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I have been really struggling to write this week, I could fill my blog with junk content that means absolutely nothing to me, but that's not really my style at all. It's been a BUSY week and I am feel completely unmotivated to work or write or even get dressed. I think this is a natural emotion that most of us get at this time of year, when the weather is beautiful and our entire Facebook friend lists are posting selfies, sipping cocktails on a Mediterranean beach. Nevertheless, life goes on and you can't just spend your life feeling sorry for yourself, it gets you nowhere and doesn't fuel success. So today's post is all about staying motivated by work, blogging and life in general, enjoy. 

The worst thing that I can do on my day off is, procrastinate. I wake up and I lay in bed on my phone for about an hour, then I put on my dressing gown, go downstairs and lay on the sofa all day watching box sets and catch up tv. This is totally acceptable if you have a genuine day off, i'm all over vegging out sessions, BUT I usually have mountains of emails and writing to do and I just put it off, stressing myself out three days later. When you have things to do and really need a productive day make sure you get up and get showered instantly, do all your make up and get dressed even if you're not actually leaving the house, it will wake you up properly and give you the motivation to get on with your day.

I am a serial list writer, I love to write lists, it's my thing and I get too much pleasure out of it. It also helps me prioritise my time and makes sure I can spread myself evenly across the week and not overload myself with 12 hour days sat at the Mac. I usually write to do lists by day of the week and I make one for home and one for work. The home one is for me and Justin to make sure we're getting everything done. I create one at work every morning when I get in and I also make a separate one for blogging. It sounds like a commitment to list writing but it takes less than 10 minutes and can completely effect your work rate and your motivation.

Staying motivated can sometimes be so easy if you're in the right frame of mind, other times it can be the biggest battle of the day and you can really struggle. When I find life a bit of a chore I let myself have something I wouldn't usually. Today for example, I have lots of work to do but once I have finished I am treating myself to a glass of wine and a korma, i'll probably play a bit of xbox too. Set yourself a target for the day and a prize at the end of the marathon whether that be a Domino's or a bath with your favourite lush products thrown in, whatever you choose it will definitely motivate you to get through the list of things to do.

If you're a social media addict like me, your notifications from Facebook, Twitter, eBay etc. ruin your work flow CONSTANTLY. I am the worst I will sit down to write and then someone will tag me in a funny video, then I find myself 20 minutes later still scrolling through my Facebook timeline looking at people's holiday pictures, or I call my sister to tell her about something scandalous I have read. It's not a healthy situation to find yourself in when you're trying to stay motivated. So if you can't help yourself when the notifications pop up, turn off OR leave your phone in another room.

Spotify gets me through the day, that sounds crazy, but it does. Music can really set your mood and even change it from a bad on to a good one with the right song. There is no generic playlist because everybody is different and music effects people in different ways, which is awesome. Create yourself a playlist that suits you and will motivate you to achieve whatever activity, task or chore you need to get through. Here are a few songs that keep me motivated right now.
- Runaway (U&I) - Galantis
- Millionaire - Kelis featuring Andre 3000
- Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna
- Together - Ella Eyre

I am really lucky that at home I have an office that is my quiet working space, that I am yet to sort out (if you're a regular reader you'll know I just moved house). I have always worked from the living room and found the television a huge distraction as well as Justin sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder and asking me what we're having for tea. Even if you don't have an office find a quiet space that you can go to whether you need some space to plan, write or organise, whatever it is, a clear and quiet environment will help avoid distraction and keep you motivated.

Life has complete purpose, and whatever you're doing, you're doing it for a reason. Some people will have end goals that are a little further away than others, but that doesn't mean that your personal journey isn't as tough for you as it is for anybody else, big or small. Remind yourself on a daily basis if it helps, I work ridiculous amounts of hours so that in the long term I can provide a better life for my daughter and so that we can have more children and get married. I also write and blog because I love it so much, I have found my voice and I want to share it with the world. I want to be a writer and I want people to feel like they've come away with something when they read the words that I write. Just writing that makes me more motivated to finish all my to do's today. If the end goal or ongoing rewards from the life choices you are making aren't making you happy enough to motivate you then what are you doing them for? Ask yourself the relevant questions and you will find the answers that will help you succeed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post & it has given you something to think about, it definitely has reminded me why I need to stay motivated and how I can achieve that. There is no fast track to real success, it takes time, dedication and of course, motivation. Let me know in the comments what keeps you motivated & what songs you listen to, to stay motivated. 


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  1. I absolutely agree with you, that everything we're doing, we're doing for some reason. Very nice and useful tips. I'm actually planning to write a post about how to stay organized. Hope you'll read it too.

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

    1. Eliza,

      So glad you liked the post doll, I can't wait to read your post about being organised, be sure to tweet me the link when it goes live. xxx

  2. I love writing lists too! You have a lovely/pretty desk area, I feel inspired! http://abreathofbeauty13.blogspot.co.uk/ - feel free to check out my blog:)xxxx