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5 Productive Things To Do With Free Time.

Free time is hard to come by and if I do get said time all I usually want to do is waste the whole day on The Sims or binge watch Netflix. Lately I have been thinking about ways I can be more productive with my ever shortening free time, and I have come up with 5 things to do that will inspire you to be more productive with yours too. I know how it feels to go to bed wasting a whole day even a week achieving nothing and there's genuinely nothing worse for me. I like to get in bed at night feeling like I've earned it. Of course, I am not saying don't ever have those dressing gown & The Sims marathon days, but set yourself a challenge to get to that day where you can do those things and feel like you've earned it, you'll feel so much better about it, I promise. 


This is my favourite productive task until it's all on the bed and I just want it to be over so I can have a nap haha! Me & my fiance are the WORST clothes hoarders, it's ridiculous. Justin has clothes still from when he was like 15 (he's 27!) and I have clothes from when i was 18 and about 6 stone lighter that I just can't get rid of! So a few weeks ago I just got everything out and cut throat did KEEP, BIN, EBAY/DEPOP & CHARITY piles. I feel so much better for it, because now when I look in my wardrobe I feel like I can pull anything out that I will want to wear. I would say depending on your shopping habits do this at least once a season, so you can alternate the things that you will wear weather and trend permitted. 


I love planning, I am really lucky that 45% of my work is event planning so I get to incorporate my unhealthy obsession with organising into my work. I'm currently spending most of my free time planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party, my wedding & a family getaway so that's keeping me fairly busy when I feel like I have nothing to do. Planning things is so much fun whether it be with your family or with your girlfriends it's always so nice having something to look forward to.

Cooking, knitting, writing, design or whatever you fancy! Don't just stay in your comfort zone in your free time find something to do that you need to improve your skills on or haven't tried before. My new hobby was blogging and now it's part of my day to day life. I am currently trying to get into photography as I can feel the effects my lack of photography is having on my blog. I really, really dislike taking pictures but it's something i'm desperate to get over and become more aware of.


If you have free time there's always someone out there who can fill it for you. There's nothing more rewarding than spending your free time helping others, it's great to have on your CV too, especially if you have just finished school. There are many ways to give a helping hand to others that need it and here is how you can get involved in your area -http://www.volunteering.org.uk/


Get up to date on your finances, upcoming events and do all the things you've been putting off! I am the ultimate procrastinator so I have a list as long as my arm of things that I just didn't get done when I was supposed to. Really prioritise your time and I promise you will feel a million times better for it! It could be anything from checking to see if you can get a cheaper deal with another energy supplier to cleaning your make up brushes thoroughly.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it's given you a little inspiration & a boost to use your spare time more wisely!Honestly, my favourite thing to do with my spare time at the moment is watch one born every minute - so broody haha!! 

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