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If you follow me on social media you will know that I recently got a rose gold iPhone 6S and I am OBSESSED with it.
I have been so obsessive that I have really started acknowledging how ridiculous I can be when it comes to my iPhone and in my household we are enforcing blackout nights and a strict no phones at the table policy now to ensure we actually communicate.
Today's post is all about the perils of being a phone addict and things that I didn't even realise I was doing until my fiance picked me up on them.
If you can relate, leave me a comment below so that I don't feel like such a crazy bitch anymore, haha.

1. You're more comfortable spending all of your money on phone accessories than you are on shoes
2. You need to charge your phone more than twice a day and even scroll through your twitter feed whilst it's plugged in.

3. "Are you even listening to what I am saying to you?" The question asked of you at least 3 times a day when you repeatedly do not respond, both physically and mentally, when somebody is talking to you.

4. You're not getting 8 hours of sleep a night & genuinely sleep deprived because you're up until 2am on a weeknight pinning smoothie recipes to your Pinterest board.

5. You have missed your stop on public transport more than once from being heavily engrossed in a Kanye meltdown on Twitter.

6. In fact, you've missed your bus because you weren't looking as it pulled up, from being engrossed in a Kanye meltdown. 

7. Going to your friends house for a catch up and asking for their wifi password before you even take your shoes off.

8. Religiously categorising your apps is not a chore, it's actually intensely therapeutic.

9. Going to work and realising you have forgotten to take a charger with you is like being punched in the stomach - by FLOYD MAYWEATHER. 

10. You wake up in the middle of the night for a pee, and end up still sitting on the toilet 45 minutes later, 78 weeks into your ex's new girlfriend's Instagram feed.

11. You've achieved nothing in the real world but you have gained 30 new followers on Twitter, smashed out a 148 point word on Words With Friends and beaten that pesky level on candy crush so yeah, day well spent.

12. You are that person who messages their friends asking them to send you jelly crush saga lives.

13. Or worse, you're that person who PAYS for jelly crush saga lives.

14. You're in more than 3 whatsapp groups and never get a backlog of messages, because you're always there ready and waiting for a conversation. 

15. Your Instagram feed suggests you have your life together, but in reality you're a mess.

16. You have to stop whatever you're doing whether it's cooking dinner or in the middle of a meeting at work so you can watch Kylie Jenner's snapchats. 

17. You make sure that your wallpaper and lock screen are seasonally appropriate.

18. You get extreme pleasure and satisfaction out of setting up new phones.

19. You have burnt food to ash from getting sucked into Twitter dramz.

20. Dropping your phone and having heart palpitations when it lands screen down which results in either crying your eyes out cradling it like a newborn baby if the screen has smashed or doing a victory dance if you got lucky this time.

21. You're the first to take selfies with all the snapchat filters when new ones come out and always have a snapchat story of at least a minute a day.

22. When you find out about something 2 days too late and go mental at your partner because they didn't tell you, only to be reminded that they had in fact told you but you were in the middle of watching Kim Kardashian live streaming on her app.

If at least 3 of these signs apply to you, it's official, you are addicted to your phone.
Process it, accept it, own it.
I'm at peace with the fact I am a phone addict, better to be addict to your phone, than to class A drugs.

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  1. Love this post and I'm so guilty of pretty much all of these! My worst moment when when I accidentally put my phone is the washing machine!
    Laura x