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Hello beauts, welcome back to my blog! Today's post is all about my resolutions for 2017 and there's quite a few of them. Some people think resolutions are stupid, but I beg to differ. I think they're a great way to be ambitious, to have a focus and where there is always room for improvement to recognise those areas that need improvement is essential to have a successful year ahead and beyond.
Last year I had the cliche ones to quit smoking & lose weight, but I also had some pretty huge one's that I wanted to achieve. I was 10 months into trying for another baby and I was desperate to move out of my little hometown and to the city so that our daughter, Harper, could get into the school's we wanted for her. Well, I was successful in those, I now have my beautiful baby boy who we fell pregnant with in February, we couldn't believe our luck and we never thought we would be able to have another after a year of trying. Now we have 7 week old Hudson and he has well and truly completed us, we are all so in love and we go into the new year as a family of four. 
I also managed to move to the city, with mixed emotions, making this move happen was a million times harder and expensive than I could have ever imagined and it really made me realise a lot when we became so dependant on our families, to say I learnt some lessons is an understatement.
Here are my new years resolutions and goals...


Hello from the other side of Christmas and surprisingly I am not on a Christmas comedown this year. I am currently on maternity leave so unlike last year I get to be at home all day, everyday spending time with my two perfect babies. Last Christmas, I was 10 months into trying for a baby and starting to panic that having another baby wasn't going to be an option for us, and here I am at Christmas 2016 with a healthy, happy, 6 week old baby boy, I feel so blessed.
On top of that, I got some of the most amazing gifts I have ever received in my life & although it's the most cringe thing to say in the world, the boy REALLY did good and so did everybody else for that matter. I wouldn't say I am hard to please, but I think Justin would. I am not the kind of gal to wait for things and leave it for somebody else to buy me on birthdays or christmas. If I want something I buy it without even thinking about it, so when it comes to occasions it can, I suppose, be hard to buy for me because I don't ever have a list. 
There isn't going to be a disclaimer on this post because I am totally, 10000% bragging about how well my family & friends did for me this year and yes, I am super grateful and super aware that not every person is as fortunate as I am. I just have to show off my friends and families mad gifting skills.


This is my signature scent and of course it's horrendously luxe and expensive, but it's the best and the best costs money, which annoys Justin so much. I love it so much, it's smell is worth every penny spent and you really can't get the quality of this scent from a £20 perfume. 
This set has a shower gel and a body lotion which are both absolutely amazing as well. This is one thing I never ever buy for myself because I know Justin will get it for me on my birthday and Christmas.



Keeping your skin in good condition during the winter months can be extremely difficult in the UK, especially with the most unpredictable weather you could ever imagine.
I mean it's definitely something that needs to be regimental and consistent but it doesn't have to be a chore and with the right products it can be easier than you think to keep on top of your winter skincare.
Today's post is a review on all the products I have been using to keep my skin on top form so far this winter, from hand creams to face masks, I've got you covered.


This hand & nail cream is the most delicious smelling formula I have ever used and I do love myself a hand cream. It smells like apricots and orange, which is a scent I wouldn't usually go for. Hand cream is SO important during the winter months, your hands and nails can take a real battering from the cold weather so make sure you always carry a hand & nail cream around with you in your handbag. The other hand cream I really recommend is the Vaseline collection especially the Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Cream.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream, Caudalie £12.00


It's no secret that the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream collection is a favourite amongst every beauty blogger, but I had to mention the daily moisturiser because I swear by it. It's so rich and gives such a thick luxurious finish that you really feel like you're giving your skin a treat every single time you apply it.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer, Boots £30.00


L'Oreal Pure Clay masks are another beauty blogger favourite, but are quite new on the scene. My favourite of the four different masks is the glow mask. This mask gives you around 10 - 15 applications, which I think is amazing for the price and quality. The glow mask in particular has beads in it so doubles up as a scrub as well as a mask. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and usually try to use it once a week! It's great for getting rid of dry skin, especially around my nose which always seems to suffer the most during winter.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask, Boots £7.99


This Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask is an absolute dream if you have really dried out and dull skin caused by the winter weather. It's cream based and you apply all over your face and leave for 10 minutes. It's unlike any other 'peel' mask I have ever used and although you can feel it drying onto your skin, to touch it's still super moist and feels so silky. I really recommend the whole Caudalie range but this mask in particular is my favourite.

Caudalie Glycolic Peel 75ml, Caudalie £22.00


Another Elizabeth Arden fave for me is the eight hour cream lip balm, I don't know anybody else who uses this but I absolutely swear by it when my lips are feeling cracked or dry. I wear a lot of matte lipsticks and creams which are universally known for being super drying. The eight hour formula has been formed into a lip balm stick that is easier to apply and spread than the original eight hour cream. It's a very intense formula that I find cures my chapped lips completely within 2 applications over 2 days. A great way to prevent chapped or cracked lips is to apply this lip balm every night before bed and sleep in it, you will really notice the difference.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick, Boots £20.00

That's all for my winter skincare saviours, I hope you have enjoyed this post & have taken some skin inspiration from this & I would love for you to let me know in the comments what your winter skincare saviours are, either that or come find me on twitter @3beksbabe.


