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lovelies! I am currently trying to fight off my extreme excitement to take Harper to Butlins next Friday. Those of my readers who don't know what Butlins is, or live in a different country, it is an entertainment holiday resort with 3 sites around the UK that has activities and entertainment aimed at children. I used to actually work at the one in Minehead in Guest Services and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with them. I am not really keen on taking Harper to a boiling hot country I just know she wouldn't enjoy it, and I am yet to find anything that matches the full on activities and entertainment focused at toddlers other than OBVIOUSLY Disneyland. But yeah, I am getting very excited to take her now, I know she is just going to burst with excitement and we have so many different things planned for the week. We're a really busy household where someone's coming or going at all times and there are always family & friends around too. We barely get time just the three of us apart from when we go to bed at night, so this is going to be so nice for us, can't wait!!
ANYWAY, moving on to today's post which is hugely unrelated to above - AUGUST PAYDAY WISHLIST! This month I am spending most of my free cash on workwear and that's pretty boring quite frankly compared to the list of things I am lusting over this month, here are a few things I will be sneakily squeezing into my budget this month!

I haven't been this excited for a make up palette since Naked On The Run! Vegas Nay is an Instagram superstar who posts and reposts make up tutorials and make up looks. She has already had a very successful collaboration with Eyelure false lashes and has now joined forces with Too Faced to bring you this multi-tasking palette for amazing eye looks. Not only does it include 12 exclusive eye shadow shades, you also get mini versions of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, loose glitter pigment, 6 look cards to try out & Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I'm SO over Summer, it's all about Autumn and I have definitely started shopping for my Autumn & Winter wardrobe. How cute is this skirt? I can't wait for my order to come so I can wear this EVERYWHERE!
I think I am just obsessed with anything berry toned, which is why I love Autumn. 

I am not usually a fan of black bags or fringe, but just lately I have been feeling fringe vibes. I adore this bag, it's a great size for mummy essentials as well as everyday handbag essentials and has the right amount of fringe for my tastes. It comes in black, tan and berry and I kind of want all three, I might have to.

Are these not the most perfect peep toe boots your eyes have ever seen? I love them and yes, MORE FRINGE. They're a great way to make your summer pedicure last a little longer into Autumn whilst starting to step into a more suitable shoe for the upcoming colder seasons. 

I can't decide which one I love the most so I'm not going to and just buy them all. Usually with nude collections you only really get one shade that sells out and is desired by all, however this collection tops any with every shade being so damn gorgeous. 

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Thoughts On A Friday...

