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Hello my little rays of sunshine! I moved house, yay! It's so bloody weird moving from such a small house to a much bigger house, it hasn't really sunk in. Saturday was moving day and I was a complete mess. I had a huge anxiety attack Saturday morning, it's the worst I have been since I started blogging. I don't want to go into too much detail but wow, it was very intense and I am just so grateful I have such an amazing tight knit family and my best friends Amy & Sophie to support me when I full on lose it, like I did Saturday. I'm warming to my new house now all our things are inside it and  slowly but surely it's becoming our home! This post is completely unrelated to any of the above but I find it really therapeutic to update you all on the little things going on in my life. ANYWAY! Today's post is all about bloggers chats and how you can make the most of them, enjoy!

Bloggers chats are one of my favourite things about blogging. I have connected with some wonderful people via blogger chats and it really helps you to get your voice heard, your blog read and become part of the community. It is one of the first things you should do when starting a blog, each blogger chat generally has a topic so not only can you make numerous amounts of blogger friends but you can take so much information from them and it generates a lot of traffic for your blog if you get fully involved.

Chats to get involved in
#bbloggers - beauty bloggers chat.  
#lbloggers - lifestyle bloggers chat.
#fbloggers - fashion bloggers chat.
#fblchat - fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers chat
#ltbloggers - lunchtime bloggers chat.
#bdib - bloggers do it better chat.
#zchat - chat for woman bloggers.
#fdbloggers - food bloggers.
#pbloggers - parenting bloggers chat.
#bookbloggers - book bloggers chat.
#CFbloggers - cruelty free bloggers chat.
#tbloggers - teen bloggers chat.
#ccbloggers - creative & crafty bloggers chat.
#crazybloggers - crazy (general) bloggers chat.

This twitter calendar is absolutely INSANE, it has every blogger chat, it's time and date...

What will I gain from blogger chats?
You need to invest some time in making sure you're taking part in as many blogger chats as possible. I have seen the negatives effects it has had on my blog not taking part and it's so frustrating. I feel COMPLETELY out of the loop when I miss blogger chats. I haven't actually got involved in any this week and it bothers me so much! You must make sure you are consistent to gain the following from blogger chats.
- Traffic! Blogger chats are THE best way to generate twitter traffic to your blog.
- Followers! You will gain a lot of followers if you consistently take part in blogger chats
- Friends! The blogging community is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people, take advantage of blogger chats to find bloggers you connect with.
-An education in all things blog! There are so many twitter chats that you can really take so much information and inspiration from. They're there to help you gain knowledge and find out about blogs you didn't know existed, events, changes & things that could really boost your blogging experience.

How can you generate traffic from blogger chats?
I get asked this a lot when I receive emails from you lovely lot, it's quite simple.
- Make sure your twitter has your link in your bio, if it doesn't, unless someone is dying to read your blog, they won't hunt for your link much further.
- Get stuck in! I know it can be annoying for your non-blogger friends but if you make sure you're asking lots of questions, giving your opinion/experiences on a topic & communicating with other chatters you're going to generate interest from people who are curious about your opinion, or whom agree with you and will want to know more, *clicks link to YOUR blog*.
- The more followers I have accumulated the more I am taken seriously in the blogging world, sad but true. You can be the best writer in the world, but if nobody knows you exist you're never going to be rightfully rewarded for your efforts. Blogger chats on Twitter are a great way to connect with other bloggers and increase your twitter following. I get around 150 - 200 new followers a month since I began blogging and taking part in Twitter chats, and the more people viewing your profile and following you, the more people will click on your blog link!
- ALWAYS! At the end of the chat LINK YOUR BLOG & YOUR BLOGLOVIN! I can't stress this enough, leaving the chat with a "great (insert chat #) chat tonight you can find my blog here and here" is ESSENTIAL in taking advantage of twitter traffic for your blog.

- Blogger chats are topical and there's going to be times when you disagree with someone's opinion, everyone loves a debate, god knows I do! However, there's a way to do it and if you feel like passionately about something make sure you're expressing it in a polite manner, the blogging community is full of wonderful, unique people and is very diverse. Everyone wants to have their say and not everyone is going to click, you're not obliged to acknowledge them or follow them so don't let it affect you. If someone really offends you just direct message them or find their email and explain why their comments hurt you. We're a lovely bunch and as scandalous as a twitter war is, it's not cool to spoil a blogger chat for everybody else. 


  1. Thank you for sharing the calendar, i recently changed my cellphone and i forgot to redo my schedule so i've been kind of lost haha
    The Color Palette

  2. Love this, i havent been involved in a twitter chat in ages, im always asleep when they happen haha =]