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I have not been feeling my whole blog vibe for a while now.
I love blogging, I live for blogging, but I am never bloody happy with my blog and I always have an excuse for not writing enough or not promoting my posts.
After a morning of Instagram stalking & reading posts from Pinterest about how this or that person earnt $20,000 blogging last month, I started to think "what the fuck am I doing?".
My jealousy made me realise that I don't feel like I am not giving enough, or getting enough out of blogging and it's totally down to my neglect. I feel like I have been just expecting my blog to grow without really putting much effort in, when I know that just isn't how this business works.
So today I wanted to write a post listing the 5 ways I intend to up my blogging game and if like me you're slacking, you can too.

I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to start scheduling blog posts & tweets.
I usually just post on the day I write, am I the only crazy bitch that does this? It's emotionally draining because I literally spend all day writing, editing and taking photo's which is annoying and tedious and I know there's no need for it.
The same goes for twitter I actively have to take time out of every single day to make sure I have promoted my latest blog post, Instagram feed, bloglovin and everything in between, as well as participating in Twitter chats, again UNNECESSARY.
Scheduling will make my everyday life a lot easier and will increase my following on each platform in turn, fact.
So, I have proposed, to myself, to plan my days that I have free time to utilise specific areas of my blog.
Mondays - write one blog post & take pictures for my upcoming blog & Instagram posts.
Fridays - schedule, edit, proofread blog posts & read other blogs, leave comments.
Sundays - Schedule all promotional tweets for the week & write a blog post.

I take all my photo's with my iPhone 5S and it's so embarrassing I can't even deal.
It's so obvious and as a perfectionist, it puts me off photography and makes me hate uploading new pictures with a PASSION. So I will be investing in a camera and a lighting box to really give my blog photo's and Instagram photo's the best shot.
Not only that, there are many little bi
ts and pieces I really want to invest in to make my blog more of a success and I am really starting to consider the idea of doing one of the infamous blogging courses.
I read so many blogs about how a blogging course changed their entire outlook and in turn made theirs a success, so I am definitely considering in investing in one. Any suggestions? Feel free to leave me a comment below!

One of the best ways to up your blogging game & really get in the mood to get stuck in is completely revamping your layout and whole blog look.
I originally wanted to change EVERYTHING including my blog name, but realised this is actually more hassle than it is worth, so I am more than happy to settle for just completely refreshing my blog look.
I bloody love Etsy for all of this sort of thing and it has everything you will ever need to do over your blog's look and at great value too!
There is absolutely no need to spend fists full of your money on revamping there are lots of free ways to give your blog a new look without spending a penny.
You can make your own beautiful header with the help of PicMonkey or Canva and you will be shocked at the amount of free resources available from something as simple as a google search.


There are twitter chats on almost every hour of the day all over the world and I probably participate in two a week.
Taking part in the twitter chats is an excellent opportunity to network with other bloggers and gain lots of valuable knowledge, advice, experience and tips from them. There's so much to be gained yet why am I not engaging? Because I am too busy oggling highlighters on beauty bay.
The same goes for reading other people's blogs and commenting on them to network and make new friends, I don't do it often enough at all, sometimes not even once a week.
My new aim is to make sure on a Sunday evening that I get fully involved by reading blogs, commenting on posts and giving feedback to those that ask for it. For twitter chats, I aiming to take part in one at least every other day and engage with my followers more every evening.

I get invited to events probably once every two weeks, on a month when I am really active in the blogging world I may get invited to four to six invites to AMAZING events, that I would LOVE to go to.
I have serious confidence issues and anxiety when it comes to events, I don't understand why because these are great opportunities, maybe I think I am a bit of a fraud because I don't really engage or blog enough to be part of this awesome community? I don't know what it is, but I get serious stage fright when it comes to events and bottle it every time.
I don't know why, because blogger's are bloody lovely and I know this is an excellent opportunity to network and get my blog out there to the world where I am unknown!
My aim for this year is to stop being such a freak and jump in, even if I have to close my eyes whilst doing so, I need to get out there and stop being such a let down.

Are you feeling a bit sorry for yourself, like me, when it comes to lack of interest in your blog?
Do you also have all these amazing ideas & plans but just never get round to putting them into action? If so, leave me a comment below & tell me how you are going to start being the superstar blogger you know that you are!!


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  2. I love this post!! I feel exactly the same with scheduling tweets, I'm rubbish at that. I work 9-5 so weekends are when I get most of my blog work done, I photograph for blog/IG on a Saturday morning & write & schedule Saturday evening or Sunday dependant on my plans. It's the only way I find it works for me around 9-5.
    You just have to do you! Keep rocking & best of luck.
    Peace & Love KC xx


  3. I need to start pre writing my posts 😥


  4. I post as I write too. I should also do some twitter chats!!!

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. As a new blogger, I love reading things like this to get inspired. I haven't really got a proper schedule, but I'm just enjoying blogging when I have time and reading so many other interesting blogs. I'd just love the opportunity to meet you all! Thanks for sharing the thoughts, very inspirational x


  6. Scheduling posts & promotions is a lifesaver. Bust out an hour or two per week to stay ahead for the coming week. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. One thing that I find really helpful is to schedule the tweets as I schedule my blog post. That way you can keep on top of what you've done. Say I schedule a post for Sunday, I then go to Hootsuite and schedule all my tweets for that post. Then I know when I push the publish button I'm done and dusted with that post! x

  8. 100% agree with this Rebekka! Great post.