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Hello Lovebugs! I am so motivated to get stuff done today, I've made my to do list & I'm determined to tick it all off by 8pm, it's currently 10:15am so let's see how this goes! When I started my blog my main focus was beauty, and to be honest, I have really gone off that genre. I really love writing lifestyle posts, I feel like I get more blog satisfaction out of it than reviewing a random beauty product that I am not really that bothered about, but fills my content goals. As you have probably noticed I am finding less and less time to write because I now work in events & marketing, which consumes a lot of my time both at the office & at home. I love my job so much but I miss my blog too and I am so frustrated at my inconsistency. ANYWAY I feel like my one or two posts a week should be rich content that actually helps the majority and engages interest instead of writing, "Oh my gaaaad check out this lipgloss." Of course I will write beauty posts & beauty products will be included in my monthly payday wishlist posts and if a product or range really excites me I will be all over that and recommend it to you, but I just wanted to make you aware that my blog will be more lifestyle focused and more of a tool for everyday life than a review-fest. 

Today's post is all about how you can be savvy with money, now let me just say, I am not someone who has been and is completely savvy with her money. I'm one of those girls who buys the jacket and worries about the phone bill 2 weeks later, well I was! Up until I had my daughter I profoundly ignored my financial responsibilities. Now I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve on saving money, making money and being financially savvy, so I hope you get some useful tips from this! 

You need to know what exactly goes into your bank & what financial responsibilities you have going out. This will give you an EXACT monthly forecast of what you earn & what your disposable income is after. Make a file on your computer called FINANCES and every month use the FREE DOWNLOAD available to make sure you know exactly what you have spent and what you can spend (see bottom of post). 

I was one of those people who could never throw out a thing, I had clothes I haven't worn since 2008 hanging in my wardrobe, make up I had never ever used & lots of other things I never use. Now I know how much money I can make from selling my clothes, harper's clothes that are too small for her and much more, I would recommend my favourite selling websites to you all. 
Ebay - Ebay is the king of selling your bits and bobs, your anythings and everythings. I will come back to Ebay because I use it to also save money on things I buy.
Depop - Depop is an app that you can buy and sell everything on, it is generally used to sell & buy unwanted make up, clothes & accessories. I really love Depop, it's my favourite app on my iPhone at the moment and I save a lot of money buying unused make up from make up artists and people who have bought the wrong shades. As much as I love Depop please be aware of scammers & people selling fake make up. Check out people's star ratings ALWAYS and their reviews before you purchase.
Music Magpie - Music Magpie is my favourite for selling DVDs, CDs, Mobile Phones & much more. They will give you a quote depending on the condition of your product and you can send the product for FREE with their many posting/courier options. 
Gumtree - Gumtree is amazing for local advertising, you can sell anything on gumtree. It's a great place to sell furniture and big things that you want to get rid of and posting listings are FREE!

It's a no brainer if after your outgoings you have a disposable amount, putting even just a little bit of that into a savings account will really benefit you in the future. Whether you're only saving for a rainy day or for something as big as a mortgage, it's a great way to become more responsible with your money, that you will probably spend on a week of over priced meal deals for work. If you can't afford to save maybe ask yourself what you're spending all your money on, can you cut back on anything to put that £20 away a month? 

Something I religiously do is check all my outgoing bills are as cheap as they can be. If you ask the relevant questions and research the market you could be saving money with another company or on a cheaper tariff! So many people spend their lives never checking these things and are ultimately spending SO MUCH more than they really need to. Ask yourself and your current suppliers these questions...
- Do I need this many minutes, texts and data on my phone? I can almost certainly tell you that you could be on a cheaper tariff, take note for the next 2 months on exactly how many minutes, texts and how much data you're using and if it's less than your monthly cap call your provider and negotiate downgrading your package.
- Could I get a better deal for energy(electric & gas)? Again almost certainly, YOU CAN! Every 6 months I check to see if I could be better off with somebody else and 8 times out of ten, I can be. Energy suppliers are the ultimate snakes and I am not shy about the amount of run ins I've had with these rip off merchants, unless you are savvy about energy they will bleed you dry until you don't have 2 pennies to rub together. Go to www.comparethemarket.com and see if you can get a better deal. I cannot stress enough make sure you read ALL of the details and small print before switching to any energy supplier and make sure you're not going to be charged if you need to switch again. You can switch every single month if you want to, don't ever feel like you can't be in control of it and save some money.
- Am I owed money by any companies? Most of your household suppliers will give you the ability to check your account online. You will have a set direct debit for your bills and if you're spending more than you're using 9 times out of 10 you will be in credit. You can go two ways with this. You could leave the money in there to tick over so that in the months when you may use more of that supplier than you do in others you will be covered by that money OR you can request to have the money you have accumulated returned to you. Either way make sure you always get back what you're owed. 