Again, I have been away from my blog for a few weeks, but instead of just being too lazy to blog, I have a genuine reason for my time away. 
Last Thursday night to be precise, I gave birth to our beautiful little boy 3 weeks early and he is just too perfect for words. 
As you can imagine I have been bombarded with questions and messages, all of which I am SO grateful for and appreciate the love and well wishes so much, but dishing the details of my labour and beyond over and over again is tiresome. So I thought I would write a blog post for those interested and those who are preparing for an impending labour themselves!


In my first pregnancy it was lately discovered that I was suffering with a pregnancy related illness called 'Obstetric Cholestasis'. OC as it is more commonly termed is a condition that makes your liver basically fall apart, in not so formal terms. It increases the bile acids and ALTs in your liver functionality and can ultimately cause stillbirth and fatality for the mother if it's bad enough. The research on this condition is so minimal that medical professionals try to take as much precaution as possible when it comes to diagnosing and ultimately getting the baby out. I have had OC before in my first pregnancy, it was discovered the day before I was due and I was induced the next day. This time I have been more closely monitored and other than Hudson being fairly small, the OC didn't creep in until about 2 weeks ago, in which time I was in hospital every other day having blood tests until eventually they decided to take no risks and induce me at 36+4.


On Tuesday evening I arrived at delivery suite to be induced. I have been induced before and knew not to expect to be in labour for a very long time, last time it took 6 days, so I had extremely low expectations for this to work. 
They are rolling out a new method of induction for anyone who has already given birth, it's a catheter cervix induction and I was offered this method over the chemical pessary. The method of this induction is inserting a catheter into your cervix and filling the balloon inside the cervix to encourage it to slowly open and induce labour. 
I had the cervix catheter in for 12 hours and it managed to pull away my plug and encourage a few contractions but as with most inductions it failed to do much else. 


After I had the cervix catheter removed, I had to then wait to have my waters broken, I waited all day Wednesday to see a doctor and finally at 6:30pm a doctor materialised in full surgery attire and when she pulled up a chair to sit down, I knew that something was wrong.
As you can probably imagine maternity services work on a moment to moment basis, no day is the same twice and you can't predict who and what situation is going to appear through the doors at any time. Babies wait for nobody and priority comes to those who need to deliver first, it's as simple as that.
So when the doctor sat down with me to tell me that it was going to be impossible to break my waters that evening due to a number of emergency c sections, although I sobbed like a baby (ironically), I could completely understand why. By this point I had been away from Harper for the longest time I have ever been in her life and I was really starting to miss her, as any mother would. 
I was the first on the list to have my waters broken, I wasn't allowed to go home in case they could break my waters an hour from then, but then again she didn't rule out it being anytime in the future, the time frame was as long as a piece of string and by dinner time I was on the ward with all the other women waiting in line to have their babies delivered. 


At 5:45am, around 10 hours after being thrown onto the induction ward, I was woken by a midwife and told to get ready to go back to have my waters broke. Poor Justin had slept on a chair with my dressing gown for a pillow for the second night in a row and although we were exhausted, we were just so pleased to finally get the ball rolling. 
On delivery suite we were taken to our room and by 7am on Thursday my waters were painfully broken by one of my lovely midwives. I then was sent off to try to get the ball rolling by myself before I go on the hormone drip. 
By this point I had a huge cannula in my right hand which meant doing anything became increasingly impossible. Justin had to feed me my breakfast and we started to anticipate how long it would take for our baby to show his face. We couldn't and didn't prepare ourselves for the next 16 hours ahead...


By 10am I was hooked up to about 4 drips and my second birthing partner, my sister, had arrived. Due to being high risk, Hudson's heart needed to be measured from start to finish to ensure he was happy and stable at all times, so I agreed to have a clip attached to his head to monitor and make things easier and clearer to read for the midwives. At this point my it had changed to the day shift so I had a different midwife and student midwife with me, both of whom will probably never read this but were gave me the best memories and care I could've possibly hoped for. They made the whole experience relaxing and ALMOST painless. 
Let's get one thing clear, I am no hero and I have the WORST pain threshold of anyone you will ever meet, I cried when I got my ears pierced for goodness sake. So pain relief was not an option for me. it was a necessity for me and I am not ashamed of that at all. I needed to make this experience as stress free and as quick as I could for both me and my baby, so I did what I needed to do. 
At first by about 12pm I was on the gas & air, and it was amazing haha. Justin and Nicolle spent the whole time filming me because I spent the whole time crying with laughter and coming out with absolute shit that even had my midwife was crying with laughter at me. 
By 2pm I turned it up a notch and had the epidural, which I have had before and oh my god, I would recommend it to anyone in a long labour, it's amazing and thank god anaesthetist's exist because I don't think I could give birth without one haha. 


12 hours into labour at 7pm I was ready to be checked for dilation. I was so nervous because I know my luck and we all prepared for me to have only progressed to around 4cm, even though I was on a huge dose on the hormone drip and I was contracting 4-5 times in every 10 minutes.
The midwife checked me for dilation and I tried to read her face for a result, she then had the student midwife check too and they consulted each other outside of the room leaving us in anticipation. They came back and told me I was still 2cm, 3 at a push. 
Although I thought I would be more pissed off, I actually remained totally calm and just carried on, by this point the night shift was about to start and it was time for my midwives to handover. Luckily, I got to have the midwives back who broke my waters, so I was happy and ready to get going.


