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Apps & Resources Every Blogger Should Swear By...

Holllllla! I have done similar posts to this before, but I just love to share the apps & resources that have been enhancing my blogging experiences, with you. I am always getting asked what I use for this, that and the other, so I thought I would make an up to date post on the ones I am obsessed with and couldn't live without right now. It's really important, as a blogger, to be organised and really make use of the little time that we actually have to schedule, edit, write, design and much more. I hope you find some use in these apps & resources.

Hootsuite is incredible for time management on the social media front. Some people swear by daily scheduling, however I only schedule tweets when I remember/can be bothered. It really, really does have a positive impact on your stats and followers though and I would recommend daily scheduling to everyone who has the time or considers blogging their full time occupation.
PicMonkey is one of two of my ultimate go to resources for blogging. I create all my blog headers, edit photographs and create post headers with this website and I love it! It's so easy to use and fast working that it takes me no more than 5 minutes to create anything basic.
My other favourite design website, Canva, allows you to create any size image and gives you solid inspiration from many of the design choices and editing tools. A little harder than PicMonkey to get into but the quality of design it produces is second to none.
Affiliate window is my go to for affiliate networking. If you want to include affiliate links and work with top end brands then look no further. I have earned the most money blogging from Affiliate Window. It's not just links and ad space either I have worked on sponsored post through this website too, it's a great starting point for those who want to make money from their blog.
Bloglovin is a no brainer, it's full of great reads from all your fellow bloggers and crammed with inspiration for your own blog. If I am ever at a loss for what I want to blog about I read through lots and lots of blogs until the green light comes on. I get seriously inspired from it and it can come from reading one sentence or just being inspired by a particular blogger.
This app is my go to for filtering my Instagram posts. I love Instagram and up until 3 weeks ago I was more than pleased with the outcome from the standard Instagram filters. I then saw a couple of bloggers talking about VSCO, so I downloaded it to see what the fuss was about and I am SOLD. I didn't even know these filters and edits could exist for free!? It's amazing and you need to download it right now.
The one and only Viralwoot is a Pin scheduler for Pinterest. This is a great way to consistently post as it can be quite fiddly to do on the go. Consistency is key with Pinterest if you want to grow your following and increase your traffic. This tool is very handy and one every blogger should k- Unow about.
I could not recommend an application more, Dropbox is life changing. In basics Dropbox is an application that stores your photos and if you have the app, it syncs photo's from your phone onto the app and stores them there. You can save multitudes of files, photos and much more with Dropbox. It's a great way to share your CV, media pack and photos anywhere, anytime.
Google Analytics is life if you're a blogger. I can't live without it and you can now have your beloved statistics on the go. The app is extremely easy to use and understand which ensures you can keep up to date on your blogs activity wherever you may be.
Looking for some extra pennies? Upwork is an awesome freelancing job board, better than any other that I have used. Whether you're looking for web design or content writing, Upwork has millions of jobs waiting for you to snap up!

Guys I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking for new apps and resources to try to enhance my blog and blogging experience, if you have a favourite then pretty please share it below, I have always got room for more blogging apps and resources in my life. If you enjoyed this post & would like me to do more BLOGGING 101 posts, let me know in the comments below, until next time xoxox


Ummm, where is this year going? October is coming and I can't believe how fast life is whizzing me by! I swear I was only just having a BBQ and I blinked, now I have my heating cranked up & dressing gown on. I have had a really stressful and busy couple of weeks, I just don't have time to pay my blog the attention I want to. My head is constantly buzzing around a million things I need to do or need to think about doing, so I have bought a planner, so that I can plan out my weeks with my actual job and my blog. My personal life has been extremely stressful too, I have been trying for a baby for some time now and it's just not happening. Everyone keeps telling me it's because i'm not calm and my life is too intense, that I should just let it happen when it's supposed to happen, but I am so desperate to get pregnant that I am finding "calm" a struggle. I'm totally on edge all the time and I am very conscious of how old Harper is and the age gap I am creating, which really bothers me. So, yet again another month is passing me by without conceiving and it's really beginning to ruin my days, weeks and life actually. Justin is taking me on a shopping spree this Friday just some us time so that we can take the pressure off, for one day at least. I'm really looking forward to it, and of course I will be blogging a hopefully HUGE haul some time next week.
Today's post is, of course, my payday wishlist and I am wishing for lots, I have to shop my whole Autumn look this month and I have a good friend's engagement party on the 10th so I am searching for the perfect dress too! 

Born This Way Foundation, Too Faced £27.00

I have only heard crazy amazing things about this foundation and I can't wait to get my hands on it at the end of the week. It claims to be a full coverage foundation with a natural finish. As a huge fan of full coverage I know that it is revolutionary if a full coverage foundation can really make you look like you're not even wearing it. We will see how this goes, watch out for my full review! 
ALSO if you sign up to www.toofaced.com you will get 20% off your first purchases, even more reason to grab this foundation before it sells out! 

