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So if you haven't already noticed by my slight absence on my blog, social media and general social life it's because I have been trying to keep a HUGE secret and I need to avoid everyone because I just couldn't keep a secret if my life depended on it. So now that we're out of the zone of uncertainty and we've had the opportunity to see our beautiful little miracle bouncing around my belly I can shout it from the rooftops.


Everyone that knows me personally will know I have made no secret about the fact that we have been trying for a long time, 11 months to be exact. To some that may not seem long at all, but after falling pregnant with Harper in just 2 months, 11 months seemed like an eternity of never ending negative tests and heartache. I am the ultimate pessimist, it genuinely shocks me when things go right for me and when amazing things happen to us I never believe them to be true or I expect the worst to happen. 
We have been tracking our ovulation chart like crazy people and almost obsessive for over 11 months but actively trying for 11. I just started to believe that Harper was the one wonderful, incredible miracle that I deserved and I started to accept that and almost embrace being able to dedicate my entire time and life to my amazing daughter, solely, but deep down there was the ache to give her the sibling I was so lucky to have growing up.
When I found out I was pregnant I was completely shocked, I couldn't believe it and up until my scan today I still didn't believe it so I have been spending a small fortune on tests for the weeks leading up to my scans because I just can't believe it, we're getting exactly what we've desperately wanted for almost a year. 

Pregnancy has been different this time around, as those who know me will know I lost a huge amount of weight when pregnant with Harper due to having extreme morning sickness for around the first 5 months, it was horrendous I couldn't keep a single thing down and I slept around 18 hours a day at my worst points. This pregnancy has just been so incredibly easy so far *touch wood* I have had extreme nausea from 6 weeks - 10 weeks and although I have been occasionally sick the last couple of weeks generally it has been as if I am not pregnant, absolutely no symptoms at all most days. 
Don't get me wrong, no pregnancy symptoms is the dream, it's certainly making it easier but I have had this pessimistic ache in my tummy accompanied by strong pains in my ovaries.

The increasing pain in my ovaries sent me straight up the hospital on Thursday night, I am a firm believer in 'better safe than sorry' and on occasions that notion potentially saved my sister's life a few years ago so I really stand by it. 
We were looked after so well by the amazing team at the Norfolk & Norwich hospital and quickly I was attended to and after lots of examinations the doctor concluded that there was potential of an ectopic pregnancy. I was given an emergency internal scan to check my ovaries and the baby, 10 days before my dating scan which is on the 24th of this month. 
My heart was absolutely pounding this morning as I lay watching the nurses face checking my ultrasound, trying to detect whether she was going to tell me there was a baby in my womb or not. After a few seconds she smiled widely and turned to show us our beautiful little miracle laying upside down in my womb with arms and legs waving about and a super strong heartbeat.

So there you have it, I am pregnant and as a family we couldn't be more excited, I am just wishing away the days when I can bring baby two home and watch my amazing little girl bond with her new sibling. I will be updating you guys on my blog, probably not every week, but certainly often on how everything is going and some more parenting content as I go on this amazing journey.
I hope you enjoyed this post and although it was a ramble it's a positive ramble instead of a raging rant. 

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