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We've all got our own squad that would blow Taylor Swift's squad AWAY. 
Friends are everything.
They are your soulmates before you meet the love of your life, and always there after the all night drinking sessions, which result in you face down in a doner kebab. 
They're there for the dizzying highs and the painful lows...
We have friends who can solve all your problems with a shot of tequila and a night you will almost certainly forget, and friends who solve your problems by dissecting every single part of the situation giving you the best advice. 
Today's post is all about the different types of friends we all have in our lives, the ones we call first for different reasons and in different situations.

She's the one you call when you need a really good night out, she's the one you call when you just want to have a good time and forget all the troubles and stresses of everyday life.
This wonderful woman doesn't live in the real world, she lives in a world that wakes up at 4pm, her most treasured possession is a purse full of free shot cards and can get you to the front of the queue with a single facebook message to the array of club owners, promoters and bouncers she knows. 
If you're looking to befriend a good time gal and you don't have one in your life already, you will find her in the VIP lounge of any nightclub or at the bar doing a jager train.

She's the girl you call when you need to be inspired or need some advice on how to stop being such a fuck up. 
She's your friend but she's the one you secretly trips and falls off her perfect Louboutins. 
She's got the career, she's got the money, she's got the devoted partner and she looks like a supermodel.
Empowered, ambitious and successful women make the best friends, they can really open your eyes to what is achievable, what life can be like if you work hard enough. The greatest thing I take from friends like these is MOTIVATION.

This friend is the one that everyone goes to when they have a problem. 
She is a fountain of knowledge and full of advice that will help you get through and help you make decisions that could change your life. 
She's a pusher and she wants the best for every single one of her friends and genuinely worries about you when you're unsettled. 
You call her when you need someone to just vent, cry and moan to and know that by the end of the phone call a little piece of you is motivated by her advice or just relieved to have got things off your chest.

This friend is the one you call when you simply want to eat lots of food and not feel guilty about it.
You are often tagging each other at random restaurants on Facebook and she's the only person that you know won't judge you when you deavour 5 double cheeseburgers in her car after a shitty day at work.
You tag each other in food related posts on social media and they are the friend you avoid when you're on that 5 day detox because you know she'll entice you into ordering a dominos. 

Some people just come into your life and naturally stay forever, I have two friends who will read this and know it's about them,
This type of friend is not someone who needs to be there every single day because you just don't feel the need to make a conscious effort, you naturally miss them and crave to be around them eventually and when you do finally get together it's like you have never ever been apart.
You can sit with them and not feel like you have to fill silence with babble, these friends have seen you through the darkest times of your life and have been there during the happiest memories you have.
Although you have this inseparable bond, these friends tend to be the ones who hurt you the most and the ones you fight with the most, which is why I liken this type of friend to a sibling. I fight with my two sister-like friends more than anybody else and I've had my heart broken by them too, and vice versa. 
You won't find these types of friends just anywhere and they will usually be people you meet in your teen years, you must treasure these friendships above any other because they are the ones that tend to make the best memories with and you have the hardest bond to break.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have writing this and I hope my girls reading this will know which ones relate to them! Leave me a comment below telling me what you love about your friends!

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