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5 Productive Things To Do With Free Time.

Free time is hard to come by and if I do get said time all I usually want to do is waste the whole day on The Sims or binge watch Netflix. Lately I have been thinking about ways I can be more productive with my ever shortening free time, and I have come up with 5 things to do that will inspire you to be more productive with yours too. I know how it feels to go to bed wasting a whole day even a week achieving nothing and there's genuinely nothing worse for me. I like to get in bed at night feeling like I've earned it. Of course, I am not saying don't ever have those dressing gown & The Sims marathon days, but set yourself a challenge to get to that day where you can do those things and feel like you've earned it, you'll feel so much better about it, I promise. 


This is my favourite productive task until it's all on the bed and I just want it to be over so I can have a nap haha! Me & my fiance are the WORST clothes hoarders, it's ridiculous. Justin has clothes still from when he was like 15 (he's 27!) and I have clothes from when i was 18 and about 6 stone lighter that I just can't get rid of! So a few weeks ago I just got everything out and cut throat did KEEP, BIN, EBAY/DEPOP & CHARITY piles. I feel so much better for it, because now when I look in my wardrobe I feel like I can pull anything out that I will want to wear. I would say depending on your shopping habits do this at least once a season, so you can alternate the things that you will wear weather and trend permitted. 


I love planning, I am really lucky that 45% of my work is event planning so I get to incorporate my unhealthy obsession with organising into my work. I'm currently spending most of my free time planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party, my wedding & a family getaway so that's keeping me fairly busy when I feel like I have nothing to do. Planning things is so much fun whether it be with your family or with your girlfriends it's always so nice having something to look forward to.

Cooking, knitting, writing, design or whatever you fancy! Don't just stay in your comfort zone in your free time find something to do that you need to improve your skills on or haven't tried before. My new hobby was blogging and now it's part of my day to day life. I am currently trying to get into photography as I can feel the effects my lack of photography is having on my blog. I really, really dislike taking pictures but it's something i'm desperate to get over and become more aware of.


If you have free time there's always someone out there who can fill it for you. There's nothing more rewarding than spending your free time helping others, it's great to have on your CV too, especially if you have just finished school. There are many ways to give a helping hand to others that need it and here is how you can get involved in your area -http://www.volunteering.org.uk/


Get up to date on your finances, upcoming events and do all the things you've been putting off! I am the ultimate procrastinator so I have a list as long as my arm of things that I just didn't get done when I was supposed to. Really prioritise your time and I promise you will feel a million times better for it! It could be anything from checking to see if you can get a cheaper deal with another energy supplier to cleaning your make up brushes thoroughly.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it's given you a little inspiration & a boost to use your spare time more wisely!Honestly, my favourite thing to do with my spare time at the moment is watch one born every minute - so broody haha!! 

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20 Summer Fashion Must Haves Under £20


Hello is it me you're looking for?! I know it's been a while and I keep saying in every post "it's been a while, but I promise I am back on track". I'm not, not by a long shot, I am currently moving house as I write this I am returning my current house to it's original state and i'm feeling a bit sad about it. This house is my daughters first home, it's our first home as a family and it makes me sad that everything that makes it ours is being stripped away. So, yes I will be back on track posting 3 times a week for you beautiful beings, but right now with work, moving and trying to spend some time with my family and friends, my blog has taken a back seat for a month or two. I will be in my new house at the end of the week so once I have got my head round it all and my office is up and running I can return to my normal, CONSISTENT self, I HOPE. For now, I have a 20 under £20 on summer fashion must haves, enjoy!


