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Week One: Slimming World Thoughts & Things.

Happy Tuesday, probably the worst day of the week for most. Tuesday's are fun for me because it's my day off from the office in Norwich and I step into my office at home, my blogging day! Tuesday's suck for your average 9 till 5er, I think everybody is at peace with hating Mondays. Then comes Tuesday which is still so far from the weekend and it come's unexpected and unprepared. Monday's give you a day of rest before hand to prepare yourself for the horror of Monday morning, however Tuesday comes without a warning and follows Monday, couldn't be worse if it tried. 

So Slimming World, I have been trialling this diet/lifestyle all week and I love it, I think it's going to be so easy to follow and get into. I am definitely still finding my feet with syns and free foods so I have left myself hungry at times, usually during the day after breakfast, because I just don't know what to eat. When I am at work I don't have a lunch break, I work right through so I eat at my desk, I need things that are quick and easy to take to work and that will stuff my tummy with Slimming World goodness, if you have any tips/recipes/fast & easy foods that I can buy or make PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 

SYN SEARCHING OBSESSIVE! I have become OBSESSED with googling everything that I eat or drink to find out how many syns are in everything, can anyone relate? I don't know where this new found obsession has come from, but i'm enjoying it and it keeps me, strangely, motivated too. I have been put off a Chinese takeaway this week from googling syns, so this could only be good right!? 

DISCOVERIES! I have made some AMAZING recipe and general Slimming World discoveries during my first week. MUG SHOTS are my life, the sweet BBQ ones, if you haven't tried them, go out and buy some right now, even if you're not following the diet, GOD THEY'RE GOOD! My second discovery is how much you CAN eat. I have now got my sister and fiance hooked on this diet and they're as syn searching crazy as I am! Justin couldn't believe when I served him up steak & chips for dinner that was syn free, he couldn't believe his luck. I still can't believe that you could eat pasta every single day and still lose weight every week, it's crazy, but it really works! The third is SYN FREE CHIPS, whoever came up with these, you have saved me.   

WEIGHT LOSS! I haven't weighed in yet because I haven't joined group yet, I am going to just weigh in Thursdays at the place that I work. We have a function room/venue where we host Slimming World every single Thursday & I work Thursdays so it made perfect sense to do it there. I can already see the changes in my shape and that might sound crazy, but it isn't. I bought a dress a month ago that was too short, thanks to my gigantic boobs! This Saturday just gone after just 6 DAYS on this diet, I wore that dress without leggings and it came down to almost my knees. It honestly is the motivation I needed to continue to eat well and made my month! 

SLIP UPS! I started this diet on the completely wrong week of the month for me, if you catch my drift. As the week went on the more achey I was feeling, I was very emotional and I spent at least 9 hours of Saturday laid on the sofa crying into my duvet because I was a broken mess. I felt so unwell and exhausted, the last thing I wanted to do was eat a banana. Soooo... I ordered Dominos, HAHA! I know, I know, so disappointed in myself, but it made me feel better about myself for about an hour then I REALLY regretted it. I only had 4 slices of pizza and I gave the rest to Justin and Harper who didn't think twice about scoffing it down. Usually I would eat a whole pizza to myself over 2 days so this is a HUGE improvement for me and I am actually proud of myself for not giving in as much as I used to. I also went out Saturday night for a few drinkies and I definitely let the jager bombs get the best of me. 

FINAL THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK! I am not going to be too hard on myself with all of this because I will just give up on it and be like fuck this I would rather be happy and I will use that "I love food, I don't care" justification as an excuse to go back to my unhealthy lifestyle that was spiralling out of control. I don't want that, and the people around me don't want that for me. Slimming World gives me the opportunity to continue living and loving my social life and giving into my cravings once in a while, that is okay with me. If I can eat completely clean for 6 days more than I was before, then why can't I have a treat on the 7th day? 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & continuing to enjoy my slimming world series. Leave me a comment below if there's a particular kind of post you would like me to do. I'm thinking slimming world shopping lists next week... hmm. 


Hello you lovely bunch! Today's post is a fashion wishlist because god knows, I love a wishlist. I love putting pieces like this together because it's an opportunity to window shop and something I have recently discovered and becoming obsessed with is the website www.secretsales.com. I am obsessed with high end fashion and accessories E.G. HANDBAGS, however I don't have the income to match my hugely expensive taste. Secret Sales is full of high end, on trend fashion at affordable prices which makes me feel a little less guilty when I look at my bank balance. Today I am collaborating with Secret Sales to bring you some of their best deals on my recommended favourite products, enjoy! 

