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Thoughts On A Friday...

Hello, it's been a long time, well a week and a half to be precise. I just want to take a minute to just get a few things I have in my brain on to my blog, this is genuinely not a rant, it's an offload. I really never wanted to be one of these bloggers but I think we're all distracted by the negativity and it's effecting a lot of us in the blogging community and maybe some of us can't find the words to say and maybe some of us need to just get it off our chests. I am notoriously known for not holding back and I don't plan to offend or target anybody in this post, it's merely an observation, I 10000% know that people have their own prerogatives and will take this how they want to and I want to hear about it, I want this to be a discussion and a means to a solution, maybe? 
There's been a lot of blogger drama llama's circulating this week and it's really put me off the blogging community lately, obviously I freaking love the whole blogging package, good and bad. I am really lucky to have met some of the most amazing, ambitious people ever and I am so thankful for that, but there's about 10% of bloggers that just hold on to and emphasise a lot of the negatives and constantly moan about them not being offered enough money or making it their responsibility to try to degrade and humiliate small brands offering experience over money. Some bloggers have made it their mission to write a series of posts of how brands aren't being nice to them and it bewilders me!
I get it we're all trying to make a pretty penny and trying to turn our passion into a brand, you would be silly not to take the amazing opportunities that are given to you. HOWEVER, if you've got a DA of 5060586, billions of page views and have the reach to earn £100 per sponsored post that doesn't give you the right to not treat brands and bloggers alike with maybe less following than yourself, with respect and dignity. These brands are giving you the opportunity to work with them, they are directly contacting you to be a part of your work and your blog, show them the respect they deserve instead of just copy and pasting their email and pretending to be horrified by their requests. 
YES some are ridiculous and I have worked with and declined work with brands who have tried to take the piss, but I see more and more reasonable offers being slapped on Facebook because they're offering you £50 instead of your £100 asking price, when you haven't got the reach to even price yourself at triple figures, it looks really tacky and it's becoming more and more common.
What kind of example are we setting to new bloggers? What kind of image are we trying to send to those who are starting out or interested in becoming a blogger? To me, lately, we are expressing a certain amount of greed and disrespect to the least successful. Instead of trying to nurture their development and education on the business we are really showing a very bad side to blogging. 
Now this is literally about 10 individuals that I have come across in the last 9 months of blogging, it's a very small minority of people who are so wrapped up in their own brand that their information and comments towards certain brands and new bloggers are not helpful they're patronising. 
I am one of the very first people who will bite if I see someone being dishonest or patronising or just down right rude and I like that about myself. Instead of writing posts about the drama for page views I will hit that shit head on. I guess, I am kind of contradicting myself here, but I am actually giving my views on my very personal opinion, this post is not about filling you in with the latest happenings, it's about a generalisation to the increased negativity that I want to address whether there's been a drama today or tomorrow. 
When I started blogging a very short 9 months ago, it was the most magical and positive energy I have ever experienced. I fell in love with writing, blogging and dreaming about the possibilities of hundreds of thousands of people reading what I have to say about my passions. 
I couldn't have ever imagined the stats, the views and the amazing comments that I have received over this whole experience and I am so genuinely grateful for every single person that reads, tweets me, follows me on social media and comments on my blog. 
I wish I could thank you all personally and give you a massive cuddle because you gave me something more important than any amount of money, you gave me my spark back, as cliche as it is. 
I was in such a dark place before blogging, suffering with post natal depression and really feeling like I didn't have a voice or a place in the world anymore, I didn't think I could ever achieve anything again, or even be half the mother, fiance and career woman that I have become. 
I am completely a shadow of the person that I was 10 months ago, I am seeing the world with new eyes and I want people to know my story and I want people to know the very positive and genuine side of blogging that is very achievable and very real. 
Every single blogger that I follow on twitter is a new inspiration for me, a new person's story to read and hear about, I love it so much and I have so much time for the bloggers I have and will connect with in the future. This is why it makes me die inside when I see the really negative sides to this wonderful career, lifestyle and community. Just lately, it's been more negative than ever and I know there's people reading this who feel the same as I do, the richness of the twitter chats is virtually gone and on the Facebook forums I see no end of bad attitude and disrespect for one another and it's painful to sit and read. 
I feel like as a community we're sending the wrong message to aspiring bloggers, especially of the female variety, I have to be honest and it is genuinely mainly a female issue. The togetherness seems to be fading and the general atmosphere seems to be every blogger for themselves. 
I am motivated by writing but of course if I could earn a living and give my family opportunities then I will take that sponsored post, I will take that review and I aspire to work with the brands that I love, I work hard to achieve that, BUT not at the cost of my reputation and dignity...
The nature of the #prrequest hashtag is so cringeworthy,. I honestly can't believe the greed and the want of some people, it makes me ashamed and embarrassed of the image they are spreading across social media. Asking for dog food and pasties? I just can't even go into everything wrong with this, because if you are one of those people, you just need to stop, it's horrific. It's sending the wrong message and the rise of the greedy blogger is ever growing.

How can we turn this around? How can we bring back the positivity, the richness of blogging conversation and debate? How can we limit the damage on the image of bloggers? When is our image actually being affected by the actions of others? How far does it go to tarnish a reputation of thousands? How can we address the bloggers full of greed without humiliating them and public shaming them? 

All questions that need answers to get back to our best, we are a creative, ambitious bunch and I know as a community we can make things better, but do we need to address them or do we ride it out and accept the evolution of the image of blogging and accept the pr requesting beggars for who they are? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts! 


  1. 100% agree with everything you wrote. Couldn't have said it better myself. I think it's always best to treat people/brands with respect and not belittle them. x

  2. I agree with this - this was a major thing in the UK Bloggers Facebook group recently (not sure if you're a member and got it from there). Blogs are about you and your life and opinions - people can't and shouldn't try to buy that.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Couldn't agree more, I set up a random little blog a few years ago for a post-grad journalism course I was doing and I loved how simple it all was, so with those lovely memories I set up my new blog a few months ago and I cannot believe how much the landscape has changed, it's been quite shocking.
    I've also left journalism and gone into PR and marketing and I am honestly gobsmacked by some of the rude responses I've received in the last 8 months. If you don't like what a company is offering I believe you should politely decline and move on, there's another human being on the other end of the line who's just trying to do their job and believe me, a lot of PRs wish they could offer more budget to the blogs that have great stats or reach. But it's the bloggers who only get into it to make easy money/blag freebies and stomp around with their entitlement who spoil it for everyone else and leave a sour taste in many PRs' mouths.
    Damn, I want to write a little rant of my own now haha.

    1. I have so much time for everything you have said I also work in Marketing and it's really easy to see from this side of the fence how rude, ungrateful and disrespectful some bloggers can be. Not only should they just politely decline they should just skip past the posts they don't want to work with on the facebook forums when brands approach and don't offer them what they want. It's disrespectful and all I see lately is miserable bastards on UK bloggers print screening emails expressing their disgust at only being offered £30, those types of people will fail miserably.