1. Blue Border Print Kimono, Dorothy Perkins WAS £22.00 NOW £17.60
2. White Floral Border Kimono, New Look £19.99
3. Orange Textured Sleeveless Top, Dorothy Perkins WAS £20.00 NOW £16.00
4. Cameo Rose Grey Sleeveless Jacket, New Look £19.99
5. Multi Tile Print Double Strap Cami, Select £7.99


1. Coral Ribbed High Neck Swing Dress, New Look £14.99
2. Blue Zig Zag Lace Tunic, Dorothy Perkins WAS £24.00 NOW £19.20
3. Crochet Back Stripe Cover Up Sundress, George at Asda £10
4. White Abstract Print Border Sleeveless Tunic Dress, New Look £14.99
5. Multi Tile Scuba Lattice Back Dress, Select £14.99


1. Black Tribal Print Shorts, New Look £14.99
2. Cutie Floral Print Skirt, House of Fraser WAS £24.00 NOW £15.00
3. Black Tropical Floral Print Slim Leg Trousers, New Look £17.99
4. Jacquard Trousers, Miss Selfridge WAS £45.00 NOW £12.00
5. Jersey Trousers In Navy Geo Print, Next £18


1. Gold & Black Stone Drape Torque Necklace, New Look £7.99
2. New Look Mink Tonal Dial Chronograph Watch, ASOS £12.99
3. Silver Tone Leaf Statement Ear Cuffs, River Island £12.00
4. Womens Blue Waterfall Grab Tote Bag, Peacocks £15.00
5. Stone Straw Floppy Fedora, New Look £12.99

I hope you've enjoyed this post & it has given you some fashion inspo! Leave me a comment below with your favourite piece I have picked!



Hello beauties!! We're half way through the month and I think this is my third posts, NAUGHTY! I just can't keep up with everything going on in my life and still find time to blog. I am working on it so bare with me whilst my life adjusts drastically to so many new things! I am so excited to do this post, I love wish lists! It makes me excited to buy things I know I can't afford! My main obsession this month is PINEAPPLES, everything pineapple. Pineapple clutch bags, pineapple print clothing, pineapple print shoes, PINEAPPLE PRINT EVERYTHING. I hope you enjoy this post & stick around for much more to come, I have lots of content ideas burst out of my brain and it's all coming, I PROMISE! 

River Island Contrast Winged Tote, ASOS £45

I am always looking for a new handbag, I always have new reasons to buy bags, much to Justin's disapproval. This month I NEED a new bag to go with my new job. I usually love every single bag I see on the River Island website but my recent quest for a new bag was ruined by my inability to fall in love with any bag practical for work. UNTIL, my beautiful and ever faithful ASOS had this little beauty hiding among their HUGE collection of handbags. This bag is everything I need for work and more, it's simple, elegant and big enough to fit in everything I need, all at once.

The Wedding Planner, Etsy/Illustries £24.95

As you may or may not know I have been engaged for about 18 months and I am dying to start planning my wedding. We have been working on getting our lives sorted a little before we even consider sitting down and organising our wedding. BUT! We're in the process of moving into our new house and I'm back at work in a very comfortable position, so we're getting very close to starting to think about when, where and what we want, so in comes this bad boy. I can't wait to buy this at the end of the month and start filling it with our plans and ideas for our perfect day. Honestly, I just can't wait any longer to marry the love of my life and I want to celebrate our happiness with everyone, so watch this space, lots of wedding related content will be filling my blog.
Clinique Moisture Surge, Clinique £34
I have been really neglecting my skin lately and I need to do something about it. I have LOVED Clinique Moisture Surge since the day I discovered Clinique. I always find myself going back to this when I feel like I have been a bit negligent to my skincare routine. It's so hydrating and boosts the life in my skin INSTANTLY. I honestly couldn't recommend this more, to anyone. I'm about to make it a staple in my skincare routine now that I have the money to spend on it and I can't wait to have healthy, hydrated skin again.

Brown Half Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses, River Island £13 (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE)

Oh my god! I am in love! Never ever considered River Island for sunglasses, but lord thank that my friend Jess did! I was at a garden party and she had the most beautiful cat eye sunglasses on, I was obsessed and found out they were from none other than RI. I've been on the website to find her exact pair and during my mission I found these beauties! Oh god, I am in deep love with these sunglasses, I can't WAIT to get them at the end of this week.

MICKE Desk In White, Ikea £60

So as I am moving house, I thought I would purchase a lovely new desk to go with it. I currently write from my living room and it's all very distracting, unorganised and I have Peppa pig on in the background CONSTANTLY. I'm so glad that I will have my very own office in my new house that I can decorate and have organised all the time. It is going to so perfect and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a desk that I will sit at maybe 3 times a week, so at just £60 Ikea are on point.