Secret Sales is a fashion, homeware & beauty outlet! It's as simple as signing up with either your email address, Facebook, Paypal or Amazon account. You will then be able to access the wonderful world of discounted fashion (womens, mens & childwear), homeware, health & beauty and accessories. Secret Sales sell high end brands like Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, as well as your everyday high street brands such as Lipsy, Pauls Boutique, Carvela Kurt Geiger and Gandy Flipflops plus much, much more. ALL AT HUGELY DISCOUNTED PRICES. New sales start every single day at 7am with so many different discounts to take advantage of and if you recommend a friend you can earn yourself £10 credit to use. What are you waiting for? Sign up today at www.secretsales.com to start saving on the brands you love. 


1. Almost Famous Blush Mini Dress, WAS £105.30 NOW £35
2. LIVESEY Neon Yellow Sling Back Sandals, £15
3. CHANCEBANDA Light Camel Tote Bag, WAS £99 NOW £29
4. Vivienne Westwood Sudbury Gold-Tone Orb Dial Watch, WAS £185, NOW £75
5. AG Denim Peach Super Skinny Jeans, WAS £176.00 NOW £35


1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, WAS £24 NOW £12
2. Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Straighteners, WAS £90.00 NOW £59.00
3. Kenzo Flower Eau de Toilette 30ml, WAS £40 NOW £27
4. Slendertone Women's System Abs Set, WAS £120.00 NOW £69.00
5. Oral B Professional Care 4000 Toothbrush, WAS £110 NOW £62


1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade Rose Gold Watch, WAS £279 NOW £189
2. REBECCA MINKOFF Amorous Small White Leather Tote, WAS £255 NOW £152
3. Michael Kors Kristen White Leather Sandal with Mid Heel, WAS £130 NOW £89
4. Juicy Couture Stella Ionic Gold Plated Steel Watch, WAS £195 NOW £99
5. PIA SASSI Cognac Leather Tag Detail Grab Bag, WAS £219 NOW £59

I hope you enjoyed this post, there was literally soooo much on the website that I have been adding to my basket whilst writing this post so make sure you go and check out the website for lots more! Leave me a comment telling me what your favourite piece is that I have included and if you're already a secret sales member what's the best bargain you've bought?!


*this is a sponsored post, however all words, opinions and choices are MY OWN and not influenced by anybody else. 

My Slimming World Journey Has Begun!

