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Week One: Slimming World Thoughts & Things.

Happy Tuesday, probably the worst day of the week for most. Tuesday's are fun for me because it's my day off from the office in Norwich and I step into my office at home, my blogging day! Tuesday's suck for your average 9 till 5er, I think everybody is at peace with hating Mondays. Then comes Tuesday which is still so far from the weekend and it come's unexpected and unprepared. Monday's give you a day of rest before hand to prepare yourself for the horror of Monday morning, however Tuesday comes without a warning and follows Monday, couldn't be worse if it tried. 

So Slimming World, I have been trialling this diet/lifestyle all week and I love it, I think it's going to be so easy to follow and get into. I am definitely still finding my feet with syns and free foods so I have left myself hungry at times, usually during the day after breakfast, because I just don't know what to eat. When I am at work I don't have a lunch break, I work right through so I eat at my desk, I need things that are quick and easy to take to work and that will stuff my tummy with Slimming World goodness, if you have any tips/recipes/fast & easy foods that I can buy or make PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 

SYN SEARCHING OBSESSIVE! I have become OBSESSED with googling everything that I eat or drink to find out how many syns are in everything, can anyone relate? I don't know where this new found obsession has come from, but i'm enjoying it and it keeps me, strangely, motivated too. I have been put off a Chinese takeaway this week from googling syns, so this could only be good right!? 

DISCOVERIES! I have made some AMAZING recipe and general Slimming World discoveries during my first week. MUG SHOTS are my life, the sweet BBQ ones, if you haven't tried them, go out and buy some right now, even if you're not following the diet, GOD THEY'RE GOOD! My second discovery is how much you CAN eat. I have now got my sister and fiance hooked on this diet and they're as syn searching crazy as I am! Justin couldn't believe when I served him up steak & chips for dinner that was syn free, he couldn't believe his luck. I still can't believe that you could eat pasta every single day and still lose weight every week, it's crazy, but it really works! The third is SYN FREE CHIPS, whoever came up with these, you have saved me.   

WEIGHT LOSS! I haven't weighed in yet because I haven't joined group yet, I am going to just weigh in Thursdays at the place that I work. We have a function room/venue where we host Slimming World every single Thursday & I work Thursdays so it made perfect sense to do it there. I can already see the changes in my shape and that might sound crazy, but it isn't. I bought a dress a month ago that was too short, thanks to my gigantic boobs! This Saturday just gone after just 6 DAYS on this diet, I wore that dress without leggings and it came down to almost my knees. It honestly is the motivation I needed to continue to eat well and made my month! 

SLIP UPS! I started this diet on the completely wrong week of the month for me, if you catch my drift. As the week went on the more achey I was feeling, I was very emotional and I spent at least 9 hours of Saturday laid on the sofa crying into my duvet because I was a broken mess. I felt so unwell and exhausted, the last thing I wanted to do was eat a banana. Soooo... I ordered Dominos, HAHA! I know, I know, so disappointed in myself, but it made me feel better about myself for about an hour then I REALLY regretted it. I only had 4 slices of pizza and I gave the rest to Justin and Harper who didn't think twice about scoffing it down. Usually I would eat a whole pizza to myself over 2 days so this is a HUGE improvement for me and I am actually proud of myself for not giving in as much as I used to. I also went out Saturday night for a few drinkies and I definitely let the jager bombs get the best of me. 

FINAL THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK! I am not going to be too hard on myself with all of this because I will just give up on it and be like fuck this I would rather be happy and I will use that "I love food, I don't care" justification as an excuse to go back to my unhealthy lifestyle that was spiralling out of control. I don't want that, and the people around me don't want that for me. Slimming World gives me the opportunity to continue living and loving my social life and giving into my cravings once in a while, that is okay with me. If I can eat completely clean for 6 days more than I was before, then why can't I have a treat on the 7th day? 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & continuing to enjoy my slimming world series. Leave me a comment below if there's a particular kind of post you would like me to do. I'm thinking slimming world shopping lists next week... hmm. 


  1. Great to see a good start on the week! I loved slimming world when I started! I use to whip up savoury rice, chicken and salad for quick lunches! Sweet potato chips were everything!! Now ive switched to paleo I have found so much more food that I would have loved on slimming world like courgetti and spiralizing everything!! I have a good recipe for syn free brownies and lush baked oats as breakfast on my blog and a huge pinterest board full of ideas! :)
    Love Sian | www.thetattooedprincess.com ♥

    1. Sian,

      Thank you for all these amazing ideas hun - love it!!

  2. What a good start - slimming world seems to be a good starting point for you. I'm doing Weight Watchers and it's becoming a bit of a drag so I'd love to see how Slimming World turns out too.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Thanks Lizzie, aww let me know how you get on and if you join Slimming World xx

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