I hope you have enjoyed my May Payday Wishlist, I got excited writing about it. All the things in this wish list are SO practical and I have a reason for buying everything, which doesn't happen often. What will you be buying this month? Is there a new beauty product you want to buy? Because I haven't found anything beauty related this month that I am dying to have. It might be because I am so busy and I'm in new house mode, but let me know if I am missing out on anything worth while, beauty wise.

5 Important Ingredients To Blogging Success.

Guess who's back? Back again! I know I haven't blogged for ages, I am so annoyed with myself! I have been SO, SO busy!! If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am currently looking after my mum's chihuahua whilst she is in Greece and with a toddler thrown in the mix I spend 99% of my free time pulling them off of each other! As well as splitting up dog vs toddler fights, I am in the process of moving house and just started a new job! VERY VERY BUSY! Don't judge me, I have lots of wonderful content for you to feast your eyes on in the next couple of weeks and I am really excited to get stuck back into my little blog! Today is another blogging 101 post, it's quite simply the 5 most important ingredients to running a successful blog. They are all very obvious points, but very important ones that I think all you newbs will enjoy so happy reading & I promise I will be back with more sooner rather than later!

Networking, in my opinion, is the most important ingredient when it comes to blogging. Social media is your best friend and will allow you to connect with like minded people who have so much information and inspiration that you can pick up from them and even make some real friends for life. Taking part in Twitter chats can boost your knowledge, your traffic and your twitter followers. Usually there are different topics so you can get into a juicy debate or learn something new about blogging or something you can improve on. Blogger Events are a great way to connect too, there are so many different activities and events going on allllll the time. They're a great way to get to know some brands and meet your fellow bloggers. Networking will boost your confidence, encourage you to meet people you wouldn't usually speak to & helps you to gain so much knowledge that will only improve your blog. For all the latest blogging events & meet ups follow -

Knowing Your Resources
After a few months you will start to realise blogging isn't as easy as it looks and finding the right tools to make things slightly easier for yourself is a key ingredient to success. There are a billion and one different picture editors, schedulers, social media etc. that you will come across in your blogging career. You will learn which ones work for you and which ones don't and that will only help you on your road to your success. The resources I use RELIGIOUSLY are -
Picmonkey for photo editing/creation
Buffer for scheduling
Twitter is my main way of networking
Affiliate Window for my affiliate advertising
SimplyStats (App) for my blogging analytics

Being organised is SO important in being a blogging success. I am the bloody worst person in the world at being organised when it comes to my blog. I am honestly the most organised person at work & with my family life but I just can't get on top of it with my blog. I am really working on it and I really see the damage my inconsistency and neglect causes through my stats and my ad clicks. DON'T BE LIKE ME! Schedule, schedule, SCHEDULE!! If, like me, you're juggling a job, a toddler, planning a wedding AND moving house, you will know how difficult it is. My advice is on a day off, as soon as you find a space in your busy life just get your head down and bash out some serious writing. I am going to start doing this when everything is settled and I'm in my new house. Have a space where you can work too, without distraction. Make sure it's bright, clean and tidy so you can feel fresh and comfortable, ready to work. The more consistent you are, the more traffic you will draw in and the more followers you will gain not just numbers, but actual readers who can rely on your posts to give them a fix of their favourite blog.

Design & Content
Design is a huge ingredient in the recipe to success. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a blog with poor navigation, adverts popping out of the screen and a poor layout for mobile. You can get amazing layouts on Etsy for a very, very reasonable price, my current layout cost just £2.80 and I absolutely love it. Make sure you get a layout that's very to the point and easy to find your way around. FONT! As much as we all love the swirly girly fonts, I can't read a word of it and it puts me off instantly, no matter how good your content is if it's barely readable people are going to give up on it! My advice is to use clear fonts (no yellow on white backgrounds) and clean layouts to ensure your readers can get the most out of your blog.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know, I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY! I am not one of these people who buys food and instantly feels the urge to upload it on Instagram. I rarely whip out my phone for selfies, I don't own a 'selfie' stick or document anything I'm doing in my life, which you never ever would expect from a blogger. It has just never interested me, but as a blogger I am obliged to try my best to become more photo friendly and it really, really makes a difference to your content and to your following. People love pictures, I love pictures, I just hate taking them. Every single piece of content you create should have at least one picture. I often use creative commons, because I am just terrible. I am aware of how far it sets me back, so I am taking a course and window shopping with the commitment to buy a good camera.