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Elegante, Feel Unique £26.00

How intensely perfect for Autumn is this Chanel lipstick?! I have been staring lovingly at this colour & pensive by Chanel FOR WEEKS. Yes, it's a hefty £26.00 but if you're willing to spend £23.00 on Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry, you should do it for Chanel too. 

New Look Wide Fit Ankle Boots, ASOS £19.99

I love boot shopping but with so much to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming. This month I am 1000% purchasing these awesome New Look boots, they're such an Autumn essential and at under £20 you can't go wrong! 

Pull&Bear Buckle Cut Out Ankle Boots, ASOS £29.99

For a smarter boot, I am really loving these Pull&Bear boots from ASOS! I think they can be dressed down and dressed up, which I am all about! I like to have at least one brown and one black pair of boots over Autumn so these are just perfect, can't wait to get my hands on them.

 Lace Up Skater Dress, ASOS Curve £25.00

I bloody hated this trend when it first hit the runway, but now I love it! I am, like I said, still looking for a dress for an engagement party what do we think of this guys? I'm not sure if it's engagement party material but I love it and need it in my wardrobe anyway! 

Camel Large Faux-Suede Satchel, River Island £30.00 

This season I have an obsession with satchels and River Island haven't disappointed me with this beauty! I have been looking for one on the high street large enough for my day to day essentials and this one is absolutely perfect!

That's all for my SEPTEMBER PAYDAY WISHLIST, I hope you have enjoyed this and it has given you some splurge inspiration! Let me know what you're buying this payday and which of my wishlist has caught your eye - until next time! 


Today's post is all about AUTUMN, it is upon us whether you love it or hate it. I bloody love that Summer is over, it's probably my least favourite season I don't like being hot and I don't like sweating so me and Summer are just never going to be besties and I am okay with that. I am such an autumn girl. I love every single thing about it from fashion to scented candles, Autumn brings the best of everything and today's post is celebrating that. So grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte & enjoy!

 1. Berry toned lips - if you know me well you will know how obsessed I am with berry toned lipsticks and there is no better time to wear them than Autumn. My current favourites are: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Glastonberry & Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Plum Sensation.

2. Spending Hours Shopping For Boots - my favourite types of shoes to buy are boots and this year has been no exception with so many beautiful designs by all our favourite high street brands including New Look & ASOS. My top picks for autumn are boots with tassels.

3. Home Cooking - Roast dinners, casseroles & stews - all horrendously unhealthy, unless of course you follow Slimming World where you can find millions of recipes to satisfy your autumn comfort food needs, you can find lots of recipes on my Slimming World Pinterest Board.

4. Trench Coats - Probably my favourite fashion essential ever is a trench coat and autumnal weather provides you with the biggest opportunities to wear them. They go with EVERYTHING and really finish off any outfit and can smarten up the most casual of looks.

5. Halloween - Pumpkin carving, halloween crafts, halloween house parties & stealing sweets from your trick or treating toddler, must I go on!?

6. Autumnal Eyes - Gorgeous golds & beautiful browns are the perfect combo for awesome autumnal eyes, check out my top picks on my Autumnal Make Up Pinterest Board.

7. Starbucks/Costa & Coffee In General - It's always more appealing and more satisfactory drinking a hot coffee during the colder months and the high street coffee merchants know this, with limited edition flavours galore, there's never been a better time to spend half your wages on coffee every morning before work.

8. The Increase In Opportunity To Stay In Your Pyjamas ALL DAY - With Autumn comes colder weather & rain, it's universal that rain is negative, but I like to find the positives in everything. Rainy days = an excuse not to leave the house = Pyjamas & Pretty Little Liars allllll day, heaven.

9. Anticipation of Christmas - The Christmas season is my favourite time of year by miles and when Autumn comes knocking it means that Christmas is not far. I definitely enjoy Christmas more now that I have a toddler, I think I get more excited than she does. I start my Christmas shopping at the end of September so that I can prolong the excitement further.

10. Knitwear - Is there anything more perfect than being toasty and super comfy in a thick cable knit sweater!? I don't think so!

11. Burning Scented Candles ALL DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY - There is no better time to light a scented candle than in Autumn, filling your home with beautiful Autumnal smells, mmm there's nothing better. My favourite Autumn scents are Yankee Candle's Vanilla Bourbon and Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia.

12. Bonfire Night - Fireworks, Snuggling By The Bonfire & Toffee Apples, OH YES!

13. Trees Become Ridiculously Photogenic - The outdoors becomes more beautiful than ever, the crunch of leaves surrounding your toes and deeper sunsets drawing in earlier and earlier.

14. Leftover Halloween Treats - Over buying sweets & treats for trick or treaters on purpose to then indulge in them for the next week or so.

15. Bikini season and body shame is behind us - the ability to not shave your legs for 6 months hiding them under dozens of pairs of thick black tights and all the lucky bitches on your Facebook timeline flaunting their belly buttons all over the place are a thing of the past. No more bikini body shaming by magazines as they scrutinise celebrities on their summer holidays on the front pages.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has left you feeling all warm & fuzzy inside! Leave me a comment below & don't forget to follow me for more posts coming your way very soon!