Today I have embarked on a new chapter in my life, a chapter I should've started as soon as I gave birth to Harper and that chapter is, Slimming World. I have never been a skinny mini, I have never been 1000% happy with my body and I have always been the target of people who say things about my weight. Now, let me get this straight, those people who have tried to insult me or hurt my feelings on a daily basis about my size mean nothing to me, their opinion is completely irrelevant to me, but that doesn't mean it isn't like a dagger in the stomach when someone says something disgusting about my size. 
Even when I was a size 12 - 14 I would be abused constantly about my size, even someone I was seeing would say the most disgusting things about my size and allow his friends to attack me and I allowed that to happen to me for nearly 2 years! Now I am 5 stone heavier and miserable, but my weight loss journey is for ME and MY HEALTH, not for those bullies. It actually upsets me even writing this because I can't believe I have allowed myself to get this way. I love fashion and for me, plus size fashion is just not up to scratch. I struggle to follow the trends that I am obsessed with and taking full length photo's is a NO NO. I am a party girl, I love to hang out with my friends and get dressed up, but lately I dread trying clothes on for a night out in fear of looking at myself and seeing the horrific reflection that faces me, I want to look good and for other people to look at me and see how good I look. I am irresistible to Justin, he couldn't care less whether I am 9 stone or 90 stone he still loves me and fancies me more than ever, the continued support he gives me when I have breakdowns at the wardrobe every other day is unbelievable, he puts up with a lot of the issues I have been going through with my weight.
I have so much respect for the plus size women out there who just don't care about any of these really trivial things and I wish I had the body confidence that I have continued to fake as I piled on the pounds over the last 3 years. Everyone who knows me and meets me are so attracted to my confidence and my 'don't give a fuck' attitude and I think over the years of putting on that thick skin, I have started to believe even myself that I don't give a fuck, but I do, I really do. 
Another major factor for this is my health, I am constantly sleepy and even running up the stairs finishes me off! I have a 2 year old daughter and I am trying for another, my weight is not ideal for conception and pregnancy, if I continue to have this relationship with food it will cause nothing but problems for me in the future. For my daughter and future children I need to be the healthiest version of myself and I feel guilty for denying them of that.
So why slimming world? I have seen the results my best friend has achieved, she has lost a remarkable amount of weight and still leads a normal life eating out and having BBQs without even really having to worry about it. She's a mummy to two beautiful children and knows how tough it can be to stay on the wagon and has been through similar weight gain issues too, but she is looking absolutely incredible and I am so jealous of her beautiful figure she's achieved and seeing how happy it has made her inside and out.  She's my inspiration completely and I can't wait to join her on the journey and start being able to steal her gorgeous clothes again!
I am doing the EXTRA EASY plan, and I will go into a bit more depth about what you can and can't have on it and how it works in a post next week. You can have unlimited lean meats and poultry, potatoes, all vegetables and fruit, and some low fat yoghurts. You have healthy extras A and B that you need to have one of a day and then 10 syns for the days when you need that cheese toastie, chocolate bar or lashings of ketchup on your meal! You can even save up your syns for the week and have a takeaway on a Saturday night! Slimming World is all about being realistic, God knows I couldn't live off 500 calories a day or be without my vodka and diet coke at the weekend. The thing I love about this is the very basic restrictions and the endless possibilities with recipes. I will be posting once a week after my weigh in with heaps of recipes from the week and how i'm feeling, so make sure you're following for weekly updates, tips, tricks and recipes! 
Above anything to do with fashion or the way people have treated me it's all about maintaining and creating a healthy lifestyle by making positive changes. My first milestone goal is to lose 4 stone and then after that another 4 stone to reach my target weight of 10 stone, and I just can't wait to share results with you. 
I am so glad I got everything I needed to off my chest today, and I hope that current slimming worldies will share their journeys with me and if you have a blog about your slimming world journey please link me to them in the comments below for added inspiration! I would love to hear people's success stories and their personal journeys. If you've been putting off changing your eating habits but your weight is getting you down, please do some research on Slimming World. I'm so excited for this journey and can't wait to share it with you all, thanks for reading! 

You can follow my slimming world board on Pinterest here for recipes, syn free shopping lists and much more - https://www.pinterest.com/allthatbekka/slimming-world/

Follow me on bloglovin to stay up to date with my slimming world journey and lots of useful tips and recipes - https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/all-that-b-13643655/followers

July Payday Wishlist

Can you believe we have almost made it to July Payday already!? This year is whizzing by and it's really starting to scare me! I want to be so organised with Christmas this year so we're not struggling to rub 2 pennies together in January. I feel so stupid Christmas shopping in July, even saying the word Christmas sounds RIDICULOUS, but needs must and I have begun! There's so many things I want to buy this month many are small purchases, but still absolute gems that should all be getting your hands on too. I hope you're all having a lovely week and find some spending inspiration here!

I'm a bit obsessed with this style of dress at the moment and I can't wait to get my hands on this little beauty. I always champion BOOHOO for their plus size range and they're yet to disappoint me. Check out this dress and more wonderful plus size pretties at www.boohoo.com 

Quite a pretentious purchase but I really, really need one! The water in Norfolk is so hard and limescale is so bad here that it makes our water in our new house taste absolute rank. I have been avoiding water lately because it's put me off and I really shouldn't, so buying one of these should sort my tap water problem right out.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, Urban Decay TBC (UK)

If you read my blog regularly you will know how much I am in love with NAKED palettes, my favourite being Naked On The Run. This new piece of kit is "eye-gasmic" as it has all the shades to perfect the smokiest lid. It's not yet been released in the UK but you can sign up to a mailing list that will alert you when this beauty drops at the end of July! 

Jumbo Photo Album By Undercover, NotOnTheHighStreet £44.95

I am going to start doing our family photo albums at the end of this month and I have been looking for the photo albums that are right for the job. Etsy has some absolute beautiful photo albums and I really want to fill my house with piles and piles of photo albums that we can always look back on with Harper and any future children. 

I have been looking for some artwork for Harper's new bedroom as she is now in there full time and spends much more time in there playing now she has the biggest room in the house! This wonderful print I have found on Etsy is just sooooo perfect and cute! A world map made out of the animals & landmarks of the countries, i'm just completely in love with it and for £24.99 for the largest frame of this, it's a must have for me! 