Hello, it's been a long time, well a week and a half to be precise. I just want to take a minute to just get a few things I have in my brain on to my blog, this is genuinely not a rant, it's an offload. I really never wanted to be one of these bloggers but I think we're all distracted by the negativity and it's effecting a lot of us in the blogging community and maybe some of us can't find the words to say and maybe some of us need to just get it off our chests. I am notoriously known for not holding back and I don't plan to offend or target anybody in this post, it's merely an observation, I 10000% know that people have their own prerogatives and will take this how they want to and I want to hear about it, I want this to be a discussion and a means to a solution, maybe? 
There's been a lot of blogger drama llama's circulating this week and it's really put me off the blogging community lately, obviously I freaking love the whole blogging package, good and bad. I am really lucky to have met some of the most amazing, ambitious people ever and I am so thankful for that, but there's about 10% of bloggers that just hold on to and emphasise a lot of the negatives and constantly moan about them not being offered enough money or making it their responsibility to try to degrade and humiliate small brands offering experience over money. Some bloggers have made it their mission to write a series of posts of how brands aren't being nice to them and it bewilders me!
I get it we're all trying to make a pretty penny and trying to turn our passion into a brand, you would be silly not to take the amazing opportunities that are given to you. HOWEVER, if you've got a DA of 5060586, billions of page views and have the reach to earn £100 per sponsored post that doesn't give you the right to not treat brands and bloggers alike with maybe less following than yourself, with respect and dignity. These brands are giving you the opportunity to work with them, they are directly contacting you to be a part of your work and your blog, show them the respect they deserve instead of just copy and pasting their email and pretending to be horrified by their requests. 
YES some are ridiculous and I have worked with and declined work with brands who have tried to take the piss, but I see more and more reasonable offers being slapped on Facebook because they're offering you £50 instead of your £100 asking price, when you haven't got the reach to even price yourself at triple figures, it looks really tacky and it's becoming more and more common.
What kind of example are we setting to new bloggers? What kind of image are we trying to send to those who are starting out or interested in becoming a blogger? To me, lately, we are expressing a certain amount of greed and disrespect to the least successful. Instead of trying to nurture their development and education on the business we are really showing a very bad side to blogging. 
Now this is literally about 10 individuals that I have come across in the last 9 months of blogging, it's a very small minority of people who are so wrapped up in their own brand that their information and comments towards certain brands and new bloggers are not helpful they're patronising. 
I am one of the very first people who will bite if I see someone being dishonest or patronising or just down right rude and I like that about myself. Instead of writing posts about the drama for page views I will hit that shit head on. I guess, I am kind of contradicting myself here, but I am actually giving my views on my very personal opinion, this post is not about filling you in with the latest happenings, it's about a generalisation to the increased negativity that I want to address whether there's been a drama today or tomorrow. 
When I started blogging a very short 9 months ago, it was the most magical and positive energy I have ever experienced. I fell in love with writing, blogging and dreaming about the possibilities of hundreds of thousands of people reading what I have to say about my passions. 
I couldn't have ever imagined the stats, the views and the amazing comments that I have received over this whole experience and I am so genuinely grateful for every single person that reads, tweets me, follows me on social media and comments on my blog. 
I wish I could thank you all personally and give you a massive cuddle because you gave me something more important than any amount of money, you gave me my spark back, as cliche as it is. 
I was in such a dark place before blogging, suffering with post natal depression and really feeling like I didn't have a voice or a place in the world anymore, I didn't think I could ever achieve anything again, or even be half the mother, fiance and career woman that I have become. 
I am completely a shadow of the person that I was 10 months ago, I am seeing the world with new eyes and I want people to know my story and I want people to know the very positive and genuine side of blogging that is very achievable and very real. 
Every single blogger that I follow on twitter is a new inspiration for me, a new person's story to read and hear about, I love it so much and I have so much time for the bloggers I have and will connect with in the future. This is why it makes me die inside when I see the really negative sides to this wonderful career, lifestyle and community. Just lately, it's been more negative than ever and I know there's people reading this who feel the same as I do, the richness of the twitter chats is virtually gone and on the Facebook forums I see no end of bad attitude and disrespect for one another and it's painful to sit and read. 
I feel like as a community we're sending the wrong message to aspiring bloggers, especially of the female variety, I have to be honest and it is genuinely mainly a female issue. The togetherness seems to be fading and the general atmosphere seems to be every blogger for themselves. 
I am motivated by writing but of course if I could earn a living and give my family opportunities then I will take that sponsored post, I will take that review and I aspire to work with the brands that I love, I work hard to achieve that, BUT not at the cost of my reputation and dignity...
The nature of the #prrequest hashtag is so cringeworthy,. I honestly can't believe the greed and the want of some people, it makes me ashamed and embarrassed of the image they are spreading across social media. Asking for dog food and pasties? I just can't even go into everything wrong with this, because if you are one of those people, you just need to stop, it's horrific. It's sending the wrong message and the rise of the greedy blogger is ever growing.

How can we turn this around? How can we bring back the positivity, the richness of blogging conversation and debate? How can we limit the damage on the image of bloggers? When is our image actually being affected by the actions of others? How far does it go to tarnish a reputation of thousands? How can we address the bloggers full of greed without humiliating them and public shaming them? 

All questions that need answers to get back to our best, we are a creative, ambitious bunch and I know as a community we can make things better, but do we need to address them or do we ride it out and accept the evolution of the image of blogging and accept the pr requesting beggars for who they are? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts! 

Autumn Make Up Products You Need To Buy Right Now!

After a pretty serious & deep post yesterday I thought I better balance it out with an easy read beauty wishlist! Okay, so can we address the fact that Summer is nearly over!? Unbelievable! I don't mind too much though my favourite season for beauty & fashion is Autumn! I love wrapping up warm in tartan and I love berry lipsticks so much, so this season I am definitely in my element. Of course, we still have a few glorious weeks of warmth, BUT we need to be prepared ladies for the imminent shorter days and colder climates. 

Today's post is all the make up products you need to be at least thinking about purchasing for Autumn 2015! Prepare yourself for berry tones and golden shades galore! Some of these beautiful products are brand new and some are CLASSIC autumn make up essentials! I am a huge planner and I like to get in there early before everything is sold out and I don't like spending the next 3 months religiously scouring websites for products to be back in stock whilst all my favourite bloggers are posting Instagram pictures of them, NOT HAPPENING TO ME THIS SEASON!! 
Every single thing you need for on trend lips, eyes & face is right here, so look no further & enjoy!

