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Happy Friday my little strawberry milkshakes!
Today's post is a chatty one all about how my pregnancy is going so far, the high and the lows.
I am writing this currently feeling extremely nauseous and suffering with the worst cold I have ever had. I mean, who gets colds in June for goodness sake?

My pregnancy so far has caused mixed states for my body.
Some days I feel so good and I wouldn't even know that I was pregnant, other days I am falling apart. This is my second child if you didn't already know so I know a thing or two about pregnancy already, and I am grateful to say that my sickness is a lot more mild than it was with Harper. I lost about 3 stone in my pregnancy with Harper and I was extremely ill for the majority of the first 20 weeks. I could only stomach roast potatoes and stuffing balls and eggs would make me throw up at the thought of them.
 This time around my sickness is caused by either an empty or a too full stomach rather than particular foods or smells. It's usually at it's worst around 5am or after dinner around 8pm at night. I have also been known this time round to laugh so hard I projectile vomited everywhere, so very nice.
  I have been slightly more sleepy but it may be to do with the fact I am struggling to sleep past 5:30am ever since I got pregnant. I have always been an early riser and early sleeper so this hasn't changed a lot for me, however I do get extremely sleepy at around half two and cancelling coffee out of my diet completely has proved slightly more difficult than I anticipated.

Being pregnant with a 2 year old already in tow has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Harper has been so interested in everything so far and it has always been so important for me that she's always extremely involved in all aspects of this pregnancy. Harper came to the scan with us last week and she loved it... for about 30 seconds haha, she constantly keeps asking if she can get in my belly so that she can cuddle baby for a little while, and often asks if her cousin Oliver can get in my belly too, in which I have to explain but she doesn't really understand. She also every Monday morning before she goes to her auntie's asks "Is baby coming this week?" and I have to use milestones like birthdays and occasions on the calendar to explain that baby won't be here for a while. I'm sure the bigger I get the harder it's going to be with Harper, she's extremely affectionate and always wants big cuddles, so we'll see how we get on in the weeks to come.

Since becoming pregnant I have been extremely healthy, no smoking and a change to my diet has meant I have lost a significant amount of weight already, which I expected. So far I have lost 19 pounds and counting. I have been following slimming world recipes for tea and basically eating whatever I like during the day. I have been craving crisps a lot so although I am losing weight it is mainly because of lack of appetite and a smaller appetite at that. I have also been more conscious about my weight and the dangers that can be caused by this in pregnancy. I have been making sure I work on keeping  I want to lose another 2 stone during this pregnancy so we'll see how things get on. I am kind of stuck right now at 19 pounds loss, I am hoping to drop 9 pounds before my next scan which will take me down to the next stone down, fingers crossed for me.
If you're interested in what recipes I am cooking from Slimming World check out my Pinterest board which is full to the rafters with recipes and alternatives to your fave snacks

When it comes to our scans we have had two so far, one was an emergency scan due to extreme pain in my ovaries which saw me spend a stint in the early pregnancy unit last month. Luckily, baby was healthy and happy, we were so relieved to see our precious little miracle. A week later we were in for our dating scan and baby had grown so much. They had measured me at a week less than I thought I was so we are now due on 2nd December 2016. 
 Because of complications during my pregnancy with Harper I will be having 3 extra growth scans every 4 weeks from 28 weeks onwards. It's nothing to worry about but it is better safe than sorry, so we're so thankful we get to watch our baby grow in the final 12 weeks. The consultant also thinks I had preeclampsia in my previous pregnancy that wasn't completely picked up, so we're watching for that too, but shouldn't rear it's head until towards the end of my pregnancy.

So the big question is will I be finding out whether it's a girl or a boy? 
Those who know me, know I am the ultimate control freak, it's not even funny. I HATE surprises, so yes I will be finding out as soon as possible. I do think I am having a boy, in fact I am about 85% sure that I am having a boy. Everyone close to me thinks we're having a girl, including Justin, but you just know don't you? I knew with Harper she was a girl, without a doubt from the minute I got pregnant and this time I can't even imagine this baby being a girl and I have never considered that it could be. 
I have a few names already for a boy or a girl, we love Charlie, Harry and Grayson for a boy. For a girl we love Penelope, Violet and I love Darcie for both genders, but Justin isn't into it. 

I hope you have enjoyed this pregnancy update and not too bored from all the rambling. I could've sat and written a million more words on everything that has gone on since being pregnant. I will be next updating at 20 weeks, so in 6 weeks time and by then we will know the sex. I'm just really excited to go on holiday in a few weeks, relax for a few days and devote my undivided attention to Harper for a week. Thank you for reading, should you have any questions or want me to include anything else in my pregnancy update for next time, please leave me a comment below or tweet me over at @3beksbabe on Twitter. I would also LOVE to know what you guys think on the sex? Girl or boy? You decide. 

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