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15 Homeware Must Haves Under £20


Hello beautiful people! I have really been struggling today to find a post I felt like writing. I am now writing for a few other websites so my organisation skills are being pushed to their limits. I wanted to do something about homeware because I need new things for my new house, so researching meant I could kill two birds with one stone. I love finding a bargain and I don't think i'm alone in that, there's no greater feeling than snapping up a bargain is there? Apart from the happy feels you get from spoon feeding yourself Nutella in your dressing gown, whilst watching Pretty Little Liars. This post is a collection of wonderful homeware for a wonderful price, EVERYTHING IS UNDER £20, SOME EVEN UNDER A TENNER!?!?!!. I know, I know i'm an amazing human being, thank me in the comments hehehe. 

1. George Home Honeycomb Clock - £12.00
2. George Home Framed Butterflies - £12.00
3. George Home Ribbed Ceramic Vase - £17.00
4. George Home Letter R Cushion (all letters available) - £5.00
5. George Home Flamingo Shower Curtain - £5.00  (I have this & ADORE it)

6. Round Touch Light In Chrome - Tesco Direct £17.99
7. Linea Pineapple Bath Accessories - House Of Fraser from £7.00 - £15.40
8. Denby Blue Marrakesh Coasters (Set Of 4) - Very £7.00
9. Broste Copenhagen Large Dotty Ceramic Vase - House Of Fraser £19.00
10. Linea Flamingo Cushion - House Of Fraser WAS £20.00 NOW £6.00

11. Hello Sunshine Cushion - Tesco Direct £8.00
12. Billie Toast Rack - Cath Kidston £12.00
13. Provence Rose Double Oven Gloves - Cath Kidston £14.00
14. Sabichi Apple Shaped Cutting Board - Argos £17.99
15. George Home Love Pegs Photo Frame - George £7.00

I hope you have enjoyed this post & as you can see I am totally obsessed with the George At Home rage at the moment, honestly guys check out the website because the range and the price is OUTSTANDING! Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favourite homeware piece! 


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  2. I love george at home =]


    1. Me too Hun! Such good prices I went a bit crazy in Asda on Friday! X

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  3. you can't go wrong with anything flamingo these days especially if they come at a bargain. :]

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    1. I know right I'm loving flamingo everything right now!!

  4. I'm going to uni soon, so this post is really interesting to me! Loved it :)

  5. I have flamingo bath curtains! I love them! All these items are adorable :')

    Much love,
    Lauren "Sweetened Sour" O'Hara! xx

    1. Yay!! Of course you do, we wouldn't be friends if you didn't have good taste riiiight?! ;) Lots of love!! xx