I am known for my LOVE of berry and brown lipsticks, in fact I don't think I ever wear shades that don't come under these two tones. Here are some of my absolute favourites for Autumn.

Autumn eyes are all about the perfect cat eye complimented with deep golden lids and full lashes, here is everything you need to achieve Autumn's most loved trend.

1. Soap & Glory SuperCat Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black, Boots £6.00
2. Too Faced Star Dust Eye Palette By Vegas Nay, Too Faced £31.00
3. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, House Of Fraser £38.00
4. Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette, Smashbox £38.00

The one thing about Summer that I hate, is the inability of wearing a high coverage foundation without it melting off your face & coming off on your clothes. Autumn is all about smooth and silky skin and thankfully the high coverage can make it's return along with some deep rosy tones for our cheekbones, here is a collection of products that will help you achieve this look.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation, House Of Fraser £30.00
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Eclat Concealer, Feel Unique £7.99
3. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette, Feel Unique £22.50
4. NARS Blush in Orgasm, ASOS £23.00

That's all for my autumn must haves, I hope you have enjoyed this post & taken some make up shopping inspiration from it. I can't wait to try out all the autumn looks that I can achieve with these products. Leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite autumn make up product is!

You can follow my brand new Autumn Fashion & Beauty boards on Pinterest for further inspiration and some gorgeous autumn looks -https://www.pinterest.com/allthatbekka/ 


Hello there! I have been so slack with my blog lately, so much so that I have kind of got stuck in the mood and mind set I was before blogging. I have a lot going on in my life right now, a lot of people around me are making life in general very difficult for me and I am really trying to fight off slipping back to the worst version of myself. I won't let the behaviour of others ruin my blog for me, and my journey to where I am now. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunities and success I have made in just over half a year and I know I should never take that for granted, it keeps me going. 

Today's post is all about things I wish I knew then, about now. It's a very personal post so brace yourself for some brutal honesty. Don't we all wish we could have saved ourselves some heartache and given ourselves some financial advice when  maxing out every store card we had at 18. I have this conversation with my friends very often and there's always one of us passionately declaring how much we wish we knew. The unknown is the spice of life and I wouldn't change any of my experiences or my mistakes for anything because it completely makes me the person I am now. Here are a few reflections from my own life that you may be able to relate to.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...
This is the ONE thing I actually do regret, being reckless with money. I have made a severely deep hole in my finances in the process of 18-21. I am THE worst person with money you will ever meet and that is no exaggeration. I have over the space of 7 years spent 10's of thousands of pounds on nights out. I have spent 10's of thousands of pounds on clothes I wore once and then lost at a friends house after a heavy weekend. I have been known in my late teens to take out loans to fund wild nights out, make up & endless amounts of clothes! Yes of course, I can't deny I had so much fun, but I am seriously paying for it now and there's nothing more stressful than debt. I would 1000% recommend to my 18 year old self and to any 18 year old, don't spend beyond your means. SPOILER ALERT it will not end well, and you will be in unnecessary debt for the unforeseeable future. If you want to build your credit rating, by all means get a low interest credit card and make a few small purchases. Don't be an 18 year old Rebekka and buy everything you can to max it out, it's not clever and debt doesn't disappear.

People Change...
This is something I still find difficult and I think as a very emotional person, I always will. People change and sometimes it's a good change and other times it's not. I really love my friends and family more than anything and people that know me, know I am a full on friend or family member. I really value the friendships I make and I really value every moment I spend with the people that I love. Trust is so important to me, and if someone breaks that trust it effects me completely. It's human nature to make mistakes and I have made enough to know that, I have been a bad friend, but this isn't what I mean by people changing. I have lost and given up on so many people who have changed in a way that doesn't make us compatible anymore and there's nothing worse than having to give up on people you love, a huge part of life is about letting go whether that's letting go of an emotion or letting go of a person, it has to happen for you to grow. Accepting change is another thing you have to learn to do, whether you like it or not, life is not the same for the whole ride.

Education Is SO Important...
I wish I paid more attention at school and stayed in education, how cliche is that? But it's so true. I was so naughty in school and I didn't care about my education and I didn't care who knew it. I wish I had gone to University, what a wonderful opportunity to explore, meet new people and gain some serious knowledge on something I love. I wanted to be a journalist, I still do, but I never gave myself the opportunity, I chose smoking behind the bike sheds and fitting in with the crowd. I wish I knew I would NEVER fit in the crowd, I just completely stick out like a sore thumb, always have, always will. I wish I thought more of myself to give myself the opportunities I have missed out on. Of course there is always time and opportunity for all ages in education and maybe I will consider that an option.

