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My Favourite Bloggers Of 2015 So Far...

Hello sugar buns! If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not have seen that we have had quite a distressful week in our household, we lost Justin's Dad, Phil, on Thursday and I haven't been able to focus on the housework let alone sit at the computer and write. The last 4 weeks have just been horrendous for us and it hasn't got any better. Today I woke up and felt like I wanted to write for the first time in a week and i'm so glad I have, because for a moment last week I felt like I wasn't going to be able to do this for a very long time. I am just so proud of the strength and courage Justin, his brothers and their mum have shown in the last few days, Phil would have been so proud of every single one of them for the way they are dealing with this difficult and life changing experience. 

Today's post is a shout out to all the blogs & their bloggers that I have been reading religiously in the past 7 months and I couldn't recommend them to my readers more! I am a firm believer in the blogging community and how much respect and the mad love we all have for each other, they encourage me to believe in myself and my blog. All of these blogs continue to educate me, make me laugh, cry and motivate me every single day, so to all of you below, thank you for being you. I am also going to throw in a bonus feature to this post and share with you some of my favourite bloggers you must follow on twitter! 



If you follow me on Twitter you will know i'm not even shy about how crazy in love I am with CGD! I read this blog RELIGIOUSLY, more than any other. If you haven't heard of CGD it's a lifestyle blog for career girls! Not only does this wonderful blog give you motivation, tips and inspiration to succeed, it covers the beauty, fashion and fitness bases too. With articles & lists crammed with inspirational information and interviews with some of the most influential women in the business, beauty, fashion and fitness world, you are in for some of the most empowering reads of your life.


In a nutshell, this blog is the ultimate guide to being a freelancer. Zoe, who also writes the beauty & lifestyle blog Oh Zoe (formerly known as sweet electric blog), has become a freelance writer and is openly sharing her tips and guide to success in this well written blog. With a clean layout and easy to follow information that will help you on your road to becoming a freelancer it really is the best of it's kind.


Glitter Infatuation is by far my favourite beauty and lifestyle blog so far this year and it doesn't surprise me that it has been nominated for the 'BEST ESTABLISHED BEAUTY BLOG 2015'. Glitter Infatuation is a complete reflection of the lovely Jamie Lee behind the blog. Relatable, quirky and unique you must follow both Jamie Lee on Twitter and her wonderful blog.


My go to blog for fashion inspiration, Grace has some serious style and you can too thanks to her wonderful blog. I am not usually hugely drawn to a blog by photography as much as I am by writing, however Grace has the perfect balance of both rich content in writing and photos. This blog is full of wonderful posts with well put together, fashionable and affordable outfits that you can buy on the high street.


A bunch of INSANE bloggers who I equally enjoy on twitter too, make sure you're following all of these wonderful bloggers for all their latest posts & tweets. 


I have really, really enjoyed writing this post, I feel like after a difficult week this has been a really positive end to it. If your name isn't here it doesn't mean I don't love your blogs, there are so many people I wish I had the time & energy to credit, every single blogger I communicate with are unique and wonderful in their own ways. I have made so many friends and met so many different people on this incredible journey and every single one of you make the blogging community a great thing to be a part of. I hope you've enjoyed this post, write me a comment letting me know who your favourite bloggers are right now and link me to yours so I can have a read!


  1. I'm going to check those blogs, thanks for sharing!
    The Color Palette

    1. Definitely check them out, they're all awesome x

  2. Its fun finding new bloggers, i will check them out.

    Simply Uneeke