Do you think there's something more or equally important to blogging success? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!




Hello cupcakes! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend and are settling into the new week.
Today's post is a high end starter kit to follow up from my high street/drugstore make up starter kit. I have been asked a few times to do this so I have been really looking forward to writing this post. I have some amazing high end essential products that will be great for anyone wanting to build up a starter kit that contains everything you need to achieve every day flawless looks and beyond. 

Just like the drugstore starter kit I did a few weeks ago there are 7 key products - Mascara, Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush, Liquid Eyeliner and an everyday Lipstick. Of course you can add or change up what suits you or what you consider to be everyday, but for me these are an important set of products that you need to have to achieve any look. Here are my favourite key products to building a high end starter kit.

1. Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, House Of Fraser £25.00
2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation, FeelUnique £29.50
3. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Compact, FeelUnique £22.50
4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Full Coverage Concealer, Selfridges £17.50
5. NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates, NARS £20.50
6. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Twig, Debenhams £15.50

I don't tend to use everything high end in my make up bag on a daily basis and I think it's important to mix your high end favourites with your drugstore faves too, you can find my High Street Make Up Starter Kit Under £35 here. Leave me a comment below if you're loving any of the products I have featured or if you have a different product you would replace with one of the items I have listed.


Hello cupcakes & happy 1st of the month! It's my birthday today so as you're reading this I will be face down in chocolate cake and guzzling lots of white wine. This month I have started my "Bloggers To Watch Advertising Campaign". I want to feature lots of up and coming bloggers because it's important as bloggers to celebrate each other and it's not really my scene to be overly competitive. I have made a great bunch of friends through blogging, it's probably the best thing I have gained since starting. So here are my FOUR May advertisers who's blogs I have really taken a shine to, all have their own uniques and they're all incredibly talented, enjoy them!

Zusterschap (dutch for sisterhood) is run by two absolutely gorgeous ladies Catstello (Tara) & Keff (Katherine). Their wonderful lifestyle blog is all about celebrating women and giving them a voice. Their aim is to encourage women to share, support & collaborate with one another. I personally adore this blog because after reading it I ALWAYS really do feel empowered and proud to be a woman. They have lots of guest posts, as well as their own that are so relatable and written so well. I also LOVE their twitter chat that they have recently started it's called #ZChat where themselves and other bloggers host twitter chats that address different topics every week. It's been really popular so if you're looking for a new chat to join in on tune into Twitter on Mondays 9pm GMT. 

21 year old Amie is a plus size blogger with a love for fashion, lifestyle, beauty & talks about her life as a vegan. Amie's blog is such an easy read with some really lovely blog post series that you can really get stuck into. Amie's writing style is so personal and from the heart that when I read her blog I instantly fell in love with her, she's an absolute sweetheart with a real feel good blog and I have recommended her blog to all of my friends. 

Oooh I love Justine! Another absolutely sweetheart with a lovely blog to match. Justine loves to write and is working on two books at the moment, a non fiction and a fiction. You can really feel Justine's love for literature in her blog and it's really refreshing to find a blog that doesn't just review lipsticks every other day. If you're looking for an honest, well written blog that features everything from books to bridal wear, Justine is your girl.

Last but certainly not least is the lovely Andrea's blog, Beauty With Andrea. The best thing I have taken from Andrea's blog is that it is sooo content rich and versatile. Andrea is passionate about fashion & photography which you will quickly learn when reading her blog. You can also find Andrea on YouTube (Beauty With Andrea) where she reviews all different kinds of beauty products! If you're looking for reviews on fun, affordable fashion and beauty look no further than Beauty With Andrea.

Would you like to have your blog featured right here on June 1st you can find all the details on the "Advertise With Me" page to explore your advertising options with All That B, what I can offer you and if you have any questions pop me an email at - arnoldrebekka@yahoo.co.uk