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It's been so long since I last posted - soz guys! I have been a bit all over the place for the last four weeks with trying to move house & getting increasingly more pregnant. At the moment I am at my sisters living with 6 other people including Harper and Justin, as you can imagine finding time or space to sit and write without distraction is proving difficult. I miss my blog so much.
As I write I am almost 25 weeks pregnant, and definitely feeling it, so today I am just going to pour all my pregnancy feels into my blog and hope that you enjoy it. 

Although it was never on the agenda when I found out I was pregnant, I have been more conscious of my weight. As I am on the chubby side of the spectrum, naturally, pregnancy can be slightly more difficult. I weighed almost 4 stone less in my first pregnancy however due to 18 months of horrendous post natal depression and anxiety. I basically ate all my feelings, worries and anxieties until I was 5 stone heavier and starting to notice it. So far in this pregnancy I have lost 2 stone 1 pound and although this kind of weight loss isn't recommended during pregnancy, I haven't really had a choice. As with my first pregnancy food is really hit and miss with me, some days I wake up and I am able to eat all day, other days I wake up and I can't keep a single thing down or have an appetite for anything other than flamin' hot monster munch - today is one of those days. Like I said above I am now nearly 25 weeks pregnant, and although it is almost unheard of to be suffering with nausea at this stage, I am definitely still in that zone.

As my midwife told me, I am more likely to show more, quicker than I did with my first, because my muscles have already done it once. I definitely look about 30 weeks pregnant. My bump is really high like last time, but I definitely notice the difference in my bump in comparison to my daughter. My bump is definitely wider, with Harper it was very neat however I feel like an explosion this time. Also my bump came out of nowhere, literally felt like I woke up and he was just there sticking out over my toes. My bump hasn't grown I feel like I am growing into it since about 20 weeks, but I am definitely feeling like I need to get some maternity clothes now, everything is getting a little short.

Since I found out I was having a boy I have felt complete, one boy and one girl - it's everything I dreamed of as a little girl and now I have it, my kids make me feel so blessed. So blessed that I am feeling like I am done when it comes to creating a family around me. Obviously I am 24 years old, I need to really think about the fact that we all grow as human beings and circumstances change all the time, I could still want another one. I mean, me and Justin have discussed it and he says he would have the snip now if I was really 1000000% sure and at first I was up for it. I have now had time to think about it and I could never ever do that to him, like I said before things change and life changes, I have to be realistic that we're still young and have literally no idea where our future will take us. Right now though I am pretty sure, this will be it. 

CRAVINGS? Chicken Caesar Salad, Monster Munch & Diet Coke
MOVEMENT? He is moving all day every single day but can only feel him kicking really low, we haven't felt him move on the outside yet, but everyday he's getting stronger & I can't see it being much longer before Justin and Harper can feel him.
NAMES? I do have a few names we're playing around with but nothing is set in stone, I don't really like any wild names for boys, and I am finding it much more difficult to connect with a name like I did with Harper. I think we will be keeping the name a surprise until he is born. 
PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS? I have started to experience phases of heartburn and acid reflux, my nausea and sickness has calmed but i'm still being sick up to twice a week and I am peeing like crazy, literally, every minute of the day.
APPOINTMENTS? I have my glucose test coming up & a scan at 28 weeks for growth purposes, due to Harper being so small. I also had suspected preeclampsia and obstetric cholestasis in my first pregnancy so I am consultant led to keep that extra eye on the baby. Lots and lots of appointments coming up.

That's all for my pregnancy update, I will be back with my final update around 34 weeks, if any of you have any boy names you can suggest, please do in the comments below, we would appreciate the help! Also if anyone has any tips for getting rid of heartburn in pregnancy I would really appreciate the suggestions too! 


  1. Glad that your pregnancy is going so well. I think 'boy bumps' can sometimes be bigger - it was for my Mum.


  2. Noah is a name I've always liked. And George. Can't wait to see photos of the little guy. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly hun xx

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