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Happy May you bunch of babes, welcome back to my blog, I had my birthday on May 1st and it was an amazing bank holiday weekend just spending some much needed quality time with my little humans, my fiance and the rest of our family. I have eaten too much good food, and drank too many good cocktails in the last month and although I worked out for almost every other day in April, I have still managed to maintain a double chin thanks to Halloumi and McDonalds Monopoly.
In April Hudson turned 5 months and we have started giving him his first tastes of food, and of course he absolutely loves it but it just makes me so anxious that he is growing up so fast, as I have made no secret, Hudson is going to be our last child, we are really complete as a family of four, so it does make it a little harder every time he is too big for something or taking on these incredible milestones.
Talking of milestones, in April we found out which school Harper is going to in September and we feel incredibly lucky and pleased that we got our first choice school. A few of her closest friends at preschool will be joining her there too, so we're really excited for the next step in her life. Even if it makes me shed a tear when I think about being away from her and letting go of the reigns a little bit for her to start a chapter of her life without me holding her hand, I know she will thrive at school and love every second of it. 
This month we also booked our family staycation for mid June and we're really excited for it, we have been going to the same place for a few years whilst I have been pregnant and the kids have been so little, a holiday in the sun just hasn't been for us. The place we go to is just so amazing for Harper, it's all about her and she gets to go swimming every morning which she adores and there's always so much to do for her age group. May is probably going to be a boring month of saving and knuckling down, so there won't be essays to read, there may not even be a may faves, so I hope you enjoy my April faves which, as always, are a complete random mixture of things I have been loving this month.

#1 L'Oreal True Match Foundation
I bought this foundation originally to mix with the L'oreal Total Cover foundation and actually fell in love with it all by itself. I love this foundation because even though it is medium to full coverage it is SO lightweight and dewy. I really recommend it if you're fed up of that heavy full coverage finish.

#2 Pretty Little Liars: End Game
The long awaited return and final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars has landed and I promise, no spoilers, but it is a bittersweet moment for all PLL fans who have followed this dramatic series throughout it's 7-8 years of airing. So far, I have seen the first 2 episodes and although, in all honesty, they haven't been nail biting. I am almost certain that this series will go out with a bang, who do you think Uber A is? My money's on Caleb & Mona.

#3 Experimenter Bath Bomb 
Me and Harper can't ever resist a trip to Lush almost every weekend and Harper is just obsessed with everything in our local Lush. Thankfully, the girls in Lush Norwich are just the most patient and friendly people you could wish for with an inquisitive three year old. Towards the end of April I have been feeling a little under the weather, and whenever I feel poorly I spend a lot of time in the bath feeling sorry for myself. Lush have so many amazing bath bombs and my go to the last few weeks has been the experimenter bath bomb. It's just so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, if you're not familiar with this particular product, go to your local lush and grab yourself one.

#4 Barry M Nail Polish Molten Metals in Bronze Bae
I am a total mess when it comes to my nails and I bite them down until they are almost non-existent, always have and I am pretty sure I always will. Because of my habit, I just don't look after my nails like I know I should and I certainly don't have time with two kids attached to my hip 24/7 to dress them up with beautiful ombre acrylics. So for a gal with disgusting nails the Barry M nail polish range is honestly incredible and this colour in particular has been my go to this month, it glams up my gross nails with no fuss and no sitting in a salon for an hour and a half, winner!

#5 Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
All credit to my little sister for introducing me to this absolute queen of contouring. I really love my makeup rev contour trio, but this bronzer kicks it's butt so bad that I have gradually stopped reaching for it. My sister bought me the Benefit Hoola gift set for my birthday and I was so thankful because I know she is sick of me using her Hoola. I am yet to use the other products in the collection but if they're anything like the original powder bronzer, I am converted.

#6 Mojitos
I reunited with old friends and new for an Easter bank holiday night out this April and I had the best night with some of my fave gals. I have always loved a cocktail but somehow managed to avoid Mojitos for so long, and I finally got introduced to it this month and it is slowly becoming my fave drink ever.

#7 Primark Sunglasses
Primark are killing it right now, full stop, but in more specific terms, I am fully in love with their latest collection of sunglasses that hit the shelves early this month. I honestly can't get enough of them and especially the tortoise shell ones, I am obsessed. The best thing about them, they're an absolute steal at just £3, so make sure you get to Primark and stock up, before they disappear.

#8 Leopard Print
Leopard print is back and I am loving it. I mean, there is always a risk of channeling those Kat Slater vibes but if you get it right, it's so good. I have been obsessed with my Boohoo leopard print clutch bag, that I have been over using in the last month or so. It just gives any bland or plain outfit a really great edge, effortlessly. 


  1. So pleased to hear your life update, enjoy your well deserved holiday! Bronze Bae is one of my favourite nail shades, I think it will look especially good in Spring/Summer :)
    Natasha // www.natashaparisblog.co.uk

  2. Every time I go in to Lush I eye up that bath bomb because it just looks so amazing! Think I'm actually gonna have to buy it next time I go in now. X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

  3. Great post. Loving the Benefit Bronzer and Primark sunglasses are a bargain! 😊