I haven't been using styling products on my hair for a long time. I gave away my hair straighteners to my sister and never thought I would look back. Just lately I have fallen out of love with my hair completely, I just hate it and I don't know how I can style it to make it better. So I am going to buy some new GHDs and try to tackle my new found hatred for my hair, and let's face it if GHDs can't fix it, nothing can.


That's all for this month's payday wishlist, I hope you have enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below telling me what's on your payday wishlist this month! 

My Favourite Bloggers Of 2015 So Far...

Hello sugar buns! If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not have seen that we have had quite a distressful week in our household, we lost Justin's Dad, Phil, on Thursday and I haven't been able to focus on the housework let alone sit at the computer and write. The last 4 weeks have just been horrendous for us and it hasn't got any better. Today I woke up and felt like I wanted to write for the first time in a week and i'm so glad I have, because for a moment last week I felt like I wasn't going to be able to do this for a very long time. I am just so proud of the strength and courage Justin, his brothers and their mum have shown in the last few days, Phil would have been so proud of every single one of them for the way they are dealing with this difficult and life changing experience. 

Today's post is a shout out to all the blogs & their bloggers that I have been reading religiously in the past 7 months and I couldn't recommend them to my readers more! I am a firm believer in the blogging community and how much respect and the mad love we all have for each other, they encourage me to believe in myself and my blog. All of these blogs continue to educate me, make me laugh, cry and motivate me every single day, so to all of you below, thank you for being you. I am also going to throw in a bonus feature to this post and share with you some of my favourite bloggers you must follow on twitter! 



If you follow me on Twitter you will know i'm not even shy about how crazy in love I am with CGD! I read this blog RELIGIOUSLY, more than any other. If you haven't heard of CGD it's a lifestyle blog for career girls! Not only does this wonderful blog give you motivation, tips and inspiration to succeed, it covers the beauty, fashion and fitness bases too. With articles & lists crammed with inspirational information and interviews with some of the most influential women in the business, beauty, fashion and fitness world, you are in for some of the most empowering reads of your life.


In a nutshell, this blog is the ultimate guide to being a freelancer. Zoe, who also writes the beauty & lifestyle blog Oh Zoe (formerly known as sweet electric blog), has become a freelance writer and is openly sharing her tips and guide to success in this well written blog. With a clean layout and easy to follow information that will help you on your road to becoming a freelancer it really is the best of it's kind.


Glitter Infatuation is by far my favourite beauty and lifestyle blog so far this year and it doesn't surprise me that it has been nominated for the 'BEST ESTABLISHED BEAUTY BLOG 2015'. Glitter Infatuation is a complete reflection of the lovely Jamie Lee behind the blog. Relatable, quirky and unique you must follow both Jamie Lee on Twitter and her wonderful blog.


My go to blog for fashion inspiration, Grace has some serious style and you can too thanks to her wonderful blog. I am not usually hugely drawn to a blog by photography as much as I am by writing, however Grace has the perfect balance of both rich content in writing and photos. This blog is full of wonderful posts with well put together, fashionable and affordable outfits that you can buy on the high street.


A bunch of INSANE bloggers who I equally enjoy on twitter too, make sure you're following all of these wonderful bloggers for all their latest posts & tweets. 


I have really, really enjoyed writing this post, I feel like after a difficult week this has been a really positive end to it. If your name isn't here it doesn't mean I don't love your blogs, there are so many people I wish I had the time & energy to credit, every single blogger I communicate with are unique and wonderful in their own ways. I have made so many friends and met so many different people on this incredible journey and every single one of you make the blogging community a great thing to be a part of. I hope you've enjoyed this post, write me a comment letting me know who your favourite bloggers are right now and link me to yours so I can have a read!


Happy Friday you gorgeous bunch! How nice has this week been guys? The temperature reached new heights that we've only ever dreamed of in the UK! If you're a sun worshipper this week has been a treat for you, if you're A mama to young children you'll know we don't get to enjoy the sun, care free. We're spending 90% of the time in the sun smothering our little ones in thick layers of suncream and entering into the constant battle to get the little monsters to keep their hat on! It has been a welcome and beautiful week weather wise and we mustn't complain because as all British people know, this won't last for more than a few more days, so let's embrace it! Today's post is a FASHION FRIDAY, which is a series I have been sorely neglecting for some time, but it's back and I have some beautiful pieces of festival fancies for you to feast your eyes on and destroy your bank balance with, all from New Look. I am passionate about fashion for all sizes so there will be a HUGE variety of pieces, with a HUGE range of sizes from a size 8 to a size 32, ENJOY!  



