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Hello beauts, welcome back to my blog! Today's post is all about my resolutions for 2017 and there's quite a few of them. Some people think resolutions are stupid, but I beg to differ. I think they're a great way to be ambitious, to have a focus and where there is always room for improvement to recognise those areas that need improvement is essential to have a successful year ahead and beyond.
Last year I had the cliche ones to quit smoking & lose weight, but I also had some pretty huge one's that I wanted to achieve. I was 10 months into trying for another baby and I was desperate to move out of my little hometown and to the city so that our daughter, Harper, could get into the school's we wanted for her. Well, I was successful in those, I now have my beautiful baby boy who we fell pregnant with in February, we couldn't believe our luck and we never thought we would be able to have another after a year of trying. Now we have 7 week old Hudson and he has well and truly completed us, we are all so in love and we go into the new year as a family of four. 
I also managed to move to the city, with mixed emotions, making this move happen was a million times harder and expensive than I could have ever imagined and it really made me realise a lot when we became so dependant on our families, to say I learnt some lessons is an understatement.
Here are my new years resolutions and goals...


I didn't want to write 'Lose Weight' because I have had that resolution in my list for about the last 10 years and well I have realised putting that label on it just doesn't work for me, clearly. So instead I want to focus on sticking to an eating plan and using my amazing treadmill that Justin bought me for Christmas. If that makes me lose weight, I am cool with that. It's more about a lifestyle choice and habits of eating and exercising that I want to adopt, that's what is more important to me than a quick fix to losing weight.


I had been a smoker since I was about 14 years old, so almost 10 years, only quitting for my 2 pregnancies, however this time I have not returned to cigarettes like I did after having Harper. I am now about 10 months smoke free and I am so pleased with myself. However I know what I am like, I am more of a social smoker than anything else and find myself smoking mostly when drinking or when I was at work with the girls we would all go out together for cig breaks. It's easy right now because I am on maternity leave and I am yet to have a night out with the girls, so hopefully I can stick to my guns and stay away from the fags. 


I can be a total bitch, literally I have no filter and on occasions when I am extremely passionate about something I don't care about anyone's feelings when I say things. Now. i'm not about to keep my mouth shut and not say what I think because that is exactly what makes me who I am. I have been the human equivalent of marmite since the day I could speak and I know that isn't ever going to change. You either love me or you can't fucking stand me and sometimes it drives me mad, because people don't give me half the chance to get to know me before they judge me, but I have realised that's their problem not mine, so why am I getting upset about it? 
What I really want to do this year is learn when and where I should air my opinions and on the occasions when it will only cause problems to just keep my mouth shut.


Now we're done having kids, 2017 is all about enjoying my two babies. I really want to start from the beginning and put together our family photo albums. I am currently on the hunt for a set of photo albums that I can fill up with memories, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments below.


Yes I know I just moved house but I want to move to a more family orientated area of the city we live in. We currently live in the really trendy part where all the students live and it's like a 10 minute walk into the city which is so amazing but it's just an area that hasn't got a lot going on for children, so we're looking to move a little further out of the city centre. My heart is still in my hometown and I think it always will be, I have to realise that I don't have to have everything that I miss, missing things and places is natural and everyone is missing something. I have to remember that I moved here to give my kids a better life and a better opportunity for education and hobbies, so as much as I miss being a stone throw away from my sister's front door and super close to all of my friends, I have to put the kids first.


We are really bad with money, in fact it's mainly me and I have just worn Justin down because he has no control over me or my spending at all because I just do whatever I please and it makes me hate myself so much. I think I actually need like spend therapy, is that a thing? I try to be really thrifty with certain things, but I spend a shit tonne of money on food. It's ridiculous how much I spend on takeaways and snacks, no wonder I need to lose like 5 stone. I really want to start saving to buy a house, I am 24 and I want to realistically buy the year that I turn 30, so we're doing lots of research and I have 6 years to start being serious with my money and stop throwing it around thinking I am P Diddy. 


I am an awful blogger, like I am worst than most, I don't even have an excuse for it. I love my blog and I love to write so I don't know why I write a post and then fall off the face of the blogging community for three weeks. I am extremely active on Twitter and have lots of lovely followers but I really want to start taking the whole of the blogger title a lot more seriously. I admire so many bloggers and their professionalism that I hideously lack and I am going to try to take a leaf out of their books in 2017. Yes I have two kids and a lot more going on than just a bedroom in my mum's house but if I want to be a blogger I have to make time for it and produce good content.

That's it for my new years resolutions, I hope you have enjoyed this super chatty post and I would love to know some of your new years resolutions too, so make sure you leave me a comment below with your most important one that you want to achieve.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy new year lovely - hope you have a great start to the year!