By about 9pm I was in AGONY, my epidural wasn't working the wire had stretched and wasn't connecting to the machine properly. I was on my own and feeling it wearing off with every single contraction. My contractions had completely changed and instead of feeling like period pains, it was immense pressure as if I my body was already pushing naturally. Like I said before I was a high risk patient so I was having my temp and blood pressure taken every 10 minutes at this point. Suddenly my temperature spiked and I was awaiting blood tests from doctors. At 11pm I was checked again for dilation, we all expected 6cm and in fact I was 10cm and his head was right there, he was ready to come out. 
I wanted to start pushing so I did with the help of the most amazing student midwife. Whilst I was pushing as well as having crazy contractions, I was having blood taken. my blood pressure done and my anaesthetist was awkwardly trying to fix my epidural. It was 23:27pm and I remember saying to the midwife, shall I wait for 33 minutes to give birth so that he is classed as full term? But I just couldn't wait any longer and by 23:33pm with the help of my student midwife, my fiance and my sister I gave birth to our son. 


I woke up on the after care ward on Friday morning, feeling a little worse for wear. After Hudson had been born the rest of the night was a bit of a blur and I spent some time on the drips after a big bleed and contracting septicaemia during labour. Luckily, Hudson was completely healthy and happy, but my body was an absolute mess and I just couldn't acknowledge it for a second. All I cared about was Hudson and how he was. My cannula was still in for around 36 hours so that I could have all my antibiotics and it was stopping me from picking up the baby because it was so badly bruised. I felt completely useless and I just wanted to go home so badly. 
By Saturday because we had not seen sunlight since Wednesday afternoon it was only natural that I started to notice Hudson was turning a tinge of yellow, shock horror he had jaundice. 
Jaundice is a skin/blood condition which is caused by lack of sunlight and too much melolin in the blood. But as pedantic as it sounds due to Hudson being 27 minutes off full term, he was classed as a premature baby and immediately had to receive phototherapy treatment which lasted 14 hours, he hated every second of it but by Sunday morning his condition had dramatically improved.


On Sunday evening me and Hudson both got the all clear to come home, albeit I am on about 15 tablets a day and I have to inject my stomach every single day for the next 6 weeks. Hudson is perfect, happy and HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. We are bottle feeding after a bad breastfeeding experience and yesterday we were discharged from the midwives care. Hudson is TINY and none of his clothes fit him, he's 100% nocturnal which is a struggle but he's so content and loves to be swaddled. Harper is obsessed with him and is so interested in every aspect of his care and is already playing the protective big sister role perfectly. I hold him and can't believe he's here after the struggles of getting pregnant this time around. Now I am just looking forward to watching him grow and watching his relationship with his sister develop. Christmas is going to be so magical and we all just feel so complete. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & again I just want to thank every single person who has taken the time to congratulate us and send well wishes and love, we are so overwhelmed by the love from all of you, thank you, thank you, thank yoooou. 


Hello you beautiful bunch, welcome back to my blog! Today I have a beauty review for you of a very popular and much hyped product that hit the UK about 3 months ago now. I have been using it for around 6 weeks and thought I better share with my beauty loving readers exactly what I thought and my experience with it. 
The product is the Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation and honestly, I have read several mixed reviews on it. Foundation is my all time favourite beauty product to purchase and for me is the most important element of a well finished face. I feel like if you have a really good base, the rest just follows suit. 


Urban Decay claims that this foundation is "full coverage with a modern matte finish" and I couldn't agree more. When applying this foundation it COMPLETELY covers everything, however in a sense that it's almost a mask. It's a very unnatural, doll face finish, so if you're looking for something that enhances your natural skin, this is not for you. If you are looking for a more dramatic finish, this foundation is perfect for you. It's super high coverage that I believe can compete with the likes of Estee Lauder Double Wear. I use 3 pumps per application and apply with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, this gives me a full face with a full coverage, super matte finish. Although I can't see you needing more, should you feel like you need to build more coverage, this is super easy to blend and won't react badly to your fave concealer. 


This has to be the most disappointing aspect of the product for me, on application this foundation is FLAWLESS but let me assure you, 3 hours later you will be reapplying to your t zones. I don't know whether this is just my skin or it's something everyone is experiencing with the foundation, but the flaky, powdery vibe that develops after about 3 hours wear on my nose and forehead, is not the one. I have combination to oily skin and perhaps this is why over the course of the day it becomes a problem. I moisturise but I don't prime with this foundation, could this be a priming issue? I don't know, but I do know that this could be enough for me to not buy this foundation again.


All Nighter is really hydrating for a full coverage foundation which is another aspect about the formula that I really love about this foundation, and I haven't experienced any issues with my skin or any breakouts since using it. It is extremely easy to remove and doesn't drag across your skin in the process of removing it, another aspect that I really like about it.


I ordered the foundation from the Debenhams website and basically took a lucky guess, although I am unevenly toned, yellow toned bases really work better for me than pink toned. I purchased this in 2.0 and it is almost perfect for my skin. I do have to make sure it is extremely well blended into my neck though, because if it isn't it's an absolute disaster leaving it looking extremely thick and nasty. 


I would probably buy this foundation again IF a primer could sort out the flaking issue I have with it on my nose and forehead, if I couldn't then most definitely not. I love Urban Decay and all their products and I love the idea of this product in so many ways, the hydrating but super matte finish and the coverage is incomparable. Longevity is something I expect when I pay for a high end product, any high street product can be good when you first apply but I feel like you get what you're paying for when it wears off within 2 hours. I pay the extra for longevity and unfortunately this has been the disappointment of the entire product.



