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Hello my little Christmas puddings, long time no speak!!! 
I just wanted to take a moment out of my blogging break to wish all my readers & followers a very Merry Christmas!! 
My blogging break is nearly over and as of Monday I will be back to posting regular content and I just can't wait, I am itching to get back to writing and feeling the ongoing love & support from the blogging community. I have seen more than a few bloggers, who I know and love, suffering from the same blogging slump as me at the moment and it's sad to see people losing their way and confidence in their little space in this huge business. 
 I feel like I'm being swallowed up in a black hole full of bloggers producing similar content and the never ending repetition of Twitter chats is driving me insane, I swear if I get asked my favourite form of social media one more time... 
2016 will be a great year and how do I know this? Because I am going to make damn sure it is. You don't get anywhere in this life or in this industry without hard work and determination. For a moment I started feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't getting the opportunities that my peers were. I wasn't putting 110% effort into my craft both at home and at work and THAT is the real reason I am in this blogging slump and quite possibly a life slump. 
 I'm going to indulge in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I love this Christmas. I'm going to make gingerbread houses and bake cupcakes with my daughter. I'm going to squeeze my fiance a little tighter and spoil him rotten as he deserves. I'm going to play 'avengers' with my nephew no matter how much I despise superheroes, and most of all I am going to be positive. Positive about me & my little families bright future, positive about working on my fertility issues and positive that I have a healthy happy family and home! 
I wish every single one of you reading this a Merry Christmas! I hope you all eat too much, drink too much and have fun.

Rebekka x


  1. Happy Christmas!

    Hope you enjoyed your little break!

    Francesca xxx

  2. Happy Christmas. And re: blogging slump, I've felt the same completely! Endless Twitter chats, counting views and feeling that it's just not FUN anymore!I had a month off and now back and feeling much better.

    Lizzie Dripping