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There's all the stress of getting back into a routine after Christmas, being horrendously skint and feeling the pressure of the  'new year, new me' bullshit is unreal. 
I will be so glad to see the back of it to be completely honest, although, I am really excited for the future and the year ahead, we have lots of big plans as a family and I have some huge personal goals I want to achieve. This month all I have been thinking about is shopping, all I want to do is buy new pretty things to make me feel better about being constantly rained on and braving the freezing mornings for work. So I am going to pamper myself a little at the end of this month, I have booked a week off work and I am going to go for nice lunches with my girlfriends, get chores done that I have been putting off and get lots of grooming time in too! 
Today's post is my January Payday Wishlist, I haven't done one of these posts in a while simply because I haven't bought for myself in SO long it's untrue, due to Christmas. So be prepared with a luxury filled wishlist with a touch of practicality, just a touch. 

Don't get me wrong my signature foundation will always be Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot, however if you wear that foundation you know it's quite thick and is a heavy full coverage foundation more suitable for big nights out rather than everyday wear. I am on the search for a full coverage foundation with a bit more breathe and I can honestly say other than Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation, finding the right foundation for me has been testing. I feel like the high street just don't cut it when it comes to foundation and that's so disappointing, alas high end make up will always be the ultimate luxury for me.
From the reviews I have read this Charlotte Tilbury foundation gives the finish that One Heck Of A Blot does but with a bit more of a lightweight feel, I am so excited about this purchase!

So if you follow me on twitter you will know I have started to really take notice of the fact that my unhealthy weight has spiralled out of control and I am taking positive steps to change that. I am more determined than ever and my mentality towards changing for the sake of my health is better than it's ever been before. I have just bought Charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz after hearing AMAZING things about it and I am really determined to follow it to the letter, 4 times a week. A great way to enhance your workout is with weighted gloves, so this will be a payday purchase I am really excited about. I can't wait to see the changes to my body and health, watch this space for much more on my developments as they happen!

Right now I am just using a few high street products to perfect my contour and that's going well for me, however since I am having a little spree and a little pamper session, buying this contour kit is on the top of my list. There's not much to say about this product as it's pretty self explanatory why I am buying it. It was a toss up between this and Contour Cosmetics Contour 2 Palette, if you have tried both let me know if I am making the wrong choice! 

Khloe Kardashian is on fire at the moment, physically, but she has always been the best Kardashian by miles. She is the one I think is the most 'human' out of the three sisters and I have always admired her in light or her success and her fails. I really, really, really wanted this book for Christmas and made that known, often, alas nobody got me it! So when I go to do my food shop this month I will be picking this up on the way round Tesco. 
Ever since I started my road to recovery from post natal depression, I have found being more mindful and working on my PMA (positive mental attitude) SO fulfilling and has really helped me to create some of the successes I have achieved to date. I am so into being inspired and challenging my way of thinking, which I know Khloe is a huge believer of. I am so excited to read this book and find out just how she has controlled her mentality to achieve the incredible results both physically and personally.

 Now I am not someone who craves eyeshadow palettes very often, but this palette has shades for days that I would use SO much. I have heard so many good things about the pigmenting and the intenseness of the shades. As someone with hazel eyes I feel like these colours are perfect for everyday wear and building a more dramatic look, they're so versatile and I think that this would be a great investment for my makeup collection.

Nike Flex Ladies Trainers, Sports Direct £41.00

Again, if you follow me on Twitter you will know since I have been becoming more conscious of my weight and fitness I religiously walk 5 miles to and from work three times a week and it is killer in my primark pumps, I mean I am going through shoes like 3 pairs a month because they just can't handle it. I wear office attire and a long faux leather sleeved camel trench coat on my commute so wearing trainers is a fashion faux pas. Saying that I am becoming more inclined to purchase some discreet trainers to walk in that will enhance the walk. If any of you have any suggestions on fashionable office footwear that will also nurture my hike to work, leave me a comment!

I hope you have enjoyed my payday wishlist, it's been the first in a long time, let me know what you will be treating yourself to on this long awaited payday in the comments below!
Rebekka x

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