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If you know me or you're a follower on Twitter you will know I am an absolute Twitter addict, I bloody love it. If i'm not challenging somebodies opinion, I am sharing Kris Jenner meme's or tweeting about cheese. Twitter is the best social media platform for bloggers in every sense, in my opinion. It is all about getting your voice heard and directing them to your amazing blog content, and today I am going to give you my 6 best tips on growing that engagement and your following. 


So unless you've been living under the social media equivalent of a rock, which is basically no internet access, you will know that the blogosphere exploded this weekend at the heightened infuriation of many bloggers towards those who use instagram bots and the purchasing of Instagram followers. Social blade charts and exposure of the culprits were, and continue to be plastered all over Twitter for all the blogosphere to see. Now do not get it twisted by the title of this post, that I don't take this situation very seriously and that I do not share a similar disgust for this dishonest and frankly fraudulent behaviour of many well known and well liked members of our community because believe me, I think bots, fake followers and even Instagram pods, SUCK. However, what also sucks is how much people are investing their time into trying to expose people and sometimes getting it terribly wrong, there's one thing debating on the subject and then there's another falsely accusing hard working bloggers, another case of swings and roundabouts right?!
Today's post is a little light hearted but gentle reminder that there are at the very least 10 more important things than Instagram, I hope you enjoy.