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Looking after your skin is next level shit in Winter, failing to acknowledge your outer shell's need for TLC could result in dryness, dullness and flaking. This routine can be horrendously heavy on the pocket and let's face it, none of us need it this side of Christmas. Today's post is all about taking care of your skin on a modest budget, although still giving it the attention it so desperately craves in this weather. There are plenty of high street, drugstore products that are up to scratch, it's just about finding those little gems and lucky for you, I have. Thanks Rebekka.

Probably the part of my body that takes the biggest battering from the winter weeks. Dry lips can cause actual physical pain and let's face it, looks ghastly. This time of the year features many berry lipsticks if you're a gal after my own heart and cracked lips just aren't an option, there are 3 lip products I swear by to keep my pout party ready at all times.
- Carmex Lip Balm Tube, Boots £2,69                                                   
- Lipscuff, The Body Shop £8.00 (highly recommended)       

A huge problem area especially during the winter due to the high sensitivity to the skin on your face. No one is ever truly happy with their bare complexion and there's always room for improvement and better attempts to protect it. I swear by these 3 products to ensure I can protect my facial skin as much as possible and they are all by SOAP & GLORY!!

If you're like me, you completely neglect your body from the neck down when winter draws in. Roll necks & thick black tights will hide your unshaven gorilla-esque pins, however your skin still needs to be loved at least once a week with a full length scrub and moisturize to allow it to breath and get rid of the dead skin cells. My fave three products are as follows...
-  Bio Oil 125ml, FeelUnique £13.45                                    

Sometimes there's just no stopping the curse that Winter brings your skin, ESPECIALLY if you're run down and nursing a cold or flu. Luckily, because these scenarios are so common, drugstore brands have really out done themselves when it comes to repair treatments on a modest budget. My three skincare superheroes are...
- E45 Lotion For Dry & Flaky Skin 500ml, Boots £7.35

I hope you have enjoyed this post and get the opportunity to try out some of these amazing products. I have used all tried and tested in the past and I really recommend all of them during the colder months, Leave me a comment below if you have a skincare product you swear by to get you through Autumn & Winter, thanks for reading!

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