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Hello you beautiful bunch, welcome back to my blog! Today I have a beauty review for you of a very popular and much hyped product that hit the UK about 3 months ago now. I have been using it for around 6 weeks and thought I better share with my beauty loving readers exactly what I thought and my experience with it. 
The product is the Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation and honestly, I have read several mixed reviews on it. Foundation is my all time favourite beauty product to purchase and for me is the most important element of a well finished face. I feel like if you have a really good base, the rest just follows suit. 


Urban Decay claims that this foundation is "full coverage with a modern matte finish" and I couldn't agree more. When applying this foundation it COMPLETELY covers everything, however in a sense that it's almost a mask. It's a very unnatural, doll face finish, so if you're looking for something that enhances your natural skin, this is not for you. If you are looking for a more dramatic finish, this foundation is perfect for you. It's super high coverage that I believe can compete with the likes of Estee Lauder Double Wear. I use 3 pumps per application and apply with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, this gives me a full face with a full coverage, super matte finish. Although I can't see you needing more, should you feel like you need to build more coverage, this is super easy to blend and won't react badly to your fave concealer. 


This has to be the most disappointing aspect of the product for me, on application this foundation is FLAWLESS but let me assure you, 3 hours later you will be reapplying to your t zones. I don't know whether this is just my skin or it's something everyone is experiencing with the foundation, but the flaky, powdery vibe that develops after about 3 hours wear on my nose and forehead, is not the one. I have combination to oily skin and perhaps this is why over the course of the day it becomes a problem. I moisturise but I don't prime with this foundation, could this be a priming issue? I don't know, but I do know that this could be enough for me to not buy this foundation again.


All Nighter is really hydrating for a full coverage foundation which is another aspect about the formula that I really love about this foundation, and I haven't experienced any issues with my skin or any breakouts since using it. It is extremely easy to remove and doesn't drag across your skin in the process of removing it, another aspect that I really like about it.


I ordered the foundation from the Debenhams website and basically took a lucky guess, although I am unevenly toned, yellow toned bases really work better for me than pink toned. I purchased this in 2.0 and it is almost perfect for my skin. I do have to make sure it is extremely well blended into my neck though, because if it isn't it's an absolute disaster leaving it looking extremely thick and nasty. 


I would probably buy this foundation again IF a primer could sort out the flaking issue I have with it on my nose and forehead, if I couldn't then most definitely not. I love Urban Decay and all their products and I love the idea of this product in so many ways, the hydrating but super matte finish and the coverage is incomparable. Longevity is something I expect when I pay for a high end product, any high street product can be good when you first apply but I feel like you get what you're paying for when it wears off within 2 hours. I pay the extra for longevity and unfortunately this has been the disappointment of the entire product.



I hope you have enjoyed this beauty review and if you have any questions I haven't answered OR you have tried this foundation too, leave me a comment below. Also let me know if you like this kind of post from my blog? I would love all your feedback either via comments or Twitter, you can find me under @3beksbabe


It's finally over, I am all settled into our new house and back to my blogging best. I have had a seriously unanticipated long break from my blog, it's been impossible to write whilst I have been trying to move and getting more pregnant.
As well as my blog, I am also so behind on all the latest tv shows that everybody else are enjoying at the moment. I am now on maternity leave so I am now, miraculously, finding time in between juggling my 3 year old and unpacking my house to watch to catch up on tv I have missed and watch along with everybody else. 
Today I have teamed up with UHD TV Panasonic to bring you all of my top tv selections that must not be missed this Autumn, prepare to be OBSESSED.



It's that time of year again, The Apprentice is back! 
Unless you live under a rock you will understand the concept of the programme, and for those who have somehow managed existance without crossing paths with this tv treasure... 
Twitter tormenter & well known entrepreneur Alan Sugar takes on a gaggle of egotastic wannabe business brains with the goal of becoming Lord Sugar's business partner. Every series promises a mixture of genuine business geniuses and those who quite frankly couldn't sell ice to an eskimo. Although every week follows the hopefuls in team challenges, it really is every man for himself, which you see as tempers flares and ego's clash in the boardroom showdowns. Combine all of this with Karen Brady eyerolls and Claude's zero tolerance for anybody, it's must see midweek tv that you must not miss. 


The Queen of all trash tv has to be Geordie Shore, and if you are not familiar with Gaz and the gang of tragic twenty somethings who spend their lives partying in the most popular party haunts of Newcastle and beyond, you really have been missing out. 
Although the season has already been presumably doomed by the shock exit of fan favourite, Charlotte Crosby, it also see's the permanent return of another firm fave, Sophie Kasaei, who left the show in 2013. 
This season's preview trailer has already promised explosions of epic proportions with tears, tantrums and the dramatic exit from the show by one of the girls, as usual you can expect to be watching through parted fingers. 
The brand new season of Geordie Shore starts at 10pm on October 25th on MTV. 


Series two has just ended this week on BBC One, but if you haven't watched this I must insist that you get on to BBC iPlayer right now. The 5 part drama follows army medic, Georgie Lane, as she is pushed to her limits physically, mentally and emotionally in love and in war. Georgie embarks on a humanitarian mission in South Africa that takes a turn for worst whilst dealing with her own personal demons and return of a lost love. This gripping action packed drama stars popular soap siren Michelle Keegan and equally stunning 'Skins' favourite Luke Pasqualino, a combination not to be missed. 
Click here to catch up on Our Girl right now.


This is the one I have been looking forward to most of all. This is a tongue in cheek, if possible, take on the breakdown of a marriage. Starring the wonderful SATC Queen Bee, Sarah-Jessica Parker this brand new comedy is already raking in rave reviews in the states and will be landing on our UK screens shortly. I have great expectations for this show and for SJP, make sure you tune in with me on October 11th, Sky Atlantic. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post & as excited as me to watch all of these programmes, I want to know if you have any tv guilty pleasures that you're looking forward to this Autumn/Winter that I can get hooked up on too? Leave me a comment below.