I hope you have enjoyed this beauty review and if you have any questions I haven't answered OR you have tried this foundation too, leave me a comment below. Also let me know if you like this kind of post from my blog? I would love all your feedback either via comments or Twitter, you can find me under @3beksbabe


It's finally over, I am all settled into our new house and back to my blogging best. I have had a seriously unanticipated long break from my blog, it's been impossible to write whilst I have been trying to move and getting more pregnant.
As well as my blog, I am also so behind on all the latest tv shows that everybody else are enjoying at the moment. I am now on maternity leave so I am now, miraculously, finding time in between juggling my 3 year old and unpacking my house to watch to catch up on tv I have missed and watch along with everybody else. 
Today I have teamed up with UHD TV Panasonic to bring you all of my top tv selections that must not be missed this Autumn, prepare to be OBSESSED.



It's that time of year again, The Apprentice is back! 
Unless you live under a rock you will understand the concept of the programme, and for those who have somehow managed existance without crossing paths with this tv treasure... 
Twitter tormenter & well known entrepreneur Alan Sugar takes on a gaggle of egotastic wannabe business brains with the goal of becoming Lord Sugar's business partner. Every series promises a mixture of genuine business geniuses and those who quite frankly couldn't sell ice to an eskimo. Although every week follows the hopefuls in team challenges, it really is every man for himself, which you see as tempers flares and ego's clash in the boardroom showdowns. Combine all of this with Karen Brady eyerolls and Claude's zero tolerance for anybody, it's must see midweek tv that you must not miss. 


The Queen of all trash tv has to be Geordie Shore, and if you are not familiar with Gaz and the gang of tragic twenty somethings who spend their lives partying in the most popular party haunts of Newcastle and beyond, you really have been missing out. 
Although the season has already been presumably doomed by the shock exit of fan favourite, Charlotte Crosby, it also see's the permanent return of another firm fave, Sophie Kasaei, who left the show in 2013. 
This season's preview trailer has already promised explosions of epic proportions with tears, tantrums and the dramatic exit from the show by one of the girls, as usual you can expect to be watching through parted fingers. 
The brand new season of Geordie Shore starts at 10pm on October 25th on MTV. 


Series two has just ended this week on BBC One, but if you haven't watched this I must insist that you get on to BBC iPlayer right now. The 5 part drama follows army medic, Georgie Lane, as she is pushed to her limits physically, mentally and emotionally in love and in war. Georgie embarks on a humanitarian mission in South Africa that takes a turn for worst whilst dealing with her own personal demons and return of a lost love. This gripping action packed drama stars popular soap siren Michelle Keegan and equally stunning 'Skins' favourite Luke Pasqualino, a combination not to be missed. 
Click here to catch up on Our Girl right now.


This is the one I have been looking forward to most of all. This is a tongue in cheek, if possible, take on the breakdown of a marriage. Starring the wonderful SATC Queen Bee, Sarah-Jessica Parker this brand new comedy is already raking in rave reviews in the states and will be landing on our UK screens shortly. I have great expectations for this show and for SJP, make sure you tune in with me on October 11th, Sky Atlantic. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & as excited as me to watch all of these programmes, I want to know if you have any tv guilty pleasures that you're looking forward to this Autumn/Winter that I can get hooked up on too? Leave me a comment below. 


It's been so long since I last posted - soz guys! I have been a bit all over the place for the last four weeks with trying to move house & getting increasingly more pregnant. At the moment I am at my sisters living with 6 other people including Harper and Justin, as you can imagine finding time or space to sit and write without distraction is proving difficult. I miss my blog so much.
As I write I am almost 25 weeks pregnant, and definitely feeling it, so today I am just going to pour all my pregnancy feels into my blog and hope that you enjoy it. 

Although it was never on the agenda when I found out I was pregnant, I have been more conscious of my weight. As I am on the chubby side of the spectrum, naturally, pregnancy can be slightly more difficult. I weighed almost 4 stone less in my first pregnancy however due to 18 months of horrendous post natal depression and anxiety. I basically ate all my feelings, worries and anxieties until I was 5 stone heavier and starting to notice it. So far in this pregnancy I have lost 2 stone 1 pound and although this kind of weight loss isn't recommended during pregnancy, I haven't really had a choice. As with my first pregnancy food is really hit and miss with me, some days I wake up and I am able to eat all day, other days I wake up and I can't keep a single thing down or have an appetite for anything other than flamin' hot monster munch - today is one of those days. Like I said above I am now nearly 25 weeks pregnant, and although it is almost unheard of to be suffering with nausea at this stage, I am definitely still in that zone.

As my midwife told me, I am more likely to show more, quicker than I did with my first, because my muscles have already done it once. I definitely look about 30 weeks pregnant. My bump is really high like last time, but I definitely notice the difference in my bump in comparison to my daughter. My bump is definitely wider, with Harper it was very neat however I feel like an explosion this time. Also my bump came out of nowhere, literally felt like I woke up and he was just there sticking out over my toes. My bump hasn't grown I feel like I am growing into it since about 20 weeks, but I am definitely feeling like I need to get some maternity clothes now, everything is getting a little short.

