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Is there anything more horrendous than realising reality after a week or two in paradise? NO, THERE ISN'T.
The silver lining on this is that it is the season for post holiday hell so on the plus side, we're all in this boat together my babes. 
We've all put on a bit more timber, we've got no money and we're back to work in 12 hours, when 48 hours ago we were laying on the beach sipping fruity cocktails in the boiling sun, it doesn't get much worse, right?
Well today's post is just for you in this painful limbo, so don't feel sad anymore, there are ways for us to get through this together, hand in hand, I AM HERE FOR YOU. 
Get yourself a cuppa, stop crying into your Instagram feed and exercise some of these helpful tips to get through another post holiday hell hole...


For some reason being away from reality let's me put things into perspective quite a lot, as I lay on the beach I think about how can I make this more of a regular occasion? How can I make mine and my growing families life more free flowing and give us the opportunities to enjoy the life we have together? It usually really motivates me to sit down when I get back and write plans, work things out and see what we can do to make our lives better. Writing plans can be so exciting and really motivate you for the time ahead without a vacation, work on what you consider to be your weaknesses and what strengths you can use to take things next level for you. Treat this time between vacations as development time to step up before your next holiday, whatever that step up may be it's important to have goals to work towards.


Sit down and think about potential places that you want to visit next, what did you love and what did you hate about your last holiday that you could incorporate into your next decision on holiday destinations. Is there special events on around the world or the country that you want to experience? Maybe you want something a little more relaxed or even the opposite, a wild one with the girls? Researching new destinations and holidays can be really beneficial to curing your holiday blues, especially if you're getting excited about a particular place.


Pampering fixes everything! It doesn't need to be an extreme expensive spa weekend, unless you're in the market for that of course. I like to have a fresh colour on my hair and paint my nails a fresh colour in the lead up to work after my return from holiday. It's simple but effective, if you feel good, you look good, and who doesn't want to look good? Even when we're suffering from post holiday blues. 


There is nothing more painful than going back to work after holiday, but even worse if you have 24 hours to get yourself back into reality. It's really important for me to have some down time and some time at home sorting my house out, so I always book at least an extra 2 days off to get the washing pile at least down half way and catch up on all the television I have missed. This is a great way to get yourself back into reality before a week back at work, it's important to have a clear head and a few good night's sleep. 

That's all the tips I have for you on curing the post holiday blues, of course if at least one of these you should probably starting researching ways to travel and make a living from it, but that's a whole new post. Leave me a comment below if you're suffering from the holiday blues and what you do to make yourself feel better. 

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  1. Number 3 definitely! I've just got back from Prague with my Mum and my highlight of our four hour airport delay was planning where we are going next!