- If you can get up nice & early on a Sunday morning go and grab yourself a bargain at a carboot sale! I bloody love me some bargain hunting! You can pick up some really good stuff from car boots and I always get some amazing things for a fraction of the price for Harper. You can also sell your wares at car boots and make some decent money or some serious pocket money depending on what you're selling. 
- BUY ON EBAY! This tip especially goes out to all my readers who are parents. I wish I knew how high the quality of baby & toddler clothes you can buy second hand on eBay when I was pregnant with Harper. Obviously it's not for everyone but I get some amazing brands on Ebay that I could never justify buying in the store. I have bought Harper beautiful dresses worth £150 on the website and selling for a fiver on eBay. I think I am going to do a post just for mums and dads on saving money too.
- GROUPON, WOWCHER & the other e-voucher outlets. You can get everything from weekends away & free cocktails in SoHo to bed frames & bowling vouchers. Yes, I will admit the emails are really annoying because you get new deals daily and a lot of it can be absolute junk that you don't need, but I have found some gems in my inbox recently and I have saved huge amounts of money with them.
- Do you do your food shopping online? If so you need to start using MySupermarket. It's a free supermarket comparison website and tool that allows you to do your online shop as normal, but down the side it shows you your trolley for the biggest supermarkets in the UK (Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Aldi, Iceland, Ocado, Superdrug & Boots). It will show you based on everything you have bought which of these is the cheapest and which is the most expensive, if there is option for online delivery with the cheapest provider you can then be forwarded to the website, pay for your shop & book your delivery slot. If you then use this in future it will have all your information saved and will show you great deals related to your previous shops. It's a great tool that I swear by and you should too!

Money is not the be all and end all, take a look around you and remember what you have that money can't buy you. There is ALWAYS time to make your financial forecast better, it's not impossible to get out of debt and you should never ever feel like there's no way out. There's always ways you can improve your quality of life and it's down to you to do it. I will leave you with some more links to great advice, tips and tricks to make your financial future a bright one.
- Ashleigh Money Saver

I have created a FREE DOWNLOAD which when you enter your income and outgoings it will work out the total of your outgoings AND the remaining income leftover after all of your expenses. I am going to use this every month as I know how much it's going help me and Justin budget. There's no need for a calculator because all the totals will be worked out for you. I hope you find this useful & if you have any issues, please let me know at arnoldrebekka@yahoo.co.uk

I really hope you have all enjoyed this post it was a very long one & I hope you enjoy the download! Leave me a comment below if you enjoy this kind of post & if you want to see more posts like these let me know!


  1. This is a great post! Having recently started to save for the 'bigger things in life' I've been following many of these steps and have to say its really helped!

    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

    1. Hiiii Amy,
      So glad you liked the post!! I'm so glad you're finding it useful too! xxx

  2. This is super duper helpful. Sometimes I can get caught up in the moment and spend waaay too much. I've started to buy on ebay as sometimes things are so much cheaper than they would be in store. Great post lovely, will refer back to this when I need motivation to save save save x

    1. Hi Holly,
      So glad you enjoyed the post! I'm an ebay-aholic, like badly haha!! Hope you find this useful in one way or another xx

  3. I love this post. Definitely check if you're owed anything - I've just found out today that I'm getting a pretty hefty tax rebate today but only through double checking.

    Lizzie Dripping

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