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I have tried and tested the spice combination for this recipe a million times and last night I finally got it right and it was delicious! Obviously it isn't 100% KFC but it's pretty goddamn close and is a great way to clear up those fried chicken cravings that are hard to resist. I have tried a million and one recipes on Pinterest and none of them worked out for me, so this recipe is a combination of so many that I have tried by adding, changing and taking away some of the ingredients.


Over the last few weeks I have seen so much negativity about dupes and a particular brand that is famous for creating them. I don't usually address social media drama on my blog but I feel like I want to express my gratitude and give brands like MakeUp Revolution the recognition they truly deserve. After this is posted I await the tirade of indirect tweets and yawn emoji's that follow writing a post like this and I just don't really understand why myself, Make Up Revolution or anyone who believes in their brand should take so much shit for it.
Social media and the beauty blogging community has become a place of judgement and snobbery in my honest opinion, although I must admit that is a very small minority of the community, people like Devoted to Pink, Annie Writes Beauty, Laura HadleyChapters Of KatTea Party Beauty & many more are all beauty bloggers continuing to do it the way it should be done, celebrating and writing passionately about their love of beauty products. More recently I have seen 'beauty bloggers' using their platform to vilify brands and that kind of negativity in an absolute ocean of beauty brands is unnecessary and undignified, if you ask me.


I have been meaning to post this recipe for about 4 days now but life and good weather has just got in the way a bit & although lots of you have been asking for it to go up, I have just been enjoying my kids company so much this week and having so much fun with them that the blog has been slightly neglected. But here I am it's Friday, and I have finally had the chance to sit at my laptop because the weather is back to the dull overcast we experience 98% of the time in England.  Before I started Slimming World, it went without saying in our house that Friday is takeaway night, and I was eating probably 3 takeouts or eating out 3 times a week, which was inevitably not doing wonders for my waistline, so when I started Slimming World finding and creating fakeaway recipes was top of the agenda, and this is the first one I think I have totally mastered and hopefully this quick and easy recipe will curb your take out cravings, for this weekend at least.


Welcome back to another Slimming World friendly recipe!
Today's recipe is one that I have had to perfect over a few attempts to get it just right & I think I have cracked it. I love curry and it's one of my favourite takeaways, so making a syn free alternative was a must for me and I am so pleased with how this one has turned out, it even contains 3 SPEED VEG.
Let me know in the comments below if you want to request a recipe & make sure you let me know if you've tried one of my recipes so far. I have had such an amazing response to them so far so thank you so much for all of your support!


Yay, I remembered to do my favourites this month, this never ever happens. I feel like I am more than ever on top of my blog at the moment, and although I have seen a lot of people saying over the last week that they feel like they've fallen out of love with it and feel like they don't fit in, I couldn't feel more opposite to that.
I thought I would include a life update in here today just because I haven't really done a chatty post in quite a long time, I hope you don't mind and if you do just want to see the Feb faves, I won't be offended, just scroll down right where you need to be.