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Before I had my second child, having one child seemed like there was never time in the day to take care of anything else. When Harper got to around 2 years old the sudden realisation that she wasn't a baby, she wasn't solely dependent on us and the fact that I couldn't cradle her in my arms without a fight to get free from my loving grasp, was enough to make me yearn for another little bambino. I needed someone to need me and we desperately wanted to grace our little family with another perfect little human to complete us all. 
It was a struggle that I made no secret about, after 11 months of frustration and heartache, I finally fell pregnant with Hudson and we could not prepare for the happiness, joy and love he has brought to us and everybody who meets him. 
Today's post is 7 things I learnt when I became a mum of two...

#1 Nothing prepares you emotionally for seeing your first child interacting with their sibling.

This is the best part about having multiple children, watching how they bond, connect and become best friends. I was fearful that Harper's interest in Hudson would be dwindling due to her being 3 years his senior and the fact he is the opposite sex. I couldn't have been more wrong, Harper is absolutely infatuated with her brother and vice versa. Her mission in life right now, is to make sure Hudson is happy, that is all she cares about, I mean that and PJ masks.  

#2 Your washing pile will always and forever be, never ending.

Washing, washing and more washing, you do not even understand the level of washing you will do in your lifetime until you have multiple children. Don't get me wrong, with one child it is bad but with two, you think you're done but you never are.

#3 You love them exactly the same, but you connect with them in different ways.

The best thing I have taken from having two children, is that they are completely different in every single way but I love them equally and unconditionally. Your idea of perfection is suddenly split into two and the ability to love and learn their different traits is so endearing and makes my heart implode. Harper is so sassy and headstrong and Hudson is just my cuddly little bear who is so full of love and affection. 

#4 There is more time in the day than you thought.

One of my biggest worries having another baby was the time consumption and spreading myself between the two kids, would I be able to do it? Truth is, it is harder but the time is there. I feel like I manage my time a whole lot better with two children than I did with just one. I know what I need to do and yes, my life is a huge list of timings and structure but it's so worth it and when they are both finally asleep at the end of the day you feel a great sense of achievement!

#5 You can't remember life without the second child

Me and Justin always say how did we feel like we didn't have any free time when we only had Harper!? We thought we were so consumed, but really, we had it so easy. I can't remember not spreading my affection and love to them both, I can't remember waking up without Hudson smacking me on the head to wake up in the mornings from his cosleeper crib. 

#6 Invest in more storage

I cannot even explain how much space in a house 2 children take up, I feel like I need a 4 bedroom house just so all of Harper and Hudson's combined belongings can have their own place. You cannot live without storage if you have just one child, take the amount of shit your first child has accumulated and double it. There are toys in every single enclosed space in my house because Harper has everything and now Hudson is getting older he is accumulating more and more junk! My biggest tip when expecting your second child is to have a huge declutter of your house before the new baby's arrival. 

#7 Leaving the house is more of a military operation than it was before

Literally, I would say it takes around 25 minutes with carefully thought out structure to leave the house on time for anything. You have to imagine every worse case scenario is going to happen weather wise for two human beings, you have to ensure they are both appropriately dressed, and that everything in the changing bag is correct even if you are just doing the school run.

These were the 7 things I have learnt since becoming a mum of two, don't get me wrong becoming a mum of two is the best thing that ever happened to me but I feel so complete and content that I don't think we will ever have anymore children and I am so at peace with that, that conversation is for another post! Thank you so much for reading let me know in the comments below if you have multiple children what your fave thing is about having them or if you're thinking about having a second, let me know & don't let this post put you off, haha!