Since I found out I was having a boy I have felt complete, one boy and one girl - it's everything I dreamed of as a little girl and now I have it, my kids make me feel so blessed. So blessed that I am feeling like I am done when it comes to creating a family around me. Obviously I am 24 years old, I need to really think about the fact that we all grow as human beings and circumstances change all the time, I could still want another one. I mean, me and Justin have discussed it and he says he would have the snip now if I was really 1000000% sure and at first I was up for it. I have now had time to think about it and I could never ever do that to him, like I said before things change and life changes, I have to be realistic that we're still young and have literally no idea where our future will take us. Right now though I am pretty sure, this will be it. 

CRAVINGS? Chicken Caesar Salad, Monster Munch & Diet Coke
MOVEMENT? He is moving all day every single day but can only feel him kicking really low, we haven't felt him move on the outside yet, but everyday he's getting stronger & I can't see it being much longer before Justin and Harper can feel him.
NAMES? I do have a few names we're playing around with but nothing is set in stone, I don't really like any wild names for boys, and I am finding it much more difficult to connect with a name like I did with Harper. I think we will be keeping the name a surprise until he is born. 
PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS? I have started to experience phases of heartburn and acid reflux, my nausea and sickness has calmed but i'm still being sick up to twice a week and I am peeing like crazy, literally, every minute of the day.
APPOINTMENTS? I have my glucose test coming up & a scan at 28 weeks for growth purposes, due to Harper being so small. I also had suspected preeclampsia and obstetric cholestasis in my first pregnancy so I am consultant led to keep that extra eye on the baby. Lots and lots of appointments coming up.

That's all for my pregnancy update, I will be back with my final update around 34 weeks, if any of you have any boy names you can suggest, please do in the comments below, we would appreciate the help! Also if anyone has any tips for getting rid of heartburn in pregnancy I would really appreciate the suggestions too! 


I am seriously trying to get my blogging mojo back, so currently I am writing post number two of the day, and aim to write at least another two, a girl can dream to be THAT productive right!?
So I really love writing wish list posts, just because it makes me excited for payday and it makes me excited for new things that I have been lusting over for weeks. 
I have been scrimping for a few months because we've had a lot going on, so this month i'm 1000% treating myself and I am literally counting down the days.
So if you're trying to save and be sensible I suggest you click away now, if you can't resist then enjoy these little payday gems. 

It's no secret that I am a long time love of the brand Olivia Burton. I already one of their beautiful rose gold watches and after stumbling upon this little beauty on ASOS, I am officially sold. The quality of these watches are second to none and add a real touch of class to any outfit. 

I am a total sucker for all things mustard and all bags tote so naturally I need this in my life, right now. I feel like this bag will also really be a great little autumn statement bag as well seeing out the end of the summer. 

I'm planning this month to go back to contact lenses this month so whilst I wait to have my eyelashes done semi permanently, these Rosie Bea lashes are my go to for falsies. These particular ones are the perfect natural everyday lashes called Fling, the Rosie Bea collection is forever growing and I am absolutely in love with the whole collection.

I have been forever loyal to the real techniques miracle complexion sponge and I always will be and would always recommend it to those on a modest budget. However, now the beauty blender that the likes of Kylie Jenner has hit UK drugstores, it is impossible for me to ignore it. 

Yes, I am in love with this summer's "basic bitch" sunglasses and I don't even care. I saw the girls on Love Island wearing them and started searching everywhere for them. Etsy UK have pairs for a ridiculous £12.99, i'm sold. 

That's all for my July payday wishlist, I would love if you could leave me a comment below letting me know some high end beauty purchases I should be making this payday as I am totally out of the loop over here. I hope you've enjoyed the post & I haven't dented your bank balance to deep.


Ever since I had my daughter Harper, my fear of change and the unknown that change creates has grown worse.
I hate being spontaneous, I hate surprise and I hate being taken out of my everyday routine, it frightens me so much and I really struggle to cope when things don't go the way I planned them.
But more recently, we have been itching for something new, something to look forward to and something that will take us to the next stage of our lives. So last Monday we decided to give our notice in on our beloved 3 bedroom house, in favour of a month at the in laws and then relocating to the city. 
This was not an easy decision, especially for me.
 I have a lot of comforts and conveniences in my hometown that make it just an easier ride to stay. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and the idea of uprooting me and my little family this far in stresses me out, but in the same breath I crave the future we have planned so desperately and have done for some time.
Me and Justin are just not settled by the quiet of rural life, especially after living in the thick of Newcastle. It changed me, being so connected and being part of the buzz is something I have missed ever since we left 3 years ago. 
I want Harper to have the ability to have choices, choices in her education and choices in her hobbies, something that is extremely limited where we are now. It was SO limited for me as a child growing up in a small town with one primary, junior and high school. I constantly felt the need to break out, which made me so unfocused and distracted from my education and from making the right choices, something I will always wish was different. 
  So although change itself gives me mad anxiety and although giving my notice in for my house felt like jumping into deep water without holding my breath, it's going to give us a different and for us, an improved lifestyle that I just can't deny myself, Justin, Harper or our new arrival. 
So in an attempt to psych myself up even more, here are 5 reasons why change is GOOD.






Thank you for taking the time to read my little life update, I hope you enjoyed this quite personal post. I would love to know how you guys feel about change? Why don't you leave me a little comment below or come say hello on one of my many social media channels.