People Will Talk No Matter What You Do...
I always used to worry about people not liking me and the people who would talk sh*t about me. I would constantly try to justify my actions and try to make those people like me. Trying to change people's opinions of me was a huge focus for me in my wild late teens. I was up to no good most of the time and living in a small town like this, people knew it. It's so hard even now that people still talk about the person I was back then and the trouble I got myself into. I am not that person and now I realise how much those people's opinions don't matter. The people who talk about me now are the people who blend into the crowd, people who hear more about me than they've actually spoken to me. I think some people just don't know how to take my sense of humour or my strong personality and that's okay. I don't need everyone to know me, or accept me. I no longer wish people understood me and who I am and I wish I knew all those years ago in high school that it was okay to be me.

Your Heart Will Heal & You Will Find Happiness..
I truly believe you only get your heart broken properly once. I have had 3 people in my entire life that have been everything to me in their own times and one of those three is my soulmate and the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with. The other two were disasters, there is possibly no greater feeling nor no worse feeling than having a complicated relationship with someone you adore. The first one was when I was 17, tore my heart out, literally it may have been worse pain than labour, but my god did he teach me some lessons about people and about relationships. I don't regret the time we had together, but the fall out was unreal, it's painful to even think about it now, but I can't thank him enough for showing his true colours and eventually my heart healed just in time for number two. Number two, another one who always thought he could do better. He made me laugh just as easy as he made me cry, playing up for everybody else and even to this day never really showing his true colours, unlike the first. Eventually I grew tired of our fighting, my jealousy and our only real communication coming out through alcohol fuelled night outs and I moved 500 miles away. Best thing I did, because I found someone that had been around for so long, right in front of me. Justin is the one and at 20, with little knowledge of how good a relationship can be, I moved up to Newcastle and 3 house moves and 1 baby later things couldn't get better between us. I wish I knew how compatible we were when I first met him when I was 16, it would've saved me sifting through a few wrong ones, that's for sure. But it was the right time, place, everything for us and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Love & Family Is Everything...
My daughter Harper is the definition of everything that I am, I have someone in my life to influence, to educate and to love unconditionally for the whole of my life. I wish I knew that one day I would get to create and meet the most perfect existence I could ever imagine.
I wish I knew how important it is to have love in your life and give back love to the people who love you. It takes minimal effort to make the people in your life happy. Life is so short and yes of course while there's no cure for resting bitch face, there's no reason to have the attitude to match, ESPECIALLY with the ones who love and care for you most. Treasure every single memory and moment you have with the people whom you may take for granted. I know I wish I knew how fragile life is, something I have very recently realised after losing Justin's dad just over a month ago. I see how much Justin wishes he had more time and made more effort. I know how much I wish he had an extra half an hour with Harper or if he could've made it to see Christmas.
Life is a one time deal, you don't get a second chance, make every moment count.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I didn't intend to go into too much detail, but I think I just wanted to express how much I have learnt over the years with the most important things to me. Some of it was quite soppy and deep, but I don't care. I think I am going through a phase of over sharing haha, some people will love it, some will hate it. 
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Hello beautiful people, it's been two weeks since I started Slimming World and let's put it this way - I have been REALLY naughty this week. Unfortunately 3 weeks ago we lost Justin's Dad, Phil. He was a great man and loved his family sooo much. I can now see where Justin gets his family orientated traits from and it's so endearing to learn the similarities in the two more and more as the family has shared so many wonderful stories about Phil in this very, very difficult time for us. We decided when we started Slimming World that on occasions such as holidays, birthdays and family events that we would not be so careful what we eat, we could have a drink and not calorie count. So that is what we have done, the funeral was Friday and Justin's birthday followed on the Monday, we've eaten like pigs AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!! I feel terrible for it.

During our 4 day binge of pizza and fizzy drinks we felt terrible, bloated and so very tired. Isn't it crazy how food can affect your mood? I was so angry and moody! I couldn't wait until today (Tuesday 4th Aug) to get back into my Slimming World routine of fresh veg & fruit and mug shots. Being on this plan for just a week and a half made me realise after a 4 day binge the state I was in before I started Slimming World. The aching and exhaustion is worth no pizza or burger EVER. I'm so glad that we are back on the wagon and moving forward to positivity.

