like the way MOST plus size fashion is designed. A certain TOWIE star's range for example, the line is just so dated, the cuts and the lace dresses and the over doing with floral, literally just all so predictable. There are some ranges, however, who get it so right and really make a point of staying on trend without colossal prices. So today's edit is full of my favourite pieces for Spring/Summer 2015 for curvier girlies.

 ASOS CURVE is by a mile and a half my favourite Plus Size range. It's so stylish and gives curvier girls the opportunity to stay on trend effortlessly. They work with no end of plus size brands as well as a very reputable collection made by themselves. ASOS Curve ranges from Size 18 - 30.

New Look Inspire has always been a favourite of mine, I don't use it very often because they actually go up to Size 16 in their standard range. Their Plus Size collection is Size 18 to Size 32 and covers everything from every day essentials like tank tops to lovely dresses and jackets.

 Boohoo have an AMAZING plus size range and at really reasonable prices! I really love this collection ever since I discovered it last night, it's a huuuge collection too, there's so many different pieces, it's really refreshing to find a collection like this. With Sizes 16 to 24 and some items going up to 32 means you really can stay on trend no matter your size.

I hope you all have been inspired by today's edit and if you know of any other brands that you love for Plus Size, please share with me in the comments!! 


  1. What a great post! xx
    OMG, I absolutely loved ASOS jumpsuit! You can check yoursclothing.co.uk website, they have some amazing pieces for curvier girls!


    1. Glad you liked it Indre!!
      Yeah i'm definitely buying that jumpsuit when I get paid! xx

  2. I love the Boohoo playsuit, perfect for summer!