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I am the moodiest person in the world some mornings. 
Literally all of us have our moments on work mornings where we are just feeling sorry for ourselves because we didn't win the lottery or discover the next best invention at the weekend, so on this occasion we can't quit our jobs.
I have been known to get Monday dread so bad that I have sobbed into my Sunday morning fry up in pure hatred for having to get up at 6am the next day and make my way to work. 
Unfortunately unless you're a billionaire or a Kardashian, you can't just breeze through life getting paid £100K to post a selfie from your bed on Instagram or getting paid to go to the Maldives. There is still a 98% majority of us that are in this hideous boat together where we have to work really hard to live our lives.
Today's post is all about how we can better our moody mornings and actually get motivated to see out another day of not being a Kardashian or a billionaire. There are some really simple ways that you can help yourself feel better and I am here to share my top tips that really save me when I am all about resting bitch face and preferring to speak to noone for the entire day. 


Let's face it, food heals everything, so making sure you have 3 healthy & filling meals planned for your day. There is nothing worse than having a shit day and going hungry too, all because you haven't prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's no secret to any of us that eating is a mood booster so make sure you are full of supplies to get through your day.


Nobody ever wants to work out, fact, and if you do then good for you, but I HATE IT.
However, it's no secret that exercise releases happy endorphins and even the lightest of exercise can really boost your mood on a miserable morning.
I find it really uplifting brisk walking the last 2 miles of my commute to work on a morning instead of getting my second bus. Of course, it's much easier now that the weather is better, but the point is 30 minutes of light exercise can really give your day a positive boost.


I just LOVE Spotify.
My playlists are like my babies and music is a massive game changer for me when it comes to my mood. There is nothing more important in my handbag on a work morning than my headphones! So download Spotify for a 30 day free trial, create yourself a playlist full of your favourite tunes. I PROMISE that you will feel 1000 times better afterwards.


I am not a good person without a good nights sleep.
It is extremely important for me to get 8 - 10 hours sleep a night for me to be mentally stable in the morning. There is nothing worse than a bad night's sleep before a day full of meetings and paperwork.
Make sure you have a nice hot bath, fresh bed sheets and an early night especially on a Sunday night, because I hate mondays with a passion without being tired too.


If you're having an especially devastating day and you just can't shake the mood - treat yourself. Nothing makes me happier when I am having a moody morning that turns into a bad day than shopping or a takeaway. Treat yourself to a junk tea of kebab or pizza or if you're watching your figure pop into Boots or Superdrug on the way home and buy yourself a lipstick or something you've been wanting for ages. Obviously I am not talking spending your savings on a huge splurge but just buying a new lip balm or having a treat feast from Dominos can really boost your mood.

All of these can achieve better morning moods accompanied by huge amounts of coffee of course! Leave me a comment below if you have any morning mantras that help you get through the hell of a work morning. 


  1. This is a great post! Music and exercise are my go to happy boasters, combining the two together makes things ever better. I can't stand working out but I always feel so much better after a long run.

    Raise The Waves

  2. I am not a morning person at all! I find having a good breakfast helps and also music too! I love listening to music to wake me up and to help me feel motivated.

    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

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