I am still struggling with hunger pains and this is not normal is it? I think because I tell myself this is a diet not a lifestyle, I make myself think I need to go hungry. My friend Hannah at work is a fellow Slimming World follower and is always shouting at me because I am letting myself go hungry "There's no need for it Rebekka!!". Amy has been on my case for letting myself go hungry too, and they're both right there's absolutely no need for it. I don't know why I am doing it, but the girls at work are SO supportive and have given me millions of snack suggestions which I am looking forward to incorporating into my Slimming World journey, so fingers crossed next week I can let you know that I am no longer hungry, haha!

I am getting really stuck in with making my own syn free recipes, so many sauces that can compete with any packet sauce and I have started to make some crazy delicious dinners. I will be doing some Slimming World recipes on my blog, but I need to perfect them first, so watch this space. 

I have had thousands of views on my Pinterest Slimming World board and lots of people following it recently, so thanks to those people! I have been adding and will be adding lots of Slimming World inspiration, recipes, shopping lists and much more. You can follow my Slimming World board right here

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Life is hard and trying to be the best person you can possibly be in your 20's is hard. You're finding your feet in your career, moving out of your parents house and trying to get your head around bills, wondering when you'll ever have a penny to spend on a handbag again. Being in your 20s is the best time of your life in terms of energy, fertility, possibility and opportunity in everything! Some of us want to have lots of children in our 20s and some of us want to travel the world with just the belongings in a rucksack on our back, today's post is all about finding the best in YOU and living life to the full whether you're neck deep in children and bills or neck deep in jager. 


We all feel it don't we? If you have kids or are married you feel sometimes that you might be missing out on something when you see your best friends travelling around Australia, swimming in the great barrier reef. The same goes for those who don't have kids, they feel like they're doing something wrong or running out of time to find the person they want to spend the rest of life with, STOP! I see Facebook statuses and tweets everyday from girls I know saying "Everyone on my timeline is having kids and I can't even get someone to take me on a date." THAT'S OKAY! You're your own person, you have to follow your own path and your own goals. There seems to be this huge deal with conforming to your social media timeline, if you're not doing the same as everybody on Facebook you're doing it wrong, which is ridiculous. We feel pressure in every aspect of life and it seems to be one big competition these days, chill out and realise that whilst you're feeling jealous of somebody else's life, there is someone envious of yours. 


Attitude is everything and mastering your attitude is a must in your 20's. You get away with ALOT between the ages of 16 & 21, but anything above that you're expected to know yourself a bit better from learning from mistakes made in those glorious years. There's no reason why you shouldn't be respectful at ANY age, but I think we tend to worry about offending people and knowing when to bite our tongues better as we age. At 23 I am still learning how far I can push it and when it's better to keep my mouth shut and when my opinion is appropriate. Don't ever be afraid to speak your mind, just learn to find the right time and place for it.


Getting the right balance with work & play is so hard, but it's also SO achievable. Of course we would all love to win the lottery and lay on a Caribbean beach for the next 50 years or so of our lives, but it isn't going to happen, well not to most of us. Don't forget about your friends and family but also don't forget to earn your crust, progress and contribute to this world in what ever way you choose. 


Now I don't necessary believe in worrying about this too much because you can really do whatever you choose to do if you put your mind to it these days, no matter how old you are. However, I do believe in getting experience in things that you enjoy doing as a professional what ever that may be. Network, make connections and really find your passions when it comes to your working life, you are going to be working for the next 30 to 40 years, so do your research and say YES to professional opportunities that come your way, everything you do is an experience and an education. 


We're all partial to a Dominos binge and that is absolutely fine, we're all partial to a vodka, lemon and lime and that's absolutely fine too. Your 20s are the peak of your metabolism, fertility and flexibility, embrace that and don't take it for granted. Don't be afraid of that smear test, don't be afraid to tell the doctor you're feeling anxious or sad and don't be afraid to be hard on yourself when it comes to looking after your health, the more you take care of yourself inside and out, the less likely you're going to have issues with your health in the future.


All three of these things are essentials in your life path. DISCOVER new places, new people and new foods. EXPERIENCE change, heartbreak and happiness. LEARN about you, about others and about the world around you. 


It boggles me how people allow other people, things they have done or said to continue to make them unhappy. You are only going to be on this planet for one lifetime, so be happy and embrace every single second. Have fun, travel, party, make new friends, fall in love, get married, have children, do whatever makes YOU happy, don't worry about what everyone else is doing because in the end it only matters to you, what you're doing. People are going to judge and criticise until the end of time, don't let human nature effect how you live your life and your happiness.