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I bloody love discovering a holy grail beauty product from a drugstore because I feel like even finding a holy grail product full stop is difficult, and usually they are high end holy that have ingredients that make the product so expensive, they break the bank. So, when you find a holy grail on the high street it's like the feeling you get when you find a tenner in a clutch bag you haven't used for 6 months. 
Today I am sharing with you my high street holy grails that I always have in my make up collection that I can always rely on when I need a guaranteed flawless finish or long lashes that will last all day. 


There are two foundations that I always make sure I have enough of in my make up collection. I have always been all about the matte, full coverage finish so if you're about that life too, check these amazing foundations out...

When I was a teenager and only working part time in a supermarket, this foundation was well within my price range & provided me with long lasting full coverage during all the wild nights out without breaking the bank.
I still keep this foundation in my make up collection years later for the days when I know I am going to need a reliable full coverage or if I ever run out of foundation and it's a week before payday this is the one. 
The only thing I will say, is this will destroy your skin if you wear it everyday and don't have a super hydrating skincare routine. The formula is quite thick so can clog pores, never ever ever sleep in this foundation because your skin will punish you for it.

I constantly find myself going back to this foundation time and time again for those months when I need to curb my spending. The colour range is out of this world, the finish is medium coverage but easily buildable to full and lasts forever. 
This became a holy grail when I realised it was coping with my tragically oily nose and forehead, usually foundation just slides off and I end up with a full face of foundation and a red nose. This foundation put a stop to all of that nonsense and lasted, even on my t zones, for a good 10 hours.


If you don't know about how incredible this mascara is, you need to buy it right now. Lash Sensational was an absolute game changer for my opinion on drugstore mascaras and it totally transformed my short stumpy lashes into fluttery and curly lashes that lasted all day.

This mascara landed at the beginning of 2017 and I was dying to get my hands on it the minute it came out. If you're looking for a voluminous false lash effect, this is the mascara for you. Fiber lash mascaras have been trending for a few years now but this is the best of their kind and super affordable. The ultimate fuck you to fiddly false lashes.


My absolute holy grail, go to nude matte lip collection has and will always be the NYX lip lingerie collection. If you love a matte nude, stop whatever you're doing and buy these lip creams. I cannot even explain to you in details full enough how incredible these are. The colour range is next level, the staying power is next level, the pigmentation is NEXT LEVEL. They don't dry your lips out like some of the leading brands and they don't crumble. Whenever I wear these lip creams I get asked about a million times what I am wearing and I get so many compliments. My favourite shades are Beauty Mark and Corset.


Creating that winged liner flick has never been easier with this eyeliner, I have tried so many that have brush tips that are either too thick or too thin but this one is just so perfect. I now can't use any other eyeliner out there because they just don't compare to how black and how sturdy the brush tip is on this liner.


This is the ultimate high street holy grail when it comes to contouring and for a ridiculous £3.50 you can not afford to not try it out for yourself. I use this trio every single day and I haven't ever been able to replace it because it's so easy to achieve the perfect contour with this trio. Even the highlighter on this is unbelievable.

This highlighting palette is so incredible and you can ask anyone who has ever used it, they will tell you exactly the same. Every single makeup lover should have this palette in their makeup collection and if you don't have it, buy it, because it's about to change your highlighting game forever.


Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water 700ml, Boots £5.00

As if I even need to go into why this product is basically holy water bottled, hence why it has made my high street holy grails. I will let my blog post on it's skin transformation skills do the talking on this product.

That is all for my high street beauty holy grails, I hope you have found some new favourites amongst them and I would love to know if there's a high street holy grail you can't live without that I haven't featured in the comments below.

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