The sales are in full force across the high street & beyond. 
I have been doing a little window shopping prior to payday for myself and I thought today I would share with you plus size beauties some of my favourite finds and absolute must haves. 
Oh and if you haven't already, you're going to need that credit card to hand gals.




There you have all my top picks for this summers plus size sale. I have definitely got these all saved for payday tomorrow and there are so many bargains I haven't even included. I have to say the best plus size sale that you must take a closer look at is New Look. There are some absolute steals to be had so make sure you head over & get in there while you can. 
Leave me a comment below and let me know what summer sales you have been taking advantage of, so I can have a snoop on them too! 


Is there anything more horrendous than realising reality after a week or two in paradise? NO, THERE ISN'T.
The silver lining on this is that it is the season for post holiday hell so on the plus side, we're all in this boat together my babes. 
We've all put on a bit more timber, we've got no money and we're back to work in 12 hours, when 48 hours ago we were laying on the beach sipping fruity cocktails in the boiling sun, it doesn't get much worse, right?
Well today's post is just for you in this painful limbo, so don't feel sad anymore, there are ways for us to get through this together, hand in hand, I AM HERE FOR YOU. 
Get yourself a cuppa, stop crying into your Instagram feed and exercise some of these helpful tips to get through another post holiday hell hole...


For some reason being away from reality let's me put things into perspective quite a lot, as I lay on the beach I think about how can I make this more of a regular occasion? How can I make mine and my growing families life more free flowing and give us the opportunities to enjoy the life we have together? It usually really motivates me to sit down when I get back and write plans, work things out and see what we can do to make our lives better. Writing plans can be so exciting and really motivate you for the time ahead without a vacation, work on what you consider to be your weaknesses and what strengths you can use to take things next level for you. Treat this time between vacations as development time to step up before your next holiday, whatever that step up may be it's important to have goals to work towards.


Sit down and think about potential places that you want to visit next, what did you love and what did you hate about your last holiday that you could incorporate into your next decision on holiday destinations. Is there special events on around the world or the country that you want to experience? Maybe you want something a little more relaxed or even the opposite, a wild one with the girls? Researching new destinations and holidays can be really beneficial to curing your holiday blues, especially if you're getting excited about a particular place.


Pampering fixes everything! It doesn't need to be an extreme expensive spa weekend, unless you're in the market for that of course. I like to have a fresh colour on my hair and paint my nails a fresh colour in the lead up to work after my return from holiday. It's simple but effective, if you feel good, you look good, and who doesn't want to look good? Even when we're suffering from post holiday blues. 


There is nothing more painful than going back to work after holiday, but even worse if you have 24 hours to get yourself back into reality. It's really important for me to have some down time and some time at home sorting my house out, so I always book at least an extra 2 days off to get the washing pile at least down half way and catch up on all the television I have missed. This is a great way to get yourself back into reality before a week back at work, it's important to have a clear head and a few good night's sleep. 

That's all the tips I have for you on curing the post holiday blues, of course if at least one of these you should probably starting researching ways to travel and make a living from it, but that's a whole new post. Leave me a comment below if you're suffering from the holiday blues and what you do to make yourself feel better. 


Happy Friday my little strawberry milkshakes!
Today's post is a chatty one all about how my pregnancy is going so far, the high and the lows.
I am writing this currently feeling extremely nauseous and suffering with the worst cold I have ever had. I mean, who gets colds in June for goodness sake?

My pregnancy so far has caused mixed states for my body.
Some days I feel so good and I wouldn't even know that I was pregnant, other days I am falling apart. This is my second child if you didn't already know so I know a thing or two about pregnancy already, and I am grateful to say that my sickness is a lot more mild than it was with Harper. I lost about 3 stone in my pregnancy with Harper and I was extremely ill for the majority of the first 20 weeks. I could only stomach roast potatoes and stuffing balls and eggs would make me throw up at the thought of them.
 This time around my sickness is caused by either an empty or a too full stomach rather than particular foods or smells. It's usually at it's worst around 5am or after dinner around 8pm at night. I have also been known this time round to laugh so hard I projectile vomited everywhere, so very nice.
  I have been slightly more sleepy but it may be to do with the fact I am struggling to sleep past 5:30am ever since I got pregnant. I have always been an early riser and early sleeper so this hasn't changed a lot for me, however I do get extremely sleepy at around half two and cancelling coffee out of my diet completely has proved slightly more difficult than I anticipated.

Being pregnant with a 2 year old already in tow has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Harper has been so interested in everything so far and it has always been so important for me that she's always extremely involved in all aspects of this pregnancy. Harper came to the scan with us last week and she loved it... for about 30 seconds haha, she constantly keeps asking if she can get in my belly so that she can cuddle baby for a little while, and often asks if her cousin Oliver can get in my belly too, in which I have to explain but she doesn't really understand. She also every Monday morning before she goes to her auntie's asks "Is baby coming this week?" and I have to use milestones like birthdays and occasions on the calendar to explain that baby won't be here for a while. I'm sure the bigger I get the harder it's going to be with Harper, she's extremely affectionate and always wants big cuddles, so we'll see how we get on in the weeks to come.

