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July Payday Wishlist

Can you believe we have almost made it to July Payday already!? This year is whizzing by and it's really starting to scare me! I want to be so organised with Christmas this year so we're not struggling to rub 2 pennies together in January. I feel so stupid Christmas shopping in July, even saying the word Christmas sounds RIDICULOUS, but needs must and I have begun! There's so many things I want to buy this month many are small purchases, but still absolute gems that should all be getting your hands on too. I hope you're all having a lovely week and find some spending inspiration here!

I'm a bit obsessed with this style of dress at the moment and I can't wait to get my hands on this little beauty. I always champion BOOHOO for their plus size range and they're yet to disappoint me. Check out this dress and more wonderful plus size pretties at www.boohoo.com 

Quite a pretentious purchase but I really, really need one! The water in Norfolk is so hard and limescale is so bad here that it makes our water in our new house taste absolute rank. I have been avoiding water lately because it's put me off and I really shouldn't, so buying one of these should sort my tap water problem right out.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, Urban Decay TBC (UK)

If you read my blog regularly you will know how much I am in love with NAKED palettes, my favourite being Naked On The Run. This new piece of kit is "eye-gasmic" as it has all the shades to perfect the smokiest lid. It's not yet been released in the UK but you can sign up to a mailing list that will alert you when this beauty drops at the end of July! 

Jumbo Photo Album By Undercover, NotOnTheHighStreet £44.95

I am going to start doing our family photo albums at the end of this month and I have been looking for the photo albums that are right for the job. Etsy has some absolute beautiful photo albums and I really want to fill my house with piles and piles of photo albums that we can always look back on with Harper and any future children. 

I have been looking for some artwork for Harper's new bedroom as she is now in there full time and spends much more time in there playing now she has the biggest room in the house! This wonderful print I have found on Etsy is just sooooo perfect and cute! A world map made out of the animals & landmarks of the countries, i'm just completely in love with it and for £24.99 for the largest frame of this, it's a must have for me! 

I haven't been using styling products on my hair for a long time. I gave away my hair straighteners to my sister and never thought I would look back. Just lately I have fallen out of love with my hair completely, I just hate it and I don't know how I can style it to make it better. So I am going to buy some new GHDs and try to tackle my new found hatred for my hair, and let's face it if GHDs can't fix it, nothing can.


That's all for this month's payday wishlist, I hope you have enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below telling me what's on your payday wishlist this month! 

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