I have been really struggling to write this week, I could fill my blog with junk content that means absolutely nothing to me, but that's not really my style at all. It's been a BUSY week and I am feel completely unmotivated to work or write or even get dressed. I think this is a natural emotion that most of us get at this time of year, when the weather is beautiful and our entire Facebook friend lists are posting selfies, sipping cocktails on a Mediterranean beach. Nevertheless, life goes on and you can't just spend your life feeling sorry for yourself, it gets you nowhere and doesn't fuel success. So today's post is all about staying motivated by work, blogging and life in general, enjoy. 

The worst thing that I can do on my day off is, procrastinate. I wake up and I lay in bed on my phone for about an hour, then I put on my dressing gown, go downstairs and lay on the sofa all day watching box sets and catch up tv. This is totally acceptable if you have a genuine day off, i'm all over vegging out sessions, BUT I usually have mountains of emails and writing to do and I just put it off, stressing myself out three days later. When you have things to do and really need a productive day make sure you get up and get showered instantly, do all your make up and get dressed even if you're not actually leaving the house, it will wake you up properly and give you the motivation to get on with your day.

I am a serial list writer, I love to write lists, it's my thing and I get too much pleasure out of it. It also helps me prioritise my time and makes sure I can spread myself evenly across the week and not overload myself with 12 hour days sat at the Mac. I usually write to do lists by day of the week and I make one for home and one for work. The home one is for me and Justin to make sure we're getting everything done. I create one at work every morning when I get in and I also make a separate one for blogging. It sounds like a commitment to list writing but it takes less than 10 minutes and can completely effect your work rate and your motivation.

Staying motivated can sometimes be so easy if you're in the right frame of mind, other times it can be the biggest battle of the day and you can really struggle. When I find life a bit of a chore I let myself have something I wouldn't usually. Today for example, I have lots of work to do but once I have finished I am treating myself to a glass of wine and a korma, i'll probably play a bit of xbox too. Set yourself a target for the day and a prize at the end of the marathon whether that be a Domino's or a bath with your favourite lush products thrown in, whatever you choose it will definitely motivate you to get through the list of things to do.

If you're a social media addict like me, your notifications from Facebook, Twitter, eBay etc. ruin your work flow CONSTANTLY. I am the worst I will sit down to write and then someone will tag me in a funny video, then I find myself 20 minutes later still scrolling through my Facebook timeline looking at people's holiday pictures, or I call my sister to tell her about something scandalous I have read. It's not a healthy situation to find yourself in when you're trying to stay motivated. So if you can't help yourself when the notifications pop up, turn off OR leave your phone in another room.

Spotify gets me through the day, that sounds crazy, but it does. Music can really set your mood and even change it from a bad on to a good one with the right song. There is no generic playlist because everybody is different and music effects people in different ways, which is awesome. Create yourself a playlist that suits you and will motivate you to achieve whatever activity, task or chore you need to get through. Here are a few songs that keep me motivated right now.
- Runaway (U&I) - Galantis
- Millionaire - Kelis featuring Andre 3000
- Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna
- Together - Ella Eyre

I am really lucky that at home I have an office that is my quiet working space, that I am yet to sort out (if you're a regular reader you'll know I just moved house). I have always worked from the living room and found the television a huge distraction as well as Justin sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder and asking me what we're having for tea. Even if you don't have an office find a quiet space that you can go to whether you need some space to plan, write or organise, whatever it is, a clear and quiet environment will help avoid distraction and keep you motivated.

Life has complete purpose, and whatever you're doing, you're doing it for a reason. Some people will have end goals that are a little further away than others, but that doesn't mean that your personal journey isn't as tough for you as it is for anybody else, big or small. Remind yourself on a daily basis if it helps, I work ridiculous amounts of hours so that in the long term I can provide a better life for my daughter and so that we can have more children and get married. I also write and blog because I love it so much, I have found my voice and I want to share it with the world. I want to be a writer and I want people to feel like they've come away with something when they read the words that I write. Just writing that makes me more motivated to finish all my to do's today. If the end goal or ongoing rewards from the life choices you are making aren't making you happy enough to motivate you then what are you doing them for? Ask yourself the relevant questions and you will find the answers that will help you succeed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post & it has given you something to think about, it definitely has reminded me why I need to stay motivated and how I can achieve that. There is no fast track to real success, it takes time, dedication and of course, motivation. Let me know in the comments what keeps you motivated & what songs you listen to, to stay motivated. 


image - we heart it.