Since becoming pregnant I have been extremely healthy, no smoking and a change to my diet has meant I have lost a significant amount of weight already, which I expected. So far I have lost 19 pounds and counting. I have been following slimming world recipes for tea and basically eating whatever I like during the day. I have been craving crisps a lot so although I am losing weight it is mainly because of lack of appetite and a smaller appetite at that. I have also been more conscious about my weight and the dangers that can be caused by this in pregnancy. I have been making sure I work on keeping  I want to lose another 2 stone during this pregnancy so we'll see how things get on. I am kind of stuck right now at 19 pounds loss, I am hoping to drop 9 pounds before my next scan which will take me down to the next stone down, fingers crossed for me.
If you're interested in what recipes I am cooking from Slimming World check out my Pinterest board which is full to the rafters with recipes and alternatives to your fave snacks

When it comes to our scans we have had two so far, one was an emergency scan due to extreme pain in my ovaries which saw me spend a stint in the early pregnancy unit last month. Luckily, baby was healthy and happy, we were so relieved to see our precious little miracle. A week later we were in for our dating scan and baby had grown so much. They had measured me at a week less than I thought I was so we are now due on 2nd December 2016. 
 Because of complications during my pregnancy with Harper I will be having 3 extra growth scans every 4 weeks from 28 weeks onwards. It's nothing to worry about but it is better safe than sorry, so we're so thankful we get to watch our baby grow in the final 12 weeks. The consultant also thinks I had preeclampsia in my previous pregnancy that wasn't completely picked up, so we're watching for that too, but shouldn't rear it's head until towards the end of my pregnancy.

So the big question is will I be finding out whether it's a girl or a boy? 
Those who know me, know I am the ultimate control freak, it's not even funny. I HATE surprises, so yes I will be finding out as soon as possible. I do think I am having a boy, in fact I am about 85% sure that I am having a boy. Everyone close to me thinks we're having a girl, including Justin, but you just know don't you? I knew with Harper she was a girl, without a doubt from the minute I got pregnant and this time I can't even imagine this baby being a girl and I have never considered that it could be. 
I have a few names already for a boy or a girl, we love Charlie, Harry and Grayson for a boy. For a girl we love Penelope, Violet and I love Darcie for both genders, but Justin isn't into it. 

I hope you have enjoyed this pregnancy update and not too bored from all the rambling. I could've sat and written a million more words on everything that has gone on since being pregnant. I will be next updating at 20 weeks, so in 6 weeks time and by then we will know the sex. I'm just really excited to go on holiday in a few weeks, relax for a few days and devote my undivided attention to Harper for a week. Thank you for reading, should you have any questions or want me to include anything else in my pregnancy update for next time, please leave me a comment below or tweet me over at @3beksbabe on Twitter. I would also LOVE to know what you guys think on the sex? Girl or boy? You decide. 


Long time no speak you beautiful bunch so prepare for a chatty post and a little life update!
Once again I have just fallen off the blogging bandwagon and I just couldn't get back on. I have been feeling completely uninspired and even though I was desperate to blog I just didn't want to fill my blog with meaningless crap.

When I say I have been feeling uninspired I mean I have been feeling extremely pregnant hence no time to read blogs or brainstorm ideas and being unable to stay awake past 7pm means that I have struggled to join in twitter chats too. I will be writing a pregnancy update this week, so I won't dive in too much on that, for all of you that are interested in my pregnancy progress check back in on Friday. 

As most of you know I work three days a week in sales and marketing which I love so much but having sole responsibility for the whole department during the first trimester of my pregnancy was proving quite intense and my anxiety at work was spilling over like crazy. So when the lovely lady who was sales manager before her maternity leave returned two weeks ago, I could've thrown a party at how excited I was to see her and be able to share the load with her. As a result of this I have decided to spread my week a little better in a bid to fit in blogging, being pregnant and being around for Harper's school holidays and generally spend more time with her. I now work a Saturday shift instead of a midweek shift and it already feels SO good that I am now home for 3 days straight with my little princess and being able to sit here and work on my blog that I so desperately miss. 

Me and Justin have been together four years as of yesterday and it feels like a really short time considering we're onto our second child. I have known Justin since I was 16 years old and back then neither of us would've ever believed that we would end up being together let alone engaged with a daughter and another baby on the way. I just feel so lucky to have found my soulmate and my ultimate best friend who loves me for me, at just 24 years old. We haven't celebrated at all yet but we're going away for a little family break on the 13th of June so we're saving every penny like crazy to give Harper the best little break ever, we'll go for dinner and we'll celebrate when we're away with our greatest achievement together - our little girl. 

That's a little life update for you, there's so much more to tell but like I said my pregnancy update will be up on Friday and will include everything I have missed and more. I haven't uploaded my scan pictures to social media but I will be adding them to my blog post on Friday, so if you're interested make sure you're following me over on Bloglovin or on Twitter to see when the post goes live! Today's post is a Spring favourites post as I never do these and feel like I need to add in everything I have been loving in March, April and May, so prepare for a long post if you haven't already clicked away yet. 


I have been suffering with extreme sickness, dehydration, a bad cold and wearing lots of matte lipsticks, all of these things don't exactly do wonders for your lips. My lips are the one thing on my body that I think are almost perfect and because of this I am extremely protective of them. I have known for a long time that people swear by 8 hour cream for their lips and I decide to give in to the hype. I'm so glad I did, this balm is magical, and my lips have never been so smooth despite the traumas they have suffered the last few months. This balm doesn't just work for lips, it has dried out and cleared up spots, softened the skin on my feet and so much more. It's expensive for it's size but so worth it, I am currently recommending it to EVERYONE. 


Ever since I bought this contour trio around 4 months ago I have used it every single day. It cost me £4 and as experienced readers will know, I don't do cheap when it comes to makeup. I wasn't holding much hope for this particular product if I am completely honest, but I was wrong, so wrong. This contour trio smashes my sisters ABH contour kit, no competition. I have never been complimented so much on my contour and highlight until I started using this. I recommend it to anyone who asks me for contour tips and I have stocked up on this product so that I never run out. So pigmented and the trio of colours are so well put together it's ridiculous not to purchase at just £4. 


I continuously rave about this product and here I am again, as I have rediscovered micellar water this past month. I got really lazy over the winter months and hated spending time taking all my makeup off thoroughly so I committed the ultimate beauty skin and used baby wipes/make up wipes. Not using micellar water over the winter period really reflected and showed me the difference in my skin. I also can never lift my mascara with wipes and it left my eyelashes in a right state. So now I am back to micellar water and really noticing the improved difference. 


I don't know why, but I am so picky when it comes to sandals. I don't like a lot of foot flesh showing (LOL) so the super summer trend of Ghillie sandals is my favourite right now. I really love Very and they always have the odd must have piece that I fall in love with instantly and these sandals were no exception. If you're as in love as I am you can buy these beauts right HERE for just £20.


This album is AMAZING! I love Meghan Trainor so much already, so when her new album dropped onto Spotify I was like oh heeeeey bbz. I really loved her first album title so I was so excited for this album and it really is so very good. It's extremely feel good and makes me want to dance all the way to work when I listen to it. My favourite songs on the album are I Love Me, Better and Kindly Calm Me Down. 


Couldn't end this post without a basic bitch selection could I? 
I have been spending a lot of time in bed ill during nausea and sickness days that I have been frequently experiencing since I became pregnant so obviously I have been watching lots of television. By lots of television I mean lots of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and as a forever fan who has seen every single episode, in fact every single anything that includes the Kardashians, I have to say I am loving the new series more than any other. 
The Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian situation and return of Lamar has seen me shouting at the screen and bawling my eyes out too. Kourtney is quickly becoming my favourite Kardashian, she's magical and is looking unreal. So no, I can't stop watching and I am HOOKED to this series!

I hope you have enjoyed this life update/spring favourites post, sorry if it's been a bit of a ramble but I just wanted to update you on everything that has been happening the last few weeks. Remember to come back on Friday for pregnancy updates and make sure you're following my blog or me on social media for more new posts coming soon!


I am the moodiest person in the world some mornings. 
Literally all of us have our moments on work mornings where we are just feeling sorry for ourselves because we didn't win the lottery or discover the next best invention at the weekend, so on this occasion we can't quit our jobs.
I have been known to get Monday dread so bad that I have sobbed into my Sunday morning fry up in pure hatred for having to get up at 6am the next day and make my way to work. 
Unfortunately unless you're a billionaire or a Kardashian, you can't just breeze through life getting paid £100K to post a selfie from your bed on Instagram or getting paid to go to the Maldives. There is still a 98% majority of us that are in this hideous boat together where we have to work really hard to live our lives.
Today's post is all about how we can better our moody mornings and actually get motivated to see out another day of not being a Kardashian or a billionaire. There are some really simple ways that you can help yourself feel better and I am here to share my top tips that really save me when I am all about resting bitch face and preferring to speak to noone for the entire day. 


Let's face it, food heals everything, so making sure you have 3 healthy & filling meals planned for your day. There is nothing worse than having a shit day and going hungry too, all because you haven't prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's no secret to any of us that eating is a mood booster so make sure you are full of supplies to get through your day.


Nobody ever wants to work out, fact, and if you do then good for you, but I HATE IT.
However, it's no secret that exercise releases happy endorphins and even the lightest of exercise can really boost your mood on a miserable morning.
I find it really uplifting brisk walking the last 2 miles of my commute to work on a morning instead of getting my second bus. Of course, it's much easier now that the weather is better, but the point is 30 minutes of light exercise can really give your day a positive boost.


I just LOVE Spotify.
My playlists are like my babies and music is a massive game changer for me when it comes to my mood. There is nothing more important in my handbag on a work morning than my headphones! So download Spotify for a 30 day free trial, create yourself a playlist full of your favourite tunes. I PROMISE that you will feel 1000 times better afterwards.


I am not a good person without a good nights sleep.
It is extremely important for me to get 8 - 10 hours sleep a night for me to be mentally stable in the morning. There is nothing worse than a bad night's sleep before a day full of meetings and paperwork.
Make sure you have a nice hot bath, fresh bed sheets and an early night especially on a Sunday night, because I hate mondays with a passion without being tired too.


If you're having an especially devastating day and you just can't shake the mood - treat yourself. Nothing makes me happier when I am having a moody morning that turns into a bad day than shopping or a takeaway. Treat yourself to a junk tea of kebab or pizza or if you're watching your figure pop into Boots or Superdrug on the way home and buy yourself a lipstick or something you've been wanting for ages. Obviously I am not talking spending your savings on a huge splurge but just buying a new lip balm or having a treat feast from Dominos can really boost your mood.

All of these can achieve better morning moods accompanied by huge amounts of coffee of course! Leave me a comment below if you have any morning mantras